How To Buy A Perfect Handmade Coffee Table

Coffee tables offer a variety of wonderful benefits. They are essential furniture items that can have uplifting effects. These stylishly convenient items can transform an empty and uninteresting lounge area into a charismatic and sophisticated space.

One of the things that we adore about coffee tables, here at Mojo Boutique, is how purposeful they can be. From adding detail and statement to your home, to storing your magazines and remote controls, the coffee table is a magnificently powerful interior piece that offers both convenience and ornamentation.

This article has been written to help you buy the right coffee table for your home, so that you may enjoy your lounge space with grace and comfort.

Perfect Doesn't Always Mean 'Brand-New'

It is important to acknowledge that you don't always need to buy new furniture when decorating your abode. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that many second-hand stores stock an abundance of un-touched items (some of which might even come in the original packaging!).

Buying used furniture keeps items in rotation, reducing mass-production, and preventing waste. This is a terrific way of sustainably sourcing furniture that won't impact our planet. You will also be supporting independent businesses, in turn, making a positive impact on your local economy.

What To Expect From A Second Hand Store

There are a multitude of perfect coffee tables out there waiting to be taken home. From modern to antique, a good deal of used furniture stores stock high quality, and sometimes unused, items. Here's what you can expect during your second hand search:

  • Lot's Of Unique Styles: All sorts of rare and quirky furniture ends up in second hand stores - you won't have much trouble finding something that suits your style. Due to the never ending trend of rustic, wooden home décor you can expect to see an abundance of excellent timber furniture, as well as contemporary glass and steel pieces.

  • Great Prices: Buying used furniture is incredibly budget friendly. You can purchase a designer coffee table for a fraction of its original price!

  • Expert Help: It is rare that you enter a second hand furniture store and the owners/employees aren't enthusiastic about what they sell. If you feel overwhelmed and are unsure of where to start digging, ask someone working in the store for their expertise. They can assist your search by showing you pieces that match your criteria.

5 steps To Help You Buy A Perfect Coffee Table

Looking for a coffee table that reflects your individuality and interior aesthetic can be tricky, especially with so many options on the market. Looking for new furniture doesn't need to be stressful, it should be exciting and enjoyable. We have created this complete 5 step guide to help you discover a coffee table of your dreams.

  1. Seek Ethically Slow-Crafted Pieces

    The furniture market is over saturated with brands who utilize sweatshop labour to create mass produced furniture. Making the conscious decision to source a coffee table that has been ethically crafted will ensure that the money you spend on an item will be fairly distributed to support the people who made it.

    At Mojo Boutique, we value our artisans as if they are family. We work closely with them to create beautiful designs, and ensure their happiness and wellbeing is protected during production. You can meet our gifted team of makers here.

    Aside from supporting the livelihood of craftspeople, buying an ethical and slowly made coffee table will reduce carbon emissions, and offer you a carefully crafted item that will last. Every single one of our handmade coffee tables are made-to-order with the utmost precision and care so that you may enjoy a lifelong purchase.

  2. Search for Sustainable Materials

    Most handmade coffee tables are built with eco-friendly materials. These materials should be completely free from any harmful substances such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which have been proven to pollute our earth and homes, causing serious health issues.

    Because VOCs are found throughout nature, many manufacturers will market their products as 'natural' however, this does not mean harmless. Always be sure to check the specifications of the coffee table you are considering, before making a purchase.

    Not only can sustainable materials be safe, but they also tend to last longer than artificial components. Here are some of our favourite natural materials, to help narrow your search:

    • Bamboo

    • Rattan & Cane

    • Upcycled/Recycled Wood & Metal

  3. Be Aware Of Proportions

    In order to fortify a harmonious lounge area, it is vital that you select a coffee table that fits your space perfectly. For the best interior results, take height measurements of your sofa, to ensure you don't buy a table that is too high or too low.

  4. Go For A Timeless Design

    Avoid giving into short-lived trends as they die out relatively fast. Choose something long-lasting and timeless that is true to your individual style. This will ensure you never get bored of your item and that you maintain an effortlessly ageless space.

  5. Choose The Right Shape

    Coffee tables can be made in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In order to optimize the balance of your space, you should think about what sort of coffee table shape will best suit your interior, and the available space you have.

    For instance, if your room is smaller, you may want to incorporate a round coffee table such as our multipurpose Natura Coffee Table, available in multiple sizes.

Discover Our Handmade Coffee Tables

We stock a gorgeous range of coffee tables, here at Mojo Boutique. Our talented artisans handcraft every piece we sell using Mother Nature's most robust resources, so that we can confidently promise you longevity with your purchase.

If you are in search of a romantic statement piece, discover Ella, an irresistible rattan coffee table artistically crafted to withstand rain and beautifully serve both your interior and exterior lounge areas.

Perhaps you are in need of a table that can help you declutter? Check out our Grace. This breathtaking piece evokes elegance and tranquility while simultaneously providing you with a discreet storage solution, so that you may refresh your living space and enjoy clarity.

No matter what your preference, we assure you that our items will earnestly wow you and your guests. Explore our entire collection a coffee tables, available to shop and pre-order across our site. We hope you find your perfect piece with us!

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