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Wicker Dining Chair

Wicker dining chairs are the perfect addition to a modern interior design style, providing an endearing, timeless style that captivates your guests. With robust and durable woven materials, our wicker dining chairs will last for years while remaining in style due to their vintage appearance reminiscent of mid-century modern furniture. 

Keep your dining area laid back and relaxed, and pair wicker dining chairs with other warm-toned, natural furniture or incorporate it with minimalist, neutral-toned modern interiors to let your chair have its time to shine. Whichever route you choose, wicker dining chairs are a sure way to elevate your home’s style. 

Where to Find Sustainable Wicker Dining Chairs 

Wicker dining chairs are unique and stylish furniture to include in your home, but ensuring you’re happy with the ethics behind your purchase is essential. At Mojo Boutique, we strive to create sustainable furniture with eco-friendly manufacturing and ethically sourced materials. 

Our journey starts with sourcing materials, such as wicker, via sustainably sourced means. We then work with local craftspeople in Indonesia, who implement their unique handcrafted techniques to deliver breathtaking results that provide high-quality and durable finishes. 

As our wicker dining chairs are bespoke, we know exactly who makes each chair, ensuring you directly support local Indonesian artisans’ livelihoods. We also plant a tree in Indonesia with every order placed, further giving back to this beautiful place that is to thank for our sustainable creations. 

How to Fit Wicker Dining Chairs With Modern Interiors 

Wicker dining chairs provide a vintage appearance but can look extremely attractive in modern homes, which are most common today. The blending of natural, rustic wicker with pristine, minimalist modern interiors creates an inviting home environment with just the right amount of character without being over the top. 

Our Set of 2 Vintage Wicker Dining Chairs is the perfect option for a modern home, thanks to their high-quality, stylish use of upcycled teak wood and wicker that provides a playful look to break up the sleekness many modern home interiors consist of. 

You can pair wicker dining chairs with a matching upcycled dining table or add them to a modern table for a refreshing choice. Wicker furniture provides a relaxing style that works well with boho-inspired interiors, so don’t be afraid to add a house plant or cool-toned, pristine furnishings to allow your wicker dining chairs to pop. 

At Mojo Boutique, our wicker dining chairs are brought to life by the talented artisans we work with. Traditional weaving techniques provide a more believable and authentic appearance that can be hard to find in modern homes, ensuring your interior style stands out.

As our wicker dining chairs use teak wood in their designs, you can be confident that you can create a comforting, homely feeling in your house. Ensure your dining area is the perfect room for social gatherings, with charming seating that takes your guests away from the often harshness of modern interiors and toward a more comforting seating style.


Is wicker furniture still in style?

Wicker furniture is stylish with various interiors, from boho to modern to vintage. It’s most commonly found in minimalist and boho styles, as its natural appearance can stand out more next to neutral-toned furnishings, house plants, and more subtle artwork.

Is upcycled wicker good for furniture?

Upcycled wicker is a great furniture material, providing the same stylish, natural finish as first-hand wicker while being kinder to the environment. At Mojo Boutique, we only use high-quality recycled wood in our designs, ensuring that our sustainable products don’t lack quality or durability.


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