Top 7 Rattan Living Room Furniture Pieces

Rattan furniture provides an easy way to establish a calm, serene environment in your home. With a lightweight aesthetic and feel, indoor wicker furniture is a subtle addition that you can incorporate with various styles, from traditional to modern.

If you're looking for the top indoor rattan furniture pieces that encapsulate the relaxed, natural vibe of wicker, you're in the right place, as we have all the best options below!

Bespoke Rattan Lounge Chair

One of the easiest ways to incorporate rattan wicker into your living room is by selecting lounge chairs that use the material. The Mascha Lounge Chair is a cozy, inviting piece that draws visitors into your living room, ready to take a seat. With a functional and aesthetically pleasing design, The Mascha uses sustainably sourced, durable rattan to stand the test of time.

Boho Rattan Coffee Table

Having a centerpiece in your living room is an excellent way to create a focal point and functional room layout. The Ella Coffee Table injects boho appeal into your living room, consisting of robust rattan that holds the weight of any items you wish to display on your table.

As sustainable, natural materials have been used to create the Ella design; you can be confident your purchase has eco benefits while transforming your living room with a visually striking centerpiece that your family can sit around when spending time together.

The Ella Coffee Table has a geometric design that adds visual interest to even the most minimalistic living rooms, providing a defining feature of your living space while not being overly distracting, thanks to the neutral color scheme the design uses.

Natural Rattan Mirror

Adding a mirror to your living room is an excellent way to make your room appear lighter and more prominent due to the reflections a mirror provides. With the Amelia Mirror, you can opt for a totally relaxed effect by leaning the large frame against a wall and allowing it to stand free. Or, you can hang the mirror on the wall for a more balanced appearance.

Either way, Amelia provides the perfect opportunity to get creative and push the boundaries of living room furniture with a natural rattan frame that embodies the rustic, cozy feeling of boho styles. However, due to the neutral-toned design, you can incorporate the Amelia mirror with any interior style you wish!

Amelia Mirror

Artisanal Rattan Coffee Table

Hector is the ideal choice if you like a clean-cut, simple coffee table design. Consisting of woven rattan, the warm color scheme of this table adds a rustic, warm feeling to any living room, perfect for communal socializing.

The sturdy surface provides room to place and store items with ease, whether you wish to add decorative items or everyday essentials such as drinks. Our design uses sustainably sourced, robust rattan with longevity, ensuring your living room has a beautiful bespoke coffee table for years.

Wooden Storage Trunk

Although a storage trunk isn't the most obvious addition to a living room, it's a great way to add practicality and a multi-functional furniture piece to your room.

The Noam Storage Trunk provides a visually appealing way of storing items, with a high-quality, durable design that has been sustainably made. Tuck it into the corner of your living room for an organized effect, or place adjacent to your seating area for a more relaxed outlook. No matter where you place the Noam storage trunk, you can be sure that the durable, woven rattan design will enforce a rustic style that oozes warmth and beauty.

Iconic Rustic Wooden Lounge Chair

The Satai Lounge Chair is the ideal example of how a chair design can impact a space. With a contemporary, rustic appearance, the Satai is both comfortable and visually appealing, ensuring it is an excellent addition to a living room.

While the chair's design is captivating on its own, it looks particularly striking when placed next to a focal point, such as a coffee table. The warm neutral tones look great with various interiors. Still, contemporary styles that use minimalistic color palettes are best suited, enabling you to immerse yourself in the endearing boho style fully.

As with our furniture, the Satai lounge chair is made from sustainably sourced rattan, intricately designed by highly skilled Indonesian artisans who inject tradition and culture into each piece.

Handmade Wooden Light

Although rattan is a gentle addition to home interiors, it's entirely possible to add a striking effect to your living room with specific design elements. Our Mira Light is an excellent example of this, with an innovative design that'll grab the attention of everyone that enters your home.

Mira is designed from sustainable rattan and has several sized wooden rings that make up its artistic appearance. The intricate design is paired with neutral, rustic tones that ensure the rattan feel isn't lost while establishing a creative vibe to your home.

As light peaks through each ring, warm tones will land across your living room, creating the perfect ambiance for socializing and relaxing. With sustainably sourced rattan and eco-friendly design processes, the Mira light has everything you could wish for.

Final Thoughts

Rattan furniture provides an excellent opportunity to achieve a specific design style in your home, whether you intend to create a relaxed atmosphere with neutral tones or are drawn to attractive wooden designs with bespoke qualities.

At Mojo Boutique, our rattan furniture pieces are sustainably made by local Indonesian artisan communities, ensuring your rattan furniture is like no other you can find. Each piece has been designed with love and care, making it perfect for the endearing boho style that hones in on life's relaxed, charming parts.


What Pieces of Furniture Go in a Living Room?

A traditional living room layout includes seating furniture such as sofas and chairs, a communal coffee table, lighting, rugs, and wall art. Homeowners can get creative with their arrangements and add other pieces, but it's common to find similar layouts in most homes that follow a specific aesthetic.

What Brings a Living Room Together?

Deciding on a theme for your living room can help bring your space to life, whether by choosing specific materials that deliver a particular style or selecting distinct layouts. Rattan furniture is great for establishing a relaxed interior, which can be brought to life with substantial lighting and neutral tones.

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