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Children's Mirrors

As your child grows up, it's important they can see these changes and self-development as time passes. Including a mirror in your child's bedroom is an excellent way for them to get to know themselves independently, encouraging self-acceptance and providing an interactive feature.

Sometimes, children's furniture can include gimmicks and age badly due to the childlike designs, which can result in you having to continuously upgrade and redecorate your child's bedroom every few years. Instead, it can be best to select a timeless mirror style that can fit with various interiors and will serve its purpose whether your child is 4 or 12. 

Neutrally colored mirrors designed from natural materials are perfect as they are dependable and versatile, providing a furniture piece that looks great throughout your little one's childhood and suits your home style.

Where to Find Bespoke Children's Mirrors

Injecting your child's room with elegance is an excellent way to instill calm, peaceful, and relaxing energy in their space, which is essential for developing confidence, spending time independently, and getting to sleep quickly. 

Bespoke mirrors will help you achieve an elegant and relaxing feel due to their charming, natural features brought to life through rustic wooden materials that often hold unique markings due to being handpicked. Bespoke mirrors take the upper hand over mass-produced alternatives as they are designed from durable materials with handwoven techniques that create unique and traditional finishes that look remarkable with various interiors. 

Our Boho Arched Mirror is a great example of a sustainable, bespoke mirror with a gentle design that would look wonderful in a child's bedroom. With natural rattan and handwoven details, this mirror is visually attractive while being subtle and simple, the perfect solution to timeless children's furniture. 

On the other hand, one of the most exciting parts of being a parent is watching your little one grow up, and placing a full-length mirror in their bedroom is a great way for your child to see themselves sprout up. Our Elegant Rattan Mirror provides a sophisticated option for a full-length mirror that'll keep up with your child's growth. While our mirror is suitable for a relaxed, free-standing position, we recommend hanging it on a wall for safety when using it in a child's room. 


How to Make Children's Mirrors Look Stylish  

It's not always easy to make your child's room look stylish, especially when many pieces of furniture feature quirky designs that aren't always the most tasteful when transitioning between different age groups and interests as your child grows up.

The safest way to make your child's bedroom look stylish is by incorporating handcrafted, bespoke furniture into their room, such as our artisan children's mirrors. As bespoke furniture features natural materials and handmade designs, you can have peace of mind that your child's bedroom is a relaxing environment and won't look outdated in the future. 

For older children, positioning a large mirror such as our Handwoven Rattan Mirror in a free-standing placement against a wall is a great way to create a laid-back atmosphere that'll have your child feeling super cool. Our mirror is stylish and practical, with a striking frame consisting of coiled peacock-shaped rattan.

Free-standing mirrors aren't as suitable for younger children, but that doesn't mean you can't make your little one's mirror look stylish. Take our Natural Rattan Mirror, for example. With this design, you can create a cozy atmosphere, hanging the mirror on a wall for a modern and minimalistic approach that provides your child with an exciting and functional furniture piece.


Is it Suitable to Put a Mirror in a Toddler's Bedroom? 

Placing a mirror in a toddler's bedroom is a great way to encourage them to take on self-care responsibilities, such as brushing their hair or getting dressed independently. As your toddler becomes more familiar with their appearance, their confidence and self-identity should grow.

Should You Have a Mirror in the Kids' Room?

Although some people may sway against putting a mirror in their child's room, including one in your furniture has many benefits, from promoting coordination and independence in babies and toddlers to helping older children express themselves. 


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