4 Questions To Determine Your Furniture Sustainability

If you have turned over a new leaf and joined the world of conscious consumerism, on behalf of the Mojo Boutique family, welcome! A good starting point, to determine your sustainability so far, is by assessing what eco-conscious items you have in your home. 

Before you dive into this article, it is worth ensuring you fully understand what sustainability means. There are two key components to consider: people and the planet. 

‘People’ refers to the impacts your decisions have on wider society and future generations. Do you buy from ethical retailers? Are your products fair trade? These questions can help you better understand how your decisions impact those who make your clothes, food, furniture, and so forth. 

By making conscious decisions you are supporting the livelihood of hardworking communities and ensuring your money is fairly distributed between employee and employer. 

At Mojo Boutique, we treat all our craftspeople with equality and kindness. We cherish all they do for us and recognize that our company would not exist without them. You can meet our creators by visiting our website. 

‘Planet’ concerns the impact that your choices have on our earth. Do you recycle? Do you buy organic products? Reflecting upon these factors is intrinsic to evaluating how sustainable your habits are.

At Mojo Boutique we exercise every effort to ensure we have as little impact on our atmosphere as possible. We work closely with our partner, South Pole, to implement exciting projects so that we can positively give back to nature, and effectively offset our carbon footprint. Find out more about our offsetting implementations here.  

How Sustainable Are You?

We have curated 4 self-reflective questions to help you unveil how sustainable your furniture is, and determine what habits you can change to become a fierce eco-warrior. 

To help you pinpoint your furniture sustainability, answer each of the following questions making note of your points as you go. Once you are finished, calculate your total score to discover how sustainable you are!

1.  When Purchasing Furniture For Your Home, Are You Actively Seeking Sustainable Shops? 

Yes: 10 points

Sometimes: 5 points

No: 0 points

Unsure: Keep reading

Nowadays, it has become common for retailers to utilize marketing ploys to appear sustainable, in order to lure in conscious consumers. This manipulative tactic is called ‘greenwashing’

For example, if a furniture company introduces a singular ‘eco-friendly collection’ they are most likely greenwashing. A truly sustainable company will employ conscious practices throughout their entire range to ensure they are kinder to our earth, and fairer to employees. 

Our entire ethos, at Mojo Boutique, revolves around consciousness to ensure we create stunning products while exclusively upholding both eco-friendly and ethical practices.  

2.  Do You Buy New / Replace Furniture Frequently?

Yes: 0 points

Sometimes: 5 points

No: 10 points

Unsure: keep reading

Easily getting bored with your home furnishings could mean that you are buying into short-lived trends. This can encourage you to replace items that are still usable. It could also mean that you are purchasing furniture that is mass-produced, making it unlikely to last. 

To become more sustainable, avoid buying into mainstream trends and try upcycling what you have, or purchasing products that are slowly built to ensure durability. At Mojo Boutique, our artisans craft each item to ensure every increment of effort and care has gone into making a long-lasting collection. 

We additionally reject short-lived trends and instead adopt a minimalist design to create timeless pieces that will serve your home with style for a lifetime. Browse our catalogue here

3.  Is Your  Furniture Made Of Sustainable Materials?

Yes: 10 points

Some: 5 points

No: 0 points

Unsure: keep reading

Many mass-produced furniture companies use cheap materials that are not renewable. These often contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which pollute your home and our earth with harmful toxins. 

We create our entire collection, at Mojo Boutique, with upcycled, recycled and organic materials provided by nature. Some sustainable, fast-renewing materials to look out for include: 

  • Bamboo
  • Rattan
  • Organic Cotton 

Discover Your Score

Now that you have assessed yourself, find out what your total points mean to understand your furniture sustainability.

Eco-Warrior: 25 - 30 Points

In terms of furniture sustainability, you are doing a wonderful job already. Since you have a good sustainability score in this department, it may be worth evaluating other aspects of your life, to determine how you can further optimize your sustainability. 

On The Right Track: 10 - 15 Points

This is a fantastic starting point! You have adopted some amazing methods of ensuring good furniture sustainability. Revise the areas you scored less in so that you can become a true eco-warrior.

Something To Work On: 0 - 5 Points

If you found that you have lots of room for improvement, don’t worry! You are already doing the right thing by actively assessing how sustainable you are. Revise the points made above to help you lay out a plan to become more eco-friendly. 

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