Top 5 Rattan Side Table Designs

Side tables are often an underappreciated furniture item. They provide excellent comfort and convenience, especially in areas like your bedroom and lounge area. When rattan is combined with home furnishings, such as side tables, the results are truly delightful.

Introducing a rattan side table into your habitat will elevate your interior décor, and add a boho-chic touch to your living space.

This article has been mindfully composed to introduce you to the wonders and many special designs of rattan side tables that we offer, at Mojo Boutique, providing enlightenment on how you can introduce and decorate your item within your abode.

Why Is Rattan A Good Material For Side Tables?

Before you read on and discover our stunning and original rattan side tables, it is worth understanding what makes rattan such a magnificent medium for crafting this type of furniture.

These are the key components that make rattan a highly celebrated furniture material:

  • Natural & Organic: Rattan is an entirely natural material that does not require any nasty chemical procurement to ensure a flawless finish.

    At Mojo Boutique, we ensure that our every item we sell is completely free from any harsh toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) making our pieces 100% safe for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Sustainable: Rattan is one of the fastest growing materials, making it highly renewable. It is additionally remarkably easy to harvest and transport because it is so lightweight, meaning minimal labour is required to handle it.

    We work closely with our harvesters to ensure a fair-trade and maintain a sustainable practice. Discover more about our eco-conscious ethos here.

  • High Durability: Rattan is incredibly robust and hard-wearing, making it an ideal material for crafting side tables, as they tend to be frequently used.

    Our skilled craftspeople have handmade each of our rattan side tables upholding longevity as a salient priority, ensuring that your purchase will serve your space for a lifetime.

  • Extremely Adaptable: Rattan is an extremely flexible material, making it perfect for the ancient practice of hand-weaving. This means that you can enjoy the elegance of rattan in a variety of styles and textures, such as wicker.

    Rattan additionally comes in an array of warming, organic tones, meaning this material can be easily matched with an array of colors.

    Many of our rattan pieces, at Mojo Boutique, have been handwoven to embrace both retro and modern signatures, while still maintaining a timeless appearance. This ensures you will never grow bored of your item.

Our Top 5 Rattan Side Table Designs

At Mojo Boutique, we have delicately designed and handcrafted each of our pieces to double up as both a practical item and a charming accent. To ensure your purchase is just as unique as you are, our craftspeople have added a subtle, personalized touch to every item, so that your piece is one-of-a-kind!

Here are our top 5 Rattan side tables designs:

  1. Luis - Bedside Table

    Rustic and romantic, our Luis makes a stately accent to any bedroom. Luis depicts classic mid-century characteristics while adhering to contemporary refinement, so you can store your bed-time essentials in style. Luis incorporates recycled teak wood into its design, offering a cozy, farmhouse feel.

  2. Grace - Side Table

    Grace provides a sophisticated, curvaceous finish that will effortlessly marry with your living room furniture.

    This irresistible rattan coffee table features a round silhouette, a reliable glass top to comfortably rest your glass/mug, and a discreet storage compartment to help declutter your space. Grace will look beautiful as an end table beside your sofa, for maximum convenience.

  3. Malin - Bedside Table

    Malin makes an ideal bedside companion for anyone who loves sleek, purist design. Practical and stylish, this tasteful item will blend wonderfully with your home interior. Our expert artisans handcraft Malin using upcycled teak wood, which emanates a deeply rich color, subsequently making this piece a homely adornment to your bedroom.

  4. Ava - Nightstand

    Our delightfully retro Ava is an ergonomic nightstand that features a dual compartment, granting you the freedom to organize your items in a way that best suits you. Ava encapsulates the essence of mother nature, making this the perfect piece to style alongside your plants and flowers.

  5. Fiby - Bedside Table

    Reminiscent of the 1970s, Fiby emits charm and quirkiness. This unique bedside table radiates boho spirit that will enlighten your resting space. Fiby features smoothly curved edges and graceful handwoven detailing, giving your room a playful yet classic feeling.

How To Style Your Rattan Side Table

Rattan is a phenomenally generous material that can be styled in a variety of fascinating ways. We have curated a list of our favourite ways to adorn a rattan side table, to help inspire your interior artistry.

  • Headboards: Accompany your bedside table with one of our rattan headboards to fortify a cohesive bohemian home interior.

    Our Elina Headboard is a truly theatrical statement piece that will effortlessly blend with any bedside table.

  • Photo Frames: Photos add sentimental value to your home. Embellishing your living space with photos of friends and family will manifest the comforting sensation of love.

    Decorate your side table with one of our photo frames, designed to protect and encapsulate your special moments.

  • Jewelry Box: Keeping your jewelry by your bedside table offers convenience, especially for those nights when you finally settle into bed and realize you forgot to undress your accessories!

    Our handcrafted jewelry boxes offer both organization and decorative decadence, so you may store your precious treasures safely and fashionably.

  • Candles: Igniting candles around your sanctuary will attract tranquility, allowing you to unwind and meditate after a long day. Nightstands and end tables make superb platforms for your candles to sit.

    We have composed an attractive collection of candle holders, specifically designed to encourage a radiant flow of luminosity.

  • Mirrors: Mirrors offer an enchanting illusion of openness. If you are short of space, but still wish to illuminate your room, add one of our spectacular mirrors.

    Available in a variety of organic colours and sizes, our mirrors will make an ideal companion for your rattan side table.

  • Plants: Our rattan side tables display neutral, mellow tones which gracefully embody the organic spirit of nature. Styling your piece with plants will create a magical verdant balance throughout your home.

    Explore our handmade plant stands, constructed to support your greenery and uplift your homes spirit.

  • Relaxation Chairs: If you are looking to invest in a larger item of comfort, explore our astonishing collection of consciously crafted seating furniture.

    We are proud to stock a rich variety of eco-friendly artisanal relaxation chairs such as daybeds, hanging chairs, sofas, and many more. Our personal favourite is Matilda, an innovative Papasan chair designed to swaddle you with restorative comfort.

Before You Go...

We sincerely hope that this article has opened your mind to the beauty of rattan, and inspired you to introduce one of our uniquely designed pieces into your haven.

We would like to gently encourage you to explore our full catalogue of handcrafted, eco-friendly furniture and décor at Mojo Boutique. If you require further inspiration, you may explore what other Mojo Boutique customers love. Discover our most wanted items.

In line with our fierce passion towards conscious consumerism, each piece is handmade-to-order to prevent waste and overproduction. As part of our ongoing gratitude towards all of our customers, we offer a pre-order discount on a selection of our furniture, so that we can deservedly reward you for making an eco-conscious purchase.

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