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Contemporary Furniture

Instilling a contemporary furniture style in your home is a foolproof way to create a specific interior aesthetic that is both modern and functional. Adding a few furniture pieces with a contemporary feel is a simple way to achieve this identifiable style, allowing your chosen appearance to come together.

At Mojo Boutique, we have many furniture pieces that deliver the contemporary style, from bedside tables to lounge chairs and storage trunks. After all, one of the main components of achieving a modern aesthetic is simplicity, so having pieces that work harmoniously is a great way to accomplish this.

On the other hand, many of our designs consist of neutral tones and natural materials, perfect for incorporating into contemporary homes due to their elegant and sophisticated appearance. Overall, the characteristics of contemporary furniture to look out for are clean lines, futuristic shapes, and neutral or black shades. 

How to Create a Modern Aesthetic With Contemporary Furniture 

One of the easiest ways to achieve a modern home aesthetic is by using contemporary furniture, pairing your pieces with simple wall art and neutral painting that ensures your entire home is cohesive and merges contemporary design with simplistic and elegant styles.

You can start your home transformation with more oversized furniture, such as lounge chairs or tables. Our Frida Lounge Chair is an excellent example of a contemporary addition to your home, with a clean symmetric design that includes bohemian qualities such as naturally sourced teak wood and rattan in its creation. 

Of course, you may want a few focal points, and many contemporary interior styles feature geometric additions and furniture that include intriguing patterns. The key to successfully pulling this off is not to select an addition that looks too retro and instead opt for something like the Intricate Rattan Lampshade, a neutral yet visually enticing piece of furniture that can elevate simplistic, contemporary decor styles.

Our lampshade and Frida lounge chair are natural and boho styles that merge well with contemporary interiors. Although boho is a relaxed, neutral vision, it can be a standout style that elevates your home, especially when brought to life by contemporary furniture, such as the selection available here at Mojo Boutique. 

Where to Find Sustainable Contemporary Furniture 

There’s a misconception that contemporary or modern furniture creations likely include techniques that aren’t sustainable in their design process. At Mojo Boutique, we only use handcrafted, natural methods to create furniture pieces, ensuring our designs are sustainable. 

For larger furniture pieces that require durable and robust wood in their designs, we use upcycled solid wood such as teak wood. To ensure our upcycled process delivers the best results, we select wood that ages well and provides long-lasting results. We’ve found that teak wood is an excellent choice for furniture pieces, with natural oils retained within the wood, ensuring its aesthetic improves with age. 

Going hand in hand with our upcycling and sustainable material selection is our manufacturing process, in which we link up with talented Indonesian artisans that incorporate traditional handcrafted techniques into our designs to deliver bespoke, one-of-a-kind furniture that takes your breath away. 

As our contemporary furniture is made in Bali with Indonesian materials, we strive to give back to the community and agriculture by planting a tree with every order placed and continuing to work with artisan communities. This way, we work toward a greener future while establishing fair working conditions that allow traditional, handcrafted techniques their place to shine. 


What defines contemporary furniture?

Contemporary furniture is a functional, modern style that prioritizes comfort and practicality. With contemporary furniture, expect clean lines, curved sofas, and straight edges that deliver a tidy, stress-free vision perfect for modern living and creating a serene atmosphere.

Why is contemporary furniture popular? 

Contemporary furniture embodies various styles that came prior, such as minimalism and art deco, with signature straight lines and visually striking pieces coming together to create functional and straightforward home interiors that embody elegance and functionality. 


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