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Boho Nightstand 

Your bedroom is the area of your home that should feel relaxing, and your interior can significantly affect how well this feeling translates. Boho interior styles reflect simple, carefree, and unique designs that harmoniously create a tranquil home energy. 

A boho nightstand is the perfect furniture piece to be inspired by boho styles, providing you with soothing furnishing that pairs beautifully with bedding and soft bedroom aesthetics to get you ready to doze off.

How to Create a Relaxed Bedroom Interior with a Boho Nightstand

While a nightstand’s main priority is being functional, there’s no reason you can’t make it a pivotal part of your bedroom style. At Mojo Boutique, we believe that every piece of furniture has its own story to tell, and as our boho nightstand is handcrafted, you can expect a unique design. 

Our Vintage-Style Nightstand blends vintage teak wood with woven cane detailing for an elegant, sophisticated, calming result that encapsulates all things boho. Its sharp lines bring a contemporary vibe, while the upcycled wood ensures no character is lost. 

You can use the boho nightstand to ensure your bedroom feels and looks relaxing by adding minimalist styles. For example, a house plant looks eye-catching and boho and will establish a much more striking personality in your bedroom. As the teak wood in our nightstand is a deeper shade of brown, it looks visually appealing with the greenery of house plants. 

Our sustainable teak wood also makes the perfect addition to fresh bedding, ensuring your eyes fall on other areas of the room and that the bed isn’t the main focal point of interest. 

Where to Find a Sustainable Boho Nightstand

Boho furniture is a significant part of modern interiors, with many designs using various types of wood to achieve a specific look. At Mojo Boutique, we are passionate about boho furniture and use sustainably sourced, upcycled wood to create our pieces, such as our boho nightstands. 

The solid wood we use for the nightstand’s main body is teak wood, which we upcycle from old furniture, disaffected boats, and other objects that need remodeling. Teak wood is an excellent material for upcycled furniture due to its aging abilities, in which the natural oil enables the knots and veins of the wood to get deeper over time, delivering a unique result. 

When we’ve sourced the wood we use, we then polish and sand it down to deliver a smooth, more pristine wooden appearance. During this process, we only use sustainable and natural polish to ensure our furniture remains kind to the environment and our consumers.

Our skilled artisans then bring each design idea to life using traditional handcrafted techniques that inject unique touches that ensure every piece of furniture has individuality. There is a true love that shines through our furniture thanks to the incredible craftsmanship our artisans provide. 

The final result is a sustainably sourced and handmade boho nightstand that looks beautiful in a bedroom. Pair with a minimalist interior to keep the boho energy alive and allow your charming nightstand to attract attention. 


Can a nightstand fit in a boho-style bedroom?

A nightstand is a perfect addition to a boho-style bedroom due to its practical function allowing you to display boho decor such as house plants. Nightstands made from teak wood and natural materials are best for delivering a boho style due to their simple vision that looks captivating without overpowering the rest of your bedroom.

What colors are in a boho bedroom?

While boho bedrooms are versatile and can incorporate many colors, neutral tones of brown are often best suited. For furniture, it’s best to stick with natural wood to encapsulate the boho style, while walls can be more adventurous and include shades of green paired with various textures on blankets and furniture.


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