How To Purchase Affordable Customized Furniture

It can be tricky trying to discover furniture that suits the distinct taste of your living space. These days, it is impossible to find free design services. Additionally, high-quality, custom furniture, that is sustainable, can be costly and hard to come by.

We have thoughtfully written this complete guide to help you discover alternative and affordable ways to add a personal touch to your home interior.

How to Revamp Your Old Furniture

Before you venture out for some customized furniture you may want to assess what items within your home can be up-cycled and repurposed.

Whether it be an old chair, sofa, table, or bed, don't let it go to waste and collect dust in the garage, take a look at it with a fresh, interior-design perspective!

Here are five creative, sustainable ideas that will help you to add a personal touch to your existing home items, and provide your old furniture with a new and refreshed look.

  1. Add A Fresh Coat Of VOC Free Paint

    A can of paint can really go a long way when revamping old furniture. If you have an item that doesn't suit your interior color pallet, don't chuck it out. There are hundreds of was that you can customize your piece.

    Before you add a pop of color, make sure you buy one that is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs are found in most paints, and are not good for us or our planet. They can pollute our environment overtime and make us susceptible to harmful illnesses.

    Whether you want it to be monochromatic, metallic, or maybe even neon, your ideas can be boundless if you put your mind to it! If you need a new paint brush to get the job done, be sure to search for one that is eco-friendly and natural to ensure a high quality finish.

  2. Create DIY Paint Stencils

    Design your own patterns by cutting out paint stencils yourself to create custom furniture. If you aren't too great with a pair of scissors, it may be worth checking what resources nature has grown for you.

    For a truly rustic, earthy look, dip flowers and leaves in your desired color and carefully press them against your furniture. When you peel away, your flower or leaf will reveal a delicate, botanical pattern.

  3. Upholster With Dead-Stock Fabric

    Upholstering is not as difficult as it may seem, if you aren't a keen sewer you may use fabric glue or an upholstery staple-gun.

    Sourcing dead-stock fabrics is a delightful way to up-cycle worn out cushions on some old chairs, and, will additionally ensure that your custom piece is 100% unique to your taste.

  4. Add Some Shine With A Natural Varnish

    If you have an old wooden piece that is looking a bit dilapidated, it may be time to give it some TLC with a coat of natural varnish. Varnish will bring out the rich, natural texture of the wood and provide you with a luxuriously smooth surface.

    Like paint, many varnishes and polishes contain VOCs, so look out for this during your search.

  5. Find A New Purpose For Old, Unused Items

    Get innovative, and brainstorm ways you can tweak an item to give it a new purpose. So many household items can be transformed into phenomenal pieces.

    A set of hamper crates can become a new shelving unit, wine bottles can become candle holders, a vintage TV can even become an adorable new bed for your feline companion...

    ...Wherever your ideas lead, always remember that the opportunities truly are endless!

Visit Second-Hand And Antique Furniture Stores

If you don't have any old pieces of furniture lying around that you can up-cycle, don't buy into short-lasting mass-produced furniture. as this will only waste your time and money, and mean you are supporting an unsustainable business.

Buying vintage and antique furniture will ensure you are being a conscious consumer as you will be supporting small businesses, and providing a new home for old furniture that is still in great condition.

You can often find modern pieces that other people don't need, alongside quirky and eccentric items that will add a retro touch to your home. Shopping for pre-loved furniture can be especially exciting as you never know what you will find!

Design And Build Your Own Customized Furniture

DIY projects can offer an incredibly therapeutic process, and the outcome can be tremendously rewarding. However, figuring out where to start can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to DIY. Keep reading for some useful tips that will help get you started.

Your first step towards crafting your own customised furniture is creating a solid design. If you have never crafted anything before, don't be too adventurous, be realistic! Make sure you take precise measurements of the room you are looking furnish so that your creation will make a perfect fit.

Your second step towards creating your dream piece is sourcing materials. An affordable, eco-friendly way of doing this is searching for scrap materials and off-cuts. Most of the time the scraps you salvage are high, industrial grade meaning they will last, when used right.

You may also find that unfinished materials, such as a piece of live edge wood, are inexpensive. This kind of material is often freshly cut, and unpolished meaning it is free from harmful finishes and offer you complete free rein to use and style it how you like.

Your final step is ensuring that you have the right tools and equipment. Always put your safety first, and make sure you have strong protection gear such as goggles, gloves, a helmet and steel toe boots.

You will also want to source any tools you don't have. If you know a keen handy-person, save money by borrowing their toolbox.

Invest In Our Eco-Friendly Handcrafted Furniture

If you find yourself in need of new furniture, it is important that you invest in something that is built to last. Our entire collection of artisanal furniture, here at Mojo Boutique, is meticulously handcrafted with longevity in mind.

We are passionate about our sacred earth and the people we share it with and have subsequently ensured that all items crafted for our boutique are ethically made, using natures most beautiful, durable offerings.

This additionally means that our furniture is completely free from VOCs and other nasties, to ensure that your home environment remains pure and safe. Discover more about our eco-conscious practices here.

To ensure your purchase suits your unique style, our gifted designers have conceived each item to uphold the artistry of minimalism and modern, purist design. Meaning our pieces will effortlessly fall into place, and timelessly serve your home with elegance and grace.

Many of our products are one-of-a-kind as we find great joy up-cycling old materials, such as teak wood. This means that the natural components used to fortify each item is limited, providing each piece with a stunning and unique personalized touch.

When you purchase one of our breathtaking, bespoke pieces, you will be investing in an item that will adorn your sanctuary for over a lifetime.

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