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Many of us wish to take the same extreme care when choosing the perfect furniture for our outdoor spaces as they do for our interior. With the right furnishing, your outdoor living space can be a warm and inviting place to entertain your guests. Our selection of natural outdoor furniture offers a cozy and simplistic charm, made from high-quality recycled materials and woven rattan. These resilient yet vibrant pieces will add a Boho flair to your outdoor seating area and will create a dynamic space that matches your interior design choices. 

How To Protect Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is a popular material in building furniture due to its durability and flexibility. It is sturdy and lightweight, making it the ideal choice for outdoor furnishing. Our rattan products are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, so you can make more mindful purchasing decisions when looking for timeless furniture items. Rattan products are extremely versatile and are made with love by our passionate artisans. While our wooden outdoor items are naturally resistant to most weather, it is still a good idea to protect your personalized outdoor furniture to ensure its longevity and charm.

Keeping your handmade outdoor furniture in good condition will make it last longer and upkeep its natural beauty. If you take good care of your outdoor furniture, you will have stunning pieces that will last for many years to come. When you are expecting harsh weather conditions, cover your rattan garden furniture to protect the wood from water damage, or just bring them inside. You could design your outdoor space to protect your outdoor furniture with a gazebo. This can help protect your upcycled outdoor furniture while also providing a sheltered space to enjoy your garden year-round!

How To Style Your Outdoor Spaces Using Handmade Furniture

You can create a gorgeous outdoor living space that elevates the natural environment with quality rattan furniture. Perfect for outdoor spaces both large and small, our selection of wooden outdoor furniture creates a serene atmosphere for an eclectic style that matches your home decor. When designing your outdoor entertainment area, you want to harness furniture that is both stylish and practical. Our sustainable outdoor furniture can conjure a laid-back atmosphere with Bohemian elements while also providing luxurious comfort with various seating furniture.

Consider the function of your outdoor area. If you aim to entertain guests, design your space with this in mind. Make entertaining more enjoyable by spending more time with guests instead of in the kitchen. Store additional kitchen tools near your seating area or equip your space with an outdoor bar trolley to keep the conversation with guests flowing. If you want a more cozy and intimate atmosphere, enhance the airy aesthetics of your natural rattan furniture with dreamy fairy lights or an outdoor firepit. For a gorgeous Boho look, style your natural outdoor tables and chairs with patterned details that contrast with their wooden finish. 


How Do You Create A Cozy Outdoor Space?

Continue your interior design choices by applying them to your outdoor space. Invest in comfortable outdoor seating to create an inviting atmosphere where you can spend quality time in the great outdoors. Our natural rattan furniture exudes peace and relaxation while providing a beautiful focal point for your outdoor space. Add soft lighting for a dreamy and tranquil feel. 

Does Rattan Furniture Need To Be Covered In Winter?

Yes. While rattan is a highly durable material, it is always a good idea to cover your rattan furniture in harsh weather to ensure it stays in good condition. If you don’t plan on using your outdoor furniture at all during winter, it would be best to bring your rattan furniture indoors until the weather clears up.


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