How to Style Round Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the most common types of furniture that you will find in a home and is essential when setting a relaxing vibe in a living room or lounge area. However, styling round coffee tables can be challenging, as you don't want your communal area cluttered. On the contrary, you need your coffee table to hold character and have personality, so choosing which route to go down can be challenging.

In this article, we will detail the best ways to style a round coffee table to ensure your lounge area is sophisticated, tidy, and the perfect place to host social gatherings.

Why Choose a Round Coffee Table 

Round coffee tables can make a room feel more homely than a rectangular coffee table and can be easier to place small groups of guests around. Overall, those who opt for a rectangular or square coffee table often need to fit larger groups of people around them, with circular designs being much more intimate.

Another element of round coffee tables that can make them more popular is that they are safer for younger children. So, if you're welcoming a baby into your family or often have children visiting your home, a round coffee table is the best option for you to choose. 

Types of Coffee Tables

Although we are concentrating on round coffee tables, you could choose from multiple types of this table shape. Whether you select a deep shade of wood, a granite surface, or a lighter aesthetic, you can select various styles that best suit your interior design.

A type of coffee table that is currently growing in popularity is the boho style. A boho coffee table features sustainable wood that looks soft and delicate, adding sophistication to your space instead of demanding attention. As the round coffee table is the perfect way to host intimate gatherings, a delicate boho aesthetic is an ideal type of interior design to choose from. You can heighten this aesthetic by matching your sofa and using neutral tones throughout your living room decor. 

Or, if you prefer to turn heads with your interior design, selecting a table made from a unique material such as rattan or bamboo is a sure way to do so. While these unique table styles still have boho energy, they add more versatility to a space than a traditional round table. Rattan and bamboo are durable materials, so even though they look less robust than other designs, this round coffee table will be long-lasting and intriguing to younger and older visitors.

Our third top pick for the types of round coffee tables you can select is the solid wood round coffee table. There is no denying that this effortlessly stylish coffee table adds depth to your space due to its deep honey shade, and you can find great round tables made of upcycled wood that provide character and warmth to your living room decor. Solid teak wood is the best option for those seeking a traditional round coffee table that can be paired with many different styles. Whether your home is modern or vintage, solid wood will be a perfect pairing.

How to Style Round Coffee Tables

The coffee table decor that you choose will largely depend on your personal style and the aesthetic you have in your home. Of course, many coffee tables have similar items placed on top because they all have the same purpose. However, if you want your coffee table to be a focal point and stand out, choosing particular decor to convey a feeling and aesthetic will be a great thing to do. 

When it comes to coffee table styling, you should consider how your table can elevate the style in your living room. If you are someone who has academic styles such as bookshelves and virtuosic art on your walls, adding coffee table books is a great way to add an art deco vibe to your coffee table and can add a rustic look to your living room.

To further champion an art deco approach, you should concentrate on creating straight lines with your coffee table decor. One of the most critical elements of the art deco approach is geometry, which may feel more challenging on a circular base. However, adding attractive decor, such as drink coasters in unusual shapes, could be a great way to achieve this. A rattan coffee table would be great for an art deco aesthetic, as rattan can be manipulated into visually striking shapes. 

Minimalism is the best approach if you are looking at a boho style for your round coffee table. Adding a main focal point, such as a round tray in the center where you can place coasters when they aren't being used, will create more space, ensure your round table looks organized, and offer an aesthetically pleasing setup that helps you to relax in your boho haven. 

If the unique approach is the way to your heart, you should focus on finding exciting design pieces for your table. Whether this is a candle in an interesting holder or a trinket tray with a unique pattern, you can find plenty of items that add an unusual appearance that is endearing for your guests while serving a functional purpose.

Of course, if you haven't decided on a specific aesthetic and just want your coffee table to be functional, you're not alone! Many of us want a simple means of placing our cups throughout the day, and you don't always need to go above and beyond to make this aesthetically pleasing.

If this is the case, we recommend focusing on essential items and ensuring they all match and provide a cozy feeling. Whether you opt for fresh flowers in the center of your table with neutral coasters placed around it or find a decorative piece to attract attention, it can be simple to create a striking effect with minimal effort.

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