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Pen Holder

Our wooden pen holder collection is sure to transform your desk space into a stylish and chic hub for working. Whether you take your pen holder into the office or work remotely, our designs are handmade from recycled wood, ensuring that each holder is unique and has individual characteristics that create a rustic charm perfect for a workspace. Elevate your workstation with a natural wooden aesthetic by investing in our handmade wooden pen holders.

How To Organize Your Work Desk 

Having a tidy and organized desk space is essential to being productive and having a positive mindset regarding your work. Keeping your equipment in stationary holders and specific desk areas will ensure you have everything you need while not cluttering your work area.

Our wooden pen holder is the perfect way to prevent misplacing your pens and will guarantee you always have a pen at hand when completing quick tasks. When organizing a desk space, you should place the things you need closest to where you will be sitting. So, having your laptop, notepad, and pen holder set in the center of your desk will ensure you have everything you need right at your fingertips, allowing your productivity to thrive and distractions to be minimal. 

Stationary organizers such as pen holders are excellent for tidying your desk and workspace. For example, our bespoke wooden pen holder has multiple different sections so that you can place all your favorite pens and pencils on your desk in a stylish and tidy way. 

Investing in wooden desk equipment will heighten your desk’s aesthetic and create a more sophisticated and mature setting for you to complete your day’s work. Having a desk you enjoy looking at will make your day much brighter, and robust and well-designed equipment could be just what you need to help you organize your desk! 

How Our Wooden Pen Holders Can Transform Your Work Environment 


The benefits of using a pen holder when working from a desk are obvious; from ensuring your stationery can be located quickly and preventing misplacing your pens, there are many organizational benefits. However, at Mojo Boutique, our pen holders are handmade from unique and sustainable wood, so purchasing one of our pen holders wouldn’t only benefit your desk’s organization, but its appearance too. 

Our handmade wooden furniture is sustainably sourced and produced by local artisans in Indonesia, ensuring our final products are unique and eye-catching. Working with local craftspeople implements culture and tradition into our products, with each piece being sustainably selected to help us keep our carbon footprint low. 

Regarding upcycled wood, it has a captivating look that can give any room a new lease of life. During our upcycling process, we select robust forms of wood that age well to ensure our recycled furniture is long-lasting due to the natural oil retained inside. In addition, the veins, knots, and deep red shade of tweak wood become more prominent as time goes on, creating a rustic appearance that would give your desk more character. 

All of our upcycled wood has been sanded, polished, and had previous colorings removed so that our artisans can start from scratch when creating these bespoke pieces of furniture. Starting from zero means that your pen holder will be high-quality and consist of the best standard recycled wood. 

Purchasing one of our wooden pen holders is a great way to ease your way into the world of sustainable furniture while establishing a more organized and aesthetically pleasing workspace.


Why Are Wooden Pen Holders Better For Desks? 

Although many offices opt for plastic pen holders and stationary storage, wooden pen holders offer a much nicer appearance and environmental benefits. In addition, a wooden pen holder fits in much better and creates a sophisticated look when using a wooden desk.

Where Can I Find a Sustainable Wooden Pen Holder? 

At Mojo Boutique, our wooden furniture is crafted from upcycled, sustainably sourced wood. We select specific styles of long-lasting wood that will get better with age. We have a range of wooden pen holders that have gone through this upcycling process and have a rustic finish full of character.


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