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Handmade Wooden Stool 

Anyone with a keen eye for interior design will know that a wooden stool can create an unmistakable boho feeling to a home due to its mini size. At Mojo Boutique, our stools are crafted from upcycled wood, ensuring each stool is entirely unique and has different characteristics. Investing in a handmade wooden stool is sure to elevate your home’s interior while providing your guests with an aesthetically pleasing place to sit during your next social gathering. 

How our Handmade Stools Can Improve Your Space

It is easy to stick to what you know when choosing seating furniture, but adding variations can enhance your space visually. Our handmade stools are designed with sustainable and recycled materials by local artisans with a passion for craftsmanship. 

Our recycled wood goes through a lengthy but natural upcycling process which sees unloved and unused pieces of furniture and objects turn into brand new materials ready to be transformed into sustainable and distinctive furnishings.

As a result, each stool we design is unique. When looked after properly, wood gets better with age due to its veins and knots becoming more apparent and the overall color deepening. This creates a rustic and charismatic finish that a first-hand chair or stool can’t match. 

Investing in a handmade stool will create dimension and variation in your space. We recommend placing your stool next to a wooden bookcase or a coffee table to create a minimalist and airy aesthetic that will take your interiors to another level.

Aside from the clear aesthetic benefits of adding a wooden stool to your living area, our handmade stools contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing system that supports local workers and the environment. In addition, with every online order placed at Mojo Boutique, we plant a tree in Indonesia to create positive change in the area where our manufacturing and designing process takes place. 

How to Display Our Handmade Stools 

Of course, the inevitable way to display a stool is to place it in an area of your home with a seating or communal area. But our handmade stools have been intricately designed to look and feel like they are worth more than just being a piece of seating equipment, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get creative with your interior design skills!

To create a sleek-looking space, you can double your stool as a side table to place books or minimalist decor. Getting inventive in this way will ensure your living area is visually exciting and has a unique side table design included, bound to impress your guests.

Or, if you want to use your stool for its initial design purpose, you can use all of the boho inspiration in the world and add cotton blankets and cushions to create a sweet and soft seating spot. As our stools are crafted with recycled wood and consist of neutral colors, they make the perfect backdrop to be paired with other neutral shades and natural materials such as cotton. 

A handmade stool can serve its purpose in many ways and will provide you with an exciting way to get inventive with your interior.


How Do You Use a Stool as a Side Table? 

To use a stool as a side table, simply place your stool next to a sofa or bed that needs a surface nearby. Once you have positioned your stool in a suitable place, you can start adding decorations and practical items that you would find on a side table.

Can You Use a Stool as a Footrest? 

Due to the small nature of a stool, they can double up as a footrest incredibly well. Footrests are a great way to make a living area more homely and comfortable, and you can transform your stool into a footrest by adding a cushion or a blanket to ensure the wooden design stays intact. 


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