How to Purchase a Custom Nightstand for My Bedroom

Bedside tables, also known as nightstands, are a fundamental part of bedroom furniture. Aside from the obvious benefits they provide regarding practicality, they can create a more visually pleasing interior, especially when opting for a customized style. 

While a custom nightstand can be hard to come across, it is easier than ever to find a nightstand with unique features. The most popular bedside tables often consist of traditional wood such as oak, walnut, and maple, with some opting for a more modern interpretation with white oak. 

In this article, we will detail the different styles of custom night tables you can find, with custom sizing, unique elements, and boho aesthetics at the forefront of our search! 

Where to Find Unique Nightstands

Finding custom or unique nightstands online can be challenging, as often you would prefer to see furniture in person instead of through a website. However, many custom nightstands are available via online services, which won't require you to even leave your house to find them! 

One of the best ways to find bedside furniture that is unique and won't be owned by anyone else is by going down the sustainable route. Recycled wooden furniture has gone through a lengthy upcycling process to ensure its quality has been restored while not getting rid of any of the unique elements that make it unique and customized. 

Teak wood is an excellent example of wooden nightstands that deliver uniqueness without needing to be customized. As teak wood ages, the knots and veins become more apparent, with the deep honey shade of the wood darkening and becoming more visually striking. Finding a nightstand that incorporates teak wood is a sure way to catch the eyes of anyone visiting your home! 

A simplistic yet unique nightstand made from upcycled teak wood is the Fiby Bed Table, which provides a timeless aesthetic similar to oak or walnut furniture. However, instead of being brand new like other wooden furniture, the Fiby Bed Table is sustainable and provides an equivalent level of quality while being unique due to the aging elements. 

The Fiby Bed Table isn't the only unique bedside table courtesy of Mojo Boutique. Our business provides customers with unique and upcycled renditions of classic furniture items, ensuring a modern and sustainable twist that delivers a great aesthetic to your home. 

How to Incorporate Night Tables Into Your Décor

Any nightstand should fill your space in a practical way by being a suitable size and having drawers for storage. You should assess how large you would like your bedside table to be while also considering if you would like one minimalistic drawer or if you need multiple drawers to store items. 

When you've decided on the fundamentals of your nightstand, the next step is to consider the material you would like. It can be challenging to decide on one particular material, but we recommend considering the rest of your furniture to assess which material would look best and seamlessly intertwine with the rest of your decor.

If you have a sleek and simple style, opting for solid teak wood is a great way to add dimension and sophistication to your space. Teak wood is one of the most durable woods on the market and has a beautiful deep honey appearance that looks divine when paired with simple interiors to add depth and variation to a living space. 

Although teak wood is excellent for adding sophistication, it can also be used to create a retro feeling. The deep honey color is perfect for pairing with blues and other vibrant colors if you wish to showcase a unique appearance. 

Take the Ava Nightstand, for example. The upcycled teak wood ensures each product is unique and doesn't look like any other bedside table for sale. Additionally, the natural woven cane placed on the drawer creates an unmistakable boho style that would add chic energy to your bedroom. 

Or, the Malin Bedside Table is one of the more modern nightstands we've come across due to its sleek closed drawer and clean, upcycled teak wood. The great thing about the Malin Bedside Table is that it could be placed in an office or in less conventional house areas to add character and comfort. In addition, the woven cane drawer ensures that functionality is at the heart of the design, making it easier than ever to store items without a clunky appearance. 

How To Decorate Bedside Tables 

Finding the perfect bedside table or nightstand is one thing, but ensuring that you decorate it to keep its design intact and customizable elements apparent is a different story. The way you decorate your bedside table shouldn't only compliment the furniture's design but also the interior of your bedroom. 

It can be challenging to keep your bedside table tidy, and often we end up cluttering our space by placing our phone, light, and other bits and pieces on top of our table. We recommend considering which items are essential to have by your bedside and sticking with these specific items.

Your bedside table should provide easy access to your essential items and be a practical way of keeping what you need near you all through the night. Of course, having a bedside lamp is a need, and this should be the centerpiece placed on your table. 

If you prefer a more natural look, add a plant stand or candle holder, ensuring you set a tranquil mood that doesn't require more lighting or clutter on your bedside space. 

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