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Entryway Storage Trunk

Ensuring your interiors are visually intriguing from the moment your guests enter your home is the ultimate goal for anyone interested in design or aiming to create their dream home. Adding a storage trunk to your entryway is an easy and efficient way of bringing sophistication and practicality through your door, immediately creating an elegant and modern aesthetic.

Perfect for storing shoes and other items you need when leaving the house, you can be confident that you’ll never have to trip over your family’s boots or tidy them away in a hurry before your guests arrive. Practicality merges with artisanal qualities here at Mojo Boutique, as our storage trunks are large enough to fit a variety of items while bringing a charming and attractive addition to your entryway.

What are The Benefits of Entryway Storage Trunks?

Storage trunks are one of the most functional types of furniture you can add to your home. While they can look great in any room, placing them in an entryway is an excellent option for maximum efficiency and optimizing your space. 

At Mojo Boutique, we use stylish wood, such as rattan, to bring our storage trunks to life, delivering eye-catching and sophisticated creations. Rattan is durable and reliable for everyday use, providing peace of mind that no shoes or items will be too much for our trusted storage trunks to handle.

Going hand in hand with durability is versatility, and rattan storage trunks are suited to a range of interior styles, ensuring you can incorporate them in any entryway. Our storage trunks aren’t only versatile in their visual characteristics but also their function. Our Wooden Storage Trunk and Bench is the perfect example, as you can use this design as a storage holder and a bench to sit on. So, our trunk has got you covered whether you need somewhere to sit as you tie your shoelaces or a handy seat for waiting for a taxi. 

As rattan is a natural material, you can be confident that our storage trunks will instill calm energy into your entryway, preventing feelings of unkemptness from arising. Instead, you can immerse yourself in an elegant interior style that’ll have your home looking classy from your entrance to your back door.

How to Include Sustainable Entryway Storage Trunks in Your Home

In a world overflowing with plastic storage holders, finding a sustainable alternative is challenging. At Mojo Boutique, we are dedicated to only using natural, sustainably sourced materials in our creations, working with talented Indonesian-based artisans to implement traditional handwoven techniques. 

As our sustainable entryway storage trunks are handmade, each item is unique, with bespoke features that will take your interior to the next level. As we use rattan and upcycled wood to design our storage trunks, you can create a tranquil, bohemian-styled entry point to your home, pairing it with neutral tones for the best effect. 

Depending on your door type, many entryways will come into close contact with direct sunlight, making it essential to select furniture that won’t be affected by this. Rattan is suitable to be placed in areas where sunlight may hit it, ensuring your storage trunk will last for years to come while looking stylish.


Should a Storage Trunk Be Placed in an Entryway? 

Storage trunks can be excellent entryway additions, as these areas can often become cluttered with shoes, dog leads, and other items you need when leaving the house. Placing a storage trunk close to your entryway provides an easy solution to maintaining a tidy, organized space.

What is The Best Material for a Storage Trunk?

Wooden materials are best for storage trunks because they are durable and aesthetically pleasing. A wooden storage trunk takes the edge over plastic alternatives due to its sustainability and visually endearing qualities that can positively impact your interior.


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