10 Steps to Purchasing Boutique Furniture for your Home

Purchasing new furniture for your home can be an exciting and joyous experience, especially if you have opened a new chapter in your life and moved into a new space. However, choosing new furniture can be a big decision, that requires a lot of time and money.

It is completely normal to be feeling overwhelmed, especially if you already have a lot on your plate. If you are feeling uncertain of where to look and what to choose, keep reading as we have created a step-by-step guide to help ease your tension, so that you can fully enjoy your search for boutique furniture.

  1. Get To Know Your Style

    Interior furnishings can be make or break when transforming a house into the home of your dreams. Before you embark on your search for boutique furniture, it is important to assess what sort of thing you like so that your home interior can accurately reflect your individuality, and embellish your haven with unique character and comfort.

    Here are some effective ways of determining an interior style suited to you:

    • Pick Your Favourite Colors: Decide upon some colors and tones that bring you comfort and happiness. From here, you can create a color palette and discover compatible combinations.

    • Ask Yourself If You Are A Maximalist Or A Minimalist: If you wear lots of bright colors and patterns you are probably a maximalist. Whereas if your clothes are more simplistic and monochromatic, then you are most likely a minimalist.

    • Create A Mood Board: If you spot a color or pattern that resonates with you, stick it onto a mood board. Over time you will accumulate a collection of inspiration, and develop an aesthetic.

      You can create a digital mood board using Pinterest, which is free to download on any smart-device.

  2. Establish A Reasonable Budget

    The most effective way of setting a realistic budget is by assessing how much disposable income you have. Once you evaluate this, you will be able to have a clearer outline of how much you can spend.

    If you tend to struggle with organizing your finances, there are many apps and softwares that can help you. Goodbudget is a fantastic free smartphone budgeting app that allows you to sync your bank account and track your spending.

  3. Prioritize Your Needs Over Your Wants

    It is easy to get side-tracked when shopping for furniture, especially with all the smart algorithms that are designed to lure you in. To prevent unnecessary spending make a list of all the essentials that are imperative to your comfort.

    Once you have purchased all your necessary furniture, you can begin to add some finer details, such as home accents, to further elevate your room. At Mojo Boutique, we have an array of delicately handcrafted home décor that will fill your space with a gracious ambience.

  4. Take Measurements

    It is essential to ensure the furniture you purchase won't take up too much space, as this can make your home feel congested. On the flip side, you also want to make sure you choose items that are large enough, to prevent feelings of emptiness.

    By taking measurements, you can better understand the scale of your room, and determine appropriate dimensions. This will provide your home with a balanced environment that is comfortable to live in.

  5. Be Specific When Searching For Boutique Furniture

    Searching through irrelevant items can be time consuming and frustrating. To save you the headache of manually filtering out items that don't relate to your search, you must be as specific as possible.

    Here are some helpful pointers that will optimize your online search:

    • Include your desired colors

    • Familiarize yourself with specific design styles / materials to include in your search (i.e. "oak wood farmhouse cabinet")

    • Specify measurements / relevant dimensions

  6. Buy From Trustworthy Boutiques

    Online shopping is widely recognized as a preferred method of consumption because it is easy and convenient. However, with an alarming rise of fraudulent websites, online shopping has grown to become a little scary. Before you trust any website with your card details, be sure to verify that they are a legitimate online boutique.

    These are a few of the key things to look out for when verifying a site:

    • Verify The Site With Google Transparency Report: By searching the sites URL into this platform, Google can tell you whether or not it is trustworthy.

    • Check Their Reviews On Trustpilot: Many fake sites will post fake testimonials. If you feel suspicious of a certain shop, search them up on Trustpilot. This will allow you to see honest reviews from real people.

    • Review Contact Details: If the site does not include a real address, contact number and email address, it is highly likely that you are on a fake website.

  1. Invest In Timeless Items That Are Built To Last

    Don't settle for cheap, mass-produced furniture that won't last. Instead, purchase from a furniture boutique that stocks slowly produced, handmade products.

    At Mojo Boutique, every bespoke item on our site is both ethically and sustainably custom-built with longevity in mind. Each of our products are handcrafted-to-order so that we can minimize waste and promise you a lifelong investment.

    Because our collections are long-lasting, we reject short lived trends. This means that you will never get bored of your purchase as it will always remain in style.

    Our gifted craftspeople have thoughtfully made every piece in line with bohemian, minimalist design, so that each item can gently compliment your existing interior style without contrasting against your aesthetic. Discover our catalogue here.

  2. Check The Product Description

    Most furniture in the market incorporates harmful chemicals and toxins, which can disrupt the purity of your home environment. Many furniture boutique's will advertize their products as 'natural', however this does not mean safe.

    Before making a purchase, it is crucial that you familiarize yourself with the dangers of certain components used to procure and craft most furniture items. Many products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can be carcinogenic.

    All of our items at Mojo Boutique are made using organic, raw materials. This means no nasty chemicals that risk polluting your home. We only ever use 100% pure coconut oil to finish our products, so that you and your family can completely enjoy and trust our pieces. Find out more about our production practices here.

  3. Always Check The Refunds And Returns Policy

    Receiving an item that does not match up to its pictures can be a headache, especially if you later discover that you are stuck with it! Never make a purchase without checking the returns policy. Some establishments may not accept returns / offer refunds so it is important to check before you make a purchase.

    Your happiness is important to us at Mojo Boutique, thats why we have adopted the "satisfied or your money back" motto. If you are curious to find out more, we kindly invite you to see our terms and conditions, and read the return policy on our site.

  4. Don't Rush Your Search

    To conclude this article, we want to remind you that all good things come with time. This final step is salient to prevent you from putting pressure on yourself. Shop one piece at a time, to avoid over-purchasing and to help you find a piece that will make the perfect edition to your abode.

    If you are in need of some further inspiration during your search, we warmly welcome you to discover our full range of luxurious boutique furniture, consciously designed to transform your home into a sanctuary.

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