Eco-Nursery Bliss: Where To Find Sustainable Nursery Furniture

Eco-friendly nursery furniture is among one of the greatest gifts you can give your little one. Not only is it crafted with organic materials, such as solid wood, and non-toxic chemicals, but it also ensures you are supporting sustainable and ethical practices, which contribute toward a better, cleaner future for you and your children.

If you are blessed with a new edition to your family, or are expecting a new family member soon, we warmly encourage you to explore the many delightful eco-friendly and non-toxic creations that have been specifically designed and crafted for babies and toddlers.

Whether you're in search of solid wood toddler beds or non-toxic baby cribs, there's an endless amount of eco-friendly furniture waiting to be welcomed into your little one's life.

To help you find the perfect nursery items for your bundle of joy, we have created this complete guide on sourcing sustainable baby furniture. Dive into our article to unearth how you can create a nurturing and eco-friendly oasis for your baby!

Why Choose Sustainable Nursery Furniture?

Opting for sustainable baby furniture isn't just kind to the planet, but kind to your baby too! It ensures you are welcoming organic items into your youngsters' life that are both ethically and consciously crafted.

From natural solid wood non-toxic baby cribs to organic cotton blankets and muslins, there's a diverse range of sustainable baby furniture that will elevate your baby's life and foster a nurturing and non-toxic environment.

5 Reasons To Choose Sustainable Baby Furniture:

Whether you are searching for crib mattresses, baby wardrobes, or a cradle, these fabulous benefits apply to all kinds of sustainable nursery furniture:

1. Conserves Natural Resources

Opting for authentic sustainably sourced natural materials, such as Greenguard Gold certified New Zealand Pine wood or bamboo, ensures that you're not just fostering a healthier and safer nursery environment for your baby, but also actively supporting the preservation of Mother Nature's precious resources.

Choosing certified organic and sustainable baby and toddler furniture ensures materials have been harvested responsibly and ethically, which minimizes carbon emissions and promotes humane production practices.


There are also many brands, including Mojo Boutique, that embrace upcycling and recycling of used furniture. This involves replenishing and repurposing old furniture, giving it a new life as something new. This resourceful practice is immensely eco-friendly as it limits waste and alleviates the demand for growing and harvesting new materials.

2. Its Free From Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals that are commonly found in synthetic and mass-manufactured furniture. Thankfully, many sustainable furniture brands, like Mojo Boutique, use natural and safe materials and finishes, such as pure coconut oil, to ensure they craft 100% non-toxic baby furniture.

Opting for natural non-toxic baby furniture is essential to ensuring your home's indoor air quality isn't contaminated with dangerous chemicals, promoting a healthier and safer environment for your little one.

3. Supports Ethical Craftship

Investing in eco-friendly nursery furniture not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also supports and honors the livelihood of hardworking craftspeople. This means your purchase will support ethical production practices, ensuring makers receive a fair pay and facilitating the humane treatment they deserve throughout every stage of the production process.

Additionally, because consciously created baby furniture is made without toxic chemicals, like VOCs, crafters won't be exposed to the potential health risks of these hazardous compounds. So by purchasing sustainable and non-toxic baby furniture, you'll be ensuring a safe environment for your little one and for those who make your items - it's a win-win!

4. Makes a Lifelong Investment

Most sustainable furniture is crafted with robust natural materials, such as solid wood cribs. You'll also find that most sustainable non-toxic baby furniture is produced slowly by hand. This ensures precision and care is taken to create every piece, meaning you get to welcome long-lasting nursery furniture into your baby's life.

Investing in sustainable and non-toxic baby furniture also means you won't have to repurchase new furniture in the future if you decide to welcome another little one into your family. This not only saves you the hassle of shopping for baby or toddler furniture allover again, but also saves you money in the long-run.

5. Promotes Eco-Conscious Parenting

Making the conscious decision to purchase sustainable baby or toddler furniture promotes eco-friendly parenting, as it sets a great example to your youngsters. In doing so, you aren't just supporting the welfare of our planet and fostering a safe and non-toxic home environment, but also instilling unparalleled values of environmental responsibility into your children.

Your decision to purchase sustainable items reinforces the importance of respecting our wonderful planet, inspiring your kids to uphold these important values throughout their lives. While it may not seem like much, you are essentially preparing the next generation of eco-conscious warriors, which promotes a greener future for the world.

Factors To Consider When Shopping for Sustainable Nursery Furniture

There are several key factors to consider when shopping for sustainable nursery furniture. These considerations extend beyond prices, colors, and styles. By considering the factors below as you shop, you'll be able to source genuinely environmentally sustainable baby furniture that effortlessly falls into place within your home.

Recognizing Sustainable Materials

Mother Nature offers a stunning variety of naturally sustainable resources that create breathtaking baby and toddler furniture. Here are some of the most sustainable, beautiful, and robust materials to look out for:

  • Organic rattan
  • Organic bamboo
  • Organic solid wood (such as teak wood or New Zealand pine wood)
  • Repurposed wood
  • Organic cotton
  • Linen

Looking Out For Transparency

Unfortunately, as conscious consumerism rises, many mass manufacturers and fast-furniture brands are posing as sustainable producers, a deceitful practice known as 'greenwashing'. It's therefore paramount to always double-check a company's sustainability claims.

The easiest way of ensuring furniture is crafted ethically and sustainably is by investigating a brand's transparency. Checking out a brand's 'about us' page can be a key indicator of how genuine they are.

If they go into depth about their conservation efforts and showcase who creates their items, they are likely an honest brand that cares about the planet and their customers. Mojo Boutique's 'About Us' page is an excellent example of what a truthfully sustainable furniture brand looks like.

Moreover, choosing to shop from brands that are clear about how they source their materials is another key area to look at. There are many globally recognized certifications that demonstrate adherence to sustainable and ethical harvesting of natural materials.

For example, if you're shopping for a solid wood crib, you should be on the lookout for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or Greenguard Gold certified cribs, to ensure you're investing in items that are created with sustainably sourced wood.

Alternatively, if you're on the hunt for sustainably sourced soft furnishings, such as crib mattresses, muslins, throw blankets, and pillows, you can look out for a stamp of approval from the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Creating a Reasonable Budget

Natural sustainable furniture can be more costly than synthetic mass-manufactured furniture because more time, love, and care has gone into crafting it. It's important to understand that although consciously crafted furniture can be more expensive, it always lasts longer than cheap unsustainable items.

Ensuring you acknowledge this factor when developing a budget will help you determine a reasonable price range, allowing you to make a lifelong investment which benefits both our planet and your baby.

Discover Artisanal Eco-Friendly Baby Furniture At Mojo Boutique

We are proud to introduce our ever-growing collection of mindfully designed non-toxic cribs, book/toy shelves, and versatile storage benches, and more, all handmade by our wonderful Indonesian artisans with love and the utmost care.


If you wish to adorn your baby crib or toddler bed with some soft textiles, you can also explore our delectable variety of cushions covers and throws, all of which have been consciously crafted with the softest organic cotton and linen.

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What Furniture Is Essential in a Nursery?

Some essential nursery furniture items include baby cribs, crib mattresses, diaper changing tables, baby clothes dressers, and rocking chairs. Opting for strong materials, such as a solid wood crib, is a popular option for many parents seeking essential baby furniture as it ensures longevity.

Does Nursery Furniture Have To Match?

Deciding whether your baby's nursery furniture is coordinated or not is entirely up to you! Mixing and matching different items can actually add more character to your baby's interior, making it more fun and unique. However, if you prefer a more cohesive and soothing layout, you may find that matching furniture is best.

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