How to Complete a Living Room Makeover in 4 Easy Steps

If you are currently redecorating your home, chances are you will be starting with your living room! Living rooms are the center of a house and are the area where your guests congregate when visiting your home. Therefore, getting the interior design right for this room is crucial, as you will want to set a specific aesthetic that makes your visitors feel comfortable and welcome. 

In this article, we will detail the four best ways to makeover your living room to ensure your interior design is elevated. No matter your style, you can use these tips and incorporate them to give your living room a major makeover. 

Choose a Layout

The most critical step of living room makeovers that will help you create a seamless appearance is selecting a layout. It can be challenging to choose a layout if you still need to select your new furniture, but we recommend having a plan that you can stick to that prevents your space from becoming cluttered or unorganized. 

As with most DIY projects, having a plan is the best way to create a structured approach to what you are doing. For example, if you buy new home decor before considering where to place each item in your living room, you can end up overbuying or cluttering the room. Additionally, deciding on aspects such as the paint color of your walls will ensure that you don't buy any items that will clash with your space. 

A great way to start planning your layout is to think about the most prominent furniture items you will have in your room. It is common for a living room to have large items such as a coffee table, sofa, and cabinetry. Once these items have been selected and placed in a specific layout, finer details such as color schemes and home decor can be implemented, ensuring the full living room aesthetic comes together. 

While it isn't essential, selecting furniture that is connected is an excellent way to keep your living room makeover organized. Whether by having each large furniture item in the same type of wood and shade or choosing one designer to make handmade bespoke pieces to ensure your living room has a unique aesthetic. There are plenty of options to consider regarding choosing furniture. Here are some of our favorite types to consider; 

Opt For Sustainable Furniture 

Although you may have a preconceived idea that sustainable and recycled furniture may not be as pristine and high-quality as first-hand furniture, sustainable furniture can add much more character to your home and is perfect for a room makeover. As these items have been preloved, they have unique features that make them stand out, and they can bring a distinct feeling to your living room.

Take tables made from teak wood, for example. Teak wood gets better with age as its knots, veins, and color deepen, providing customers with a rich honey shade of wood that can be incorporated into many styles. You can create a chic and subtle look by adorning your table with white decorations and white cotton blankets on your chairs and sofas. Alternatively, the honey shade of teak wood can look great when paired with rustic shades such as blue and orange to create a more art-deco look. 

Little changes such as having sustainable furniture can help you to decide on the aesthetics of your living room, whether this takes you down the direction of having bright painted walls or cozy and minimalistic interiors that let your bold sustainable furniture take center stage. 

Delve Into Individual Handmade Furniture 

Handmade is always the best option when it comes to truly unique furniture that stands out. At Mojo Boutique, we work with skilled artisans who create handmade pieces with unique features that will help make your living room more stylish than ever. 

While not every piece of furniture you purchase needs to be handmade, having a few special items will help to create a sophisticated aesthetic. We recommend coffee tables and mirrors to bring your large furniture items to life, add depth to your living room, and prevent it from looking bare.

If you don't have an excess amount of money to put into your living room makeover, a bespoke mirror could be one of the best options to go with. Although it is a less common type of home decor in your living room, it can add versatility and incorporate your wall design into your overall aesthetic, ensuring no part of your living room is left out during your living room makeover!

Hone in on Finer Details 

Once you have selected your big furnishings and decided which type of furniture you would like to focus on predominantly, you can start adding finishing touches and finer details to your living room.

When we address finer details, we speak about home decor such as candles, lamps, and photo frames. These decor items all add character to your living space, and although they are small, they are essential to ensuring your home isn't bland. 

Of course, items such as photo frames will come down to your taste, and some may not like this personal touch. But, for others, a photo frame imprints personality and familiar faces throughout your main living area, giving your visitors a slice of your life.

Classic decor items such as candles and lamps are great because they fit with most aesthetics and create an unmistakable mood when lit that the main lighting can't match in a room. These subtle ways of adding character go far and are easier to create a personality in your home than looking for specific art pieces or other methods that designers may choose. 

Another fine detail to pay attention to is your ceiling. Although your lampshade and main lighting likely won't be a focal point, it can add an extra sense of style to your living room, ensuring you have an interesting light. We recommend finding an elegant lamp made from wood, such as rattan, to set a tranquil and relaxing mood.

While a wooden lampshade sounds unique, it is a subtle way of adding personality to your room. It can intertwine well with other elements of your home, especially if you have wicker chairs or wooden furnishings throughout your living room. 

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