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Rooted in Ancient China, room dividers have been elegantly separating spaces for over 2,000 years! These ornate interior accessories have historically been used to create separate spaces in palaces and ceremonial spaces, offering seclusion and privacy. 

Today, room dividers are found in homes across the world, offering a versatile and decadent solution to interior separation. At Mojo Boutique, we have merged the timelessly classic elements of ancient room dividers with contemporary boho hand weaving techniques, creating an enchanting fusion between traditional design and modern artisanal artistry. 

If you wish to embellish your sanctuary with responsibly crafted and endlessly unique room dividers, Mojo Boutique is your one-stop destination. 

Upon exploring our collection, you’ll find a plethora of truly magnificent rattan room dividers, handcrafted with love and care by our gifted team of Indonesian artisans. We warmly welcome you to explore our complete range of rattan room dividers today!

Elevate Your Interior with Our Graceful Rattan Room Dividers

Our exclusive collection of rattan room dividers combine artistry with practicality, allowing you to elevate your home’s interior aesthetic while concurrently enhancing the versatility of your preferred space. 

Whether you’re seeking to revitalize your home with some botanical charm or wish to define a specific area within your abode, our mindfully crafted rattan room dividers will instantly uplift your home’s atmosphere. 

Our rattan room dividers are relatively lightweight making them exceptionally easy to move around. This offers you the flexibility to create multiple open-concept layouts within your home. 

Because each piece is meticulously handwoven, the intricate details found within each room divider encourages the flow of light, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice the luminosity of your space when dividing your desired area. 

Because we craft each item with natural rattan, incorporating our room dividers into your home will bring forth an earthy and serene atmosphere. The warm and organic tones of rattan will delicately blend with any interior, ensuring your home’s aesthetic is beautifully complemented. 

Our rattan room dividers can be utilized to create a variety of delightful spaces, including a cozy reading nook, a soothing bedroom retreat, or a welcoming conversation corner. However you wish to use your space, let your imagination roam free and discover our complete range today!

How Our Rattan Room Dividers Combine Sustainability with Elegant Design 

We craft our rattan room dividers with responsibly grown rattan. Adhering to our sustainable ethos, we liaise closely with our rattan harvesters to ensure no pollutant chemicals, such as fertilizers, are used during the growing stages. We also ensure harvesters don’t cut rattan stems prematurely, encouraging renewability. 

When crafting our rattan room dividers, we work closely alongside our beloved team of artisans, to ensure they are adequately supported throughout every stage of production. Ensuing ethical production processes is essential to supporting the livelihood of our hardworking crafters. This means no shady sub-contracting, no sweatshop labor, and no unfair wages.

Additionally, to effectively minimize waste and ensure you receive a flawless handwoven creation, our rattan room dividers are slowly crafted-to-order, embodying our commitment to sustainability and facilitating a product range that truly reflects our passion and devotion to quality craftship. 


How Do I Choose a Room Divider? 

There are several interior elements to consider when choosing a room divider. One, is ensuring the length and height of your divider sufficiently fits into your space. Taking accurate measurements of the space you wish to split will help you make an informed choice when shopping for a room divider. 

Another factor to consider is your interior aesthetics. Ensuring the room divider you select aligns with your home’s existing style will encourage a harmonious environment. We design every creation at Mojo Boutique with versatility in mind, meaning our pieces will gracefully fit into any interior aesthetic. 

What Makes a Good Room Divider? 

A good room divider should be crafted with precision and care, to ensure longevity, using sustainable methods and materials, to ensure eco-friendliness. Like all our creations at Mojo Boutique, we responsibly craft our room dividers with nature’s most robust offerings, to ensure you receive a high-quality piece that doesn’t cost the planet. 

Do Room Dividers Make a Room Look Smaller? 

Room dividers should divide large spaces into two smaller spaces. They can reduce the size of a large, empty room and invite warming feelings of coziness and intimacy. Unlike walls, room dividers don’t permanently cut off an area, offering you the flexibility to re-open your space whenever you please. 


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