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Toddler Table And Desk

Watching your precious youngling find their feet and evolve is a rewarding, sacred part of parenthood. It is important to support your little one during their journey of development by inviting their expressiveness and supporting their imagination. 

Purchasing from our charming range of toddler desks and tables will provide a harmonious, and balanced atmosphere that will accommodate your young one’s creativity and foster a smooth path for their growth and mindful development. 

We have intentionally designed our toddler table and desk collection to embrace the wisdom of our expert creators, fortifying a robust range of toddler-friendly items that will grant your child the opportunity to unleash their fullest expression of creativity.

Here at Mojo Boutique, we are fiercely passionate about conscious consumerism and have exercised every effort to ensure each piece on our site is ethically handcrafted to perfection by our trusted craftspeople, using the finest of recycled and upcycled bamboo, wood, rattan and many others. 

In line with our sustainability ethos, we reject short-lived trends when conceiving our designs, and uphold a minimalistic, purist aesthetic throughout our collection. This ensures that you are welcoming a timeless piece into your living space that will never go out of fashion.  

Our entire range of toddler tables and desks has been created using a luxurious selection of sturdy materials to ensure longevity and a simplistically stunning, gender-neutral design that will intricately complement your child's personal space.

Every handcrafted item is personalized by our talented artisans meaning that the table or desk you chose to purchase will be just as unique as your bundle of joy is!

How Can Our Toddler Tables And Desks Benefit Your Child?

We have eloquently composed a range of tables and desks to hearten, uplift and inspire your toddler. We recognize how crucial it is to encourage creativity during the earlier years of your child's development and have subsequently encompassed our collection to help your little genius flourish.

Our collection has been handcrafted to ergonomically stimulate your little one’s artistry and imagination. Buying from our bespoke selection will grant your child the opportunity to comfortably expand their mind and elevate their focus, making learning time a joyful experience. 

The naturalistic, bohemian design of our items will espouse a soothing atmosphere for your child to embrace their vibrant mind, gently encouraging them to practice self-assurance by leading their own journey of discovery.

How Long Do Our Toddler Tables And Desks Last?

Toddlers learn through cognitive activities that incorporate physical movement, allowing them to fully express their creativity. We acknowledge that the wonders of your child's development can often get messy and hands-on, and have therefore curated all of our toddler tables and desks to be as mighty as your little one is. 

Our collection has been slowly handmade to ensure that your child can thrive in a safe space that will provide the best opportunity for learning. 

By exclusively using mother nature’s most complex and naturally durable materials, your purchase will become a rewarding investment providing you and your child with a reliable, longstanding piece that will enhance their learning space, helping them to progress and effortlessly grow.  

Because we guarantee longevity with each item, it is inevitable that your preschooler will eventually outgrow their table/desk. Purchasing from our range will save you the hassle of having to re-buy furniture for your newest edition, meaning that you can pass your preschooler’s piece onto their younger sibling, providing a new and exciting opportunity for support and learning. 

Are Our Toddler Tables And Desks Safe For Children?

Sadly, it is not uncommon for furniture to contain toxic chemicals, even children's items are frequently contaminated with dangerous particles! We offer complete clarity with every single piece on our site, promising that your purchase is 100% child-friendly and food-safe, as we only use chemical-free materials (such as nature's purist resource, coconut oil).  

When comparing our items with other companies, it is important to acknowledge that many manufacturers justify their use of artificial chemical compounds as a means to ‘preserve’ their items, however, such ingredients often result in volatility, emitting toxins that contaminate your home. 

We assure you your purchase will never invade the purity and safety of your living space, ensuring that your child can freely use their item as they please without any deleterious consequences.


What Age Should A Child Have A Desk?

We believe that our toddler tables and desks can be immensely beneficial in preparing your preschooler for elementary school, and so we gently recommend that anywhere onwards from the age of 3 will sufficiently aid your child's path towards the next chapter of their education.

What Should I Look For In A Toddler Table/Desk?

Because toddlers enjoy physical stimulation, such as arts’n’crafts, it is important to invest in an item that will withstand your little one's creative activities. Our rustic range of toddler tables and desks are each designed with the utmost care to ensure a strong, durable finish.

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