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Mirrors are a powerful element of interior decor that can transform any room into a sophisticated and inviting space. They provide mesmerizing illusions that invite spaciousness and eradicate dullness. Mirrors are additionally incredibly versatile decor pieces that fit into all rooms and spaces, including entryways, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and so forth. 

Our divine selection of handwoven wicker mirrors radiate elegance and charm, and make the perfect edition to all types of interior layouts. We kindly welcome you to explore our complete collection of bohemian wicker mirrors today!

Embrace The Ancient Artistry of Wicker With Our Handwoven Mirrors

Wicker is an ancient handweaving practice that holds sacred symbolism for many cultures. This method of handweaving is believed to be the oldest in the world, dating back 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. This unique craft creates magical patterns and textures that can add a playful and characterful touch of decor to your home’s interior. 

Traditionally, wicker is woven from organic materials found throughout nature. At Mojo boutique, we value the beauty of Mother Nature’s resources, and subsequently only use organically grown materials to create our stunning boho wicker Mirrors. 

Our expert artisans primarily work with rattan and bamboo when weaving their intricate wicker designs. Both materials have been used to craft wicker furniture for thousands of years, as well as reed and willow. 

To show homage and respect to the ancient practice of wicker-weaving, we have thoughtfully designed our entire collection of wicker mirrors to encapsulate the traditional characteristics of this sacred artistry. 

Welcoming our pieces into your sanctuary will provide your home with the richness of sanctified culture, encouraging positivity and light to effortlessly flow throughout your space. 

What Makes Our Handwoven Wicker Mirror Collection Sustainable

At Mojo Boutique, sustainability is ingrained into our heart and soul. We endlessly value our Earth and all who inhabit it, which is why we take every measure to ensure we preserve our natural environment and support the livelihood of our beloved craftspeople. 

From calculated CO2 offsetting to plastic-free packaging, there are many ways we adhere to eco-friendly and ethical practices when producing our items. 

We work closely with harvesters when sourcing our sustainable materials, rattan and bamboo, used to create our wicker mirror collection. 

We ensure stems are not cut prematurely so they can effectively re-sprout and be used again. We also reject using harmful chemicals when growing our materials that would otherwise pollute our Earth, such as toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Unlike mass produced furniture, our boutique abides by slow production. This means no unethical sweatshops and minimal waste. 

Our craftspeople work on a made-to-order schedule, so they can effectively channel all their love and energy into your precious order and maintain a healthy work-life balance. We additionally work closely with our beloved crafters to ensure we uphold a positive and transparent relationship with all our team members.

How to Use Our Handwoven Wicker Mirrors

Our wicker mirrors are incredibly versatile and will harmoniously fit into any room in your home. You may choose to introduce our wicker mirrors to your bedroom, living room, entryway, dining room, or bathroom. 

Our wicker mirrors look especially great on walls and shelves and can be mixed and matched with other mirrors from our collection. You may also enjoy complimenting your wicker mirror with some boho-chic pieces from our delectable wall art collection, to add vibrancy and character to your walls. 

When welcoming our mirrors into your home we recommend placing them opposite windows to encourage sunlight to bounce around your space. This will also create a remarkable illusion of an extra window in your room which will open up your space.


What Material is Wicker?

Wicker has historically been crafted with organic materials, such as rattan, reed, bamboo, seagrass, and water hyacinth. All of our wicker mirrors are made using 100% natural materials that are free from artificial chemicals. 

Does Real Wicker Last?

Our artisans have channeled the utmost care and precision to create your order, ensuring longevity and superior quality. With the correct care, your natural wicker mirror will last many lifetimes. We recommend keeping your wicker mirror away from water or rain and ensuring it is not constantly exposed to direct sunlight. 

What Does a Mirror Do to An Interior?

Mirrors can support your interior in a multitude of wonderful ways. The illusion of extra light and space is the most celebrated effect of incorporating mirrors into the home as they can make small rooms feel more spacious.


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