Handmade Mirror: What Material Should I Get?

Glass mirrors provide an abundance of benefits to both our homes and our souls. They invite us to reflect upon who we are and recite positive affirmations, to express our gratitude towards ourselves. They also illuminate our living spaces, offering a magical illusion of space.

Handcrafted mirrors come in all kinds of wonderful shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Choosing to invest in an artisanal piece, rather than a fast-furniture item, will assure that you are receiving a long-lasting mirror that has been created with care.

Buying from a small business can help to make the world a better place, as it means you will be supporting your local economy and reducing your carbon footprint, as your purchase won't be mass-produced.

Perhaps you wish to take matters into your own hands and begin a DIY project. This can be tremendously fun and rewarding, as you will be designing a mirror unlike any other that is completely suited to your unique tastes.

This article will shed a light on the sort of materials that make stunning mirrors, as well as give you suggestions of where to shop for a new piece to go on your wall.

What Materials Make Beautiful Mirrors?

Mother Nature offers us a rich variety of organic materials that can be crafted into masterpieces. At Mojo Boutique, we are endlessly passionate about restoring and preserving our planet, and wholeheartedly believe that using natural materials, free from chemicals, is a step in the right direction.

Many natural materials can be crafted to match all sorts of styles. Here are some of our favourite sustainable materials that make stunning mirrors:

  • Rattan: If you are looking for something radiant and airy, rattan is the material for you. This natural vine is rapidly renewing and can grow hundreds of meters in length, making it incredibly sustainable. Because rattan is so light, it can be woven into various intricate designs that will add a charming hint of texture to your mirror.

  • Bamboo: Just like rattan, bamboo is amazingly fast-growing, and does not require any pesticides to help it grow, making this material 100% chemical free! It is by far one of the most resistant plants found in nature, exceeding wood and steel in strength.

    Bamboo offers a clean, glowing finish, making it ideal for anyone who loves minimalism and purist design.

  • Recycled And Upcycled Wood: So much high-quality wood gets dumped into landfills every year. Many artisans will rescue old wood from being trashed and transform it into something beautiful. This keeps materials in rotation, reducing unnecessary waste and deforestation.

    An upcycled/recycled wooden mirror can effectively achieve a rustic, warming aesthetic that will add homeliness to your habitat.

  • Recycled And Upcycled Metal: Another fantastic material that can be salvaged is metal. From aluminum to titanium steel, there is a wealth of metals waiting to be repurposed into something spectacular. If you want a mirror that embodies a modern and sleek style, try searching for recycled/upcycled metal mirrors.

Discover Our Breathtaking Collection Of Handmade Mirrors

Here at Mojo Boutique, we slowly handcraft every mirror within our collection with the utmost love and precision to ensure you receive a sensational new edition for your sanctuary. We work alongside our gifted artisans to ensure a smooth-sailing and, most importantly, ethical manufacturing process. You can meet our talented team of makers here.

Our Top 5 Mirrors:

We have a delectable wide range of mirrors crafted using different materials, suited to a variety of interior styles. Here are our top 5:

  1. Amélia

    Amélia evokes warmth and comfort. This sizeable, rattan mirror embodies the timelessly classic style of farmhouse design. We have crafted Amélia to invite space into your home and create a welcoming, tranquil atmosphere so that you may graciously unwind.

  2. Peacock

    The name of this playful mirror speaks for itself! Peacock is a true spectacle of a mirror, full of character and quirkiness. Handwoven with rattan to display a multitude of detail and texture, we consider Peacock a work of art.

  3. Kayu

    Raw and authentic, our Kayu mirror will make an exquisite edition to your living space. Fortified out of upcycled driftwood, sourced from the beaches of Java, Indonesia, you will be purchasing a mystical oceanic piece that tells a visual story unlike any other. This mirror is fantastically versatile and can marry with any kind of interior aesthetic.

  4. Bali

    Our Bali mirror will make a sweet and endearing embellishment to your wall. Neutral and mellow, this piece will encourage feelings of restoration and composure. Our craftspeople have constructed this mirror with an arched silhouette and delicate handwoven detailing, offering a gentle accent to any area within your home.

  5. Ocean

    If you want to awaken your interior with brilliance, discover our Ocean mirror. This vast and open piece embraces the best of purist design, compromising of a minimal rattan frame.

    You have the option to lean this item against your wall or hang it up using a hook fixture found on the back. This humbly modest mirror will gently uplift your living space and complement your existing interior with class.

Discover More From Mojo Boutique...

After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what materials make splendid mirrors. If you are searching for more items to add to your space, we warmly invite you to discover our most wanted items for inspiration.

We have a dazzling assortment of home furniture and décor available on our website. View all categories of handcrafted, sustainable furniture available in a range of organic materials to ensure that you receive a long-lasting, earthy piece that will adorn your home for a lifetime.

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