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Lounge chairs are staple items to most homes. They not only serve a purpose for lounging around, but also double up as wonderful decorative pieces that can complement your interior, giving your home an added touch of sophistication and style. 

At Mojo Boutique, we love embracing rattan into all of our creations as it adds a timelessly earthy glow to every type of furniture, especially our lounge chairs – not to mention, rattan is also an exceptionally sustainable and long-lasting material. 

Because our exclusive assortment of lounge chairs is crafted using natural rattan, you can transform your home’s interior into a bohemian oasis. Find your perfect piece by exploring our made-to-order collection of sustainably handcrafted rattan lounge chairs.

How to Use Our Boho Rattan Lounge Chairs

Our rattan lounge chairs are designed to add character to your home while also serving as a comforting vessel that you can relax in. We have designed each piece with versatility and comfort in mind, making them perfect for any room in your home, such as entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms.

If you have an empty, dull corner in your home, you can spruce it up by adding one of our rattan lounge chairs. Or, if you have available space, you could pair our rattan lounge chairs together to create a conversation area. You can also add one of our coffee tables to create the perfect spot where you and loved ones can catch up over a soothing hot drink! 

How We Make Sustainable Rattan Lounge Chairs

At Mojo Boutique, your home’s interior is dear to us, and so is the planet. We have combined our passion for high quality furniture and preserving our Earth’s natural beauty to create a strict code that adheres to professional and sustainable craftship. 

In doing so, we have created a line of eco-conscious furniture and decor that our dear customers, like yourself, can purchase guilt-free! 

We use responsibly grown rattan to create our rattan lounge chairs. This means we don’t use any pollutant chemicals, such as pesticides or artificial fertilizers, to aid with growing our rattan plants, nor do we prematurely cut stems as this can prevent the plants from resprouting. 

Once our rattan is harvested, our beloved craftspeople begin building our exclusive lounge chair designs. We closely collaborate with our crafters to ensure they receive the fair treatment they rightfully deserve. This means no shady subcontracting, and no inhumane and unsafe work conditions, such as sweatshops. 

Our rattan chairs are crafted slowly, so our makers are able to excerpt all their time and effort into your order which not only ensures your item is flawless, but also provides our team with a healthy work schedule and reduces unnecessary waste. 

During the final stages of production, we refrain from using any volatile chemicals to or color cure our pieces, such as formaldehyde, as such substances present serious health risks. Instead, we use Mother Nature’s best polish, pure coconut oil. 

We take full accountability for any CO2 that is emitted when transporting our creations to your doorstep. We subsequently calculate our emissions to effectively offset how much CO2 we released into the environment. 

Our offsetting efforts come in many forms, such as planting one tree per order, and supporting several exciting conservation projects including Solar Energy in Thailand, Safe Water Supply in Rwanda, and River Hydro Power in Indonesia. 


Are Rattan Lounge Chairs Worth It? 

Rattan is one of Mother Nature’s most durable and beautiful materials, which is why we use it to craft our lounge chairs. Because we use rattan, our pieces can withstand prolonged use and serve your home forever, making our chairs a lifelong investment that will actually save you  from having to re-purchase new chairs in the coming years. 

Aside from longevity, our rattan lounge chairs also make eye-catching accents that will undeniably uplift your space and welcome a sprinkle of nature and positivity into your home. 

What’s the Difference Between Wicker and Rattan Lounge Chairs? 

Although often confused as being the same thing, rattan and wicker actually have two different meanings. Rattan is the material used to craft furniture, while wicker is an ancient handweaving practice that commonly involves using rattan.

Is Rattan In Style? 

Because natural rattan encompasses Earth’s organic, woody tones it’s a virtually timeless material that creates a stunningly rustic interior. Our sustainable rattan lounge chairs are mindfully designed to embody purist and boho design, making them exceptionally versatile and suited to any existing interior. 


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