What Is a Boho Aesthetic Room?

The boho-inspired aesthetic is sure to make a room feel enchanting, with endearing furniture and decor that injects culture and a free-spirited nature into your home. The bohemian style has grown in popularity over recent years, with decorators falling in love with the creative, carefree design.

If you're looking for a way to improve your home's interior, we're here to help. In this guide, we'll detail the best ways to achieve the bohemian aesthetic, from essential furniture to the best ways of elevating comfort.

What Is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style is inspired by quirky room decor, using natural materials and culturally inspired pieces to produce unique interiors. The style often goes one of two ways: establishing an eclectic, vibrant boho style or opting for minimal, modern boho elements that create a calm, serene feeling.

No matter which boho decorating route you choose, we recommend considering eco-friendly furniture that encapsulates the forward-thinking approach of boho. Bespoke furniture is often enriched with culture and handcrafted techniques that bring boho interior design styles to life in the most authentic way.

To help you achieve a boho aesthetic room, we've laid out some pivotal points for consideration when decorating to ensure you reach your styling goals.

Boho Colors and Textures

Boho styles are unconventional, so many color schemes incorporate uncommon color combinations for a striking visual effect. However, as this aesthetic aims to make visitors feel welcome, warm earthy tones are particularly popular as they create a comforting, rustic feeling.

To allow boho shades to pop and stand out truly, many minimalistic approaches pair white and neutral color palettes with a few vibrant decor pieces to ensure the overall aesthetic isn't overpowering. Another great way to achieve boho room decor is by selecting furniture incorporating various textures and traditional cultural techniques, creating a free-spirited effect without going overboard.

Rattan furniture is an excellent example of this, with the handwoven techniques creating a unique and eye-catching appearance that blends well with both minimalistic and creative boho decor. Additionally, rattan is a material that can be sustainably sourced, with our rattan furniture using lianas that are cut at specific lengths to promote regrowth. Our furniture is created by local Indonesian artisans that use traditional techniques for beautiful effects.

Going hand in hand with rattan is wood, with wooden furniture being particularly popular with establishing an inviting, rustic boho aesthetic. You can opt for lighter wooden furniture for a more peaceful and tranquil effect or select teak wood for rich, deep shades that add contrast to your home's interior.

Bohemian Furniture

One of the essential parts of creating a boho-styled room or home is selecting furniture that completes your desired effect. We briefly touched upon textures of wood and rattan being great for boho styles, but what furniture includes these materials?

Luckily, rattan and wooden furniture are incredibly popular, so most essential furniture items can be found with these materials. Items such as chairs, tables, mirrors, storage trunks, and lamps are popular pieces for various rooms, and all of these items are available in rattan and wooden versions.

The main goal with boho furniture is for each piece to tell a story. Whether you select a table from a vintage market or find bespoke wooden chairs, each piece of furniture should bring character to your home and celebrate creativity.

Creating a boho aesthetic should be fun, so don't be afraid to push the boundaries with unique furniture! Light fixtures are a great way to incorporate eye-catching boho furniture into your home, with striking designs that captivate attention while adding to the unconventional interior style.

This Handmade Wooden Light is a boho furniture piece that utilizes sustainable materials while following a unique design. Sustainable rattan is handwoven into intricate wooden rings to create this striking light, perfect for achieving a similar effect to an extravagant wall hanging without selecting bright colors that some homeowners may want to avoid.

When sticking with the peaceful side of the Bohemian aesthetic, it's best to choose lighter furniture shades, similar to the light detailed above. Another example of a boho furniture piece is the Artisanal Coffee Table, exuding serene charm ideal for incorporating minimalistic boho styles and more artistically driven renditions.

As Boho decor bends the norms of many interior design styles, you can get creative and place your furniture in unique positions. Boho aims to create a comfortable, inviting feeling, so finding laid-back positions that make you want to take a seat is essential. Whether you adorn your seating area with throws and refreshing patterns or find larger cushions that help you kick back in style, boho is the perfect style to focus on comfort.

Boho Bedroom Aesthetic

To provide you with the complete boho fantasy, we'll detail how you can achieve a boho chic bedroom in four simple steps.

Step 1: Color Scheme

As you'll now know, the boho aesthetic creates a laid-back environment by choosing specific furniture, colors, and textures. When it comes to boho bedroom decor ideas, one of our favorite concepts is to select wooden furniture pieces with a minimalistic color scheme that enables you to step away from the busy nature of everyday life into a serene environment perfect for sleeping.

As much of the boho furniture you select will be neutral, brown shades, choosing complementary neutral shades such as cream, ivory, and white for wall colors and bedding can look impactful. You can then inject vibrancy by adding plants and wall art of rustic shades to bring your bedroom to life.

Step 2: Choose a Layout

As the goal is for your bedroom to be relaxing, choosing a layout that optimizes your space and ensures your room doesn't feel cluttered is essential. An excellent way to select a structure is by deciding on your furniture and considering the focal points.

For example, the main furniture focal point in a bedroom will be the bed, with smaller pieces accompanying it. It's best to position your bed in an area that optimizes space by putting the headboard against a wall, either in a central placement or tucked into a corner. 

From here, you can place bedside tables on the side of the bed, with chairs and storage such as wardrobes filling up the rest of your space.

Step 3: Select Furniture

Your furniture should work harmoniously to create a laid-back environment that looks cohesive. You can achieve this by selecting specific color schemes, textures, and materials for your furniture that blend together.

With boho bedrooms, selecting natural materials, such as wood, that create a sophisticated and relaxing environment is popular. Vintage and upcycled furniture adds a distinct aura to your bedroom and can help inject character, unlike first-hand, modern wood that can sometimes lack the rusticness that the boho style requires.

Step 4: Focus on Comfort

The bedroom should be the most comfortable area of your home, so it's essential to consider how you can achieve this. As much of your furniture will likely consist of wood, adding blankets and soft cushioning will help to establish a more comfortable environment while completing your desired aesthetic.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a boho bedroom or inject a boho aesthetic throughout your home, choosing an interior design theme is a great way to explore your preferred design styles and incorporate unique characteristics into your living space to establish a sense of individualism.

Boho is a popular design style, so you can be confident that following this aesthetic will ensure your home is trendy and relaxing. Additionally, you can support good causes, as much boho furniture is upcycled and sustainable, helping your home be both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


How Do You Make a Boho Aesthetic?

The best way to establish a boho aesthetic is by merging natural shades and textures for a relaxing, free-spirited appearance. Focussing on natural light and elevating these sources using natural materials such as wood can help create a boho aesthetic, with house plants and wood looking particularly striking when combined.

What is Boho Style in Furniture?

Boho furniture consists of natural, sustainable materials centered around creativity and artistic expression. Often, boho home interiors use upcycled and vintage furniture to create the desired effect, as these pieces have more character, going perfectly with boho styles.

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