Why Choose Authentic Furniture Products?

With so many furniture styles on the market, it can take time to determine which products are the best. Knock-offs are incredibly popular with many consumers, as they can convey a specific style with a lower price tag, which is particularly great for those on a budget. But do they compare to authentic styles?

In this article, we'll delve into the benefits of authentic furniture products that make them the best choice.

Handmade Furniture is More Unique

There's no better compliment than when someone tells you they've never visited a home quite like yours, and handmade furniture provides the perfect opportunity to include truly captivating pieces that make your home a unique living space.

As handmade furniture involves various techniques and will be designed by a skilled artisan, each piece has its own story and character. From a dining table made from upcycled wood with beautiful markings to bespoke mirrors with eye-catching frames, handmade furniture provides visually striking pieces that elevate your home's interior.

Authentic Designs Go Hand in Hand With Natural Furniture

Natural furniture is often designed from robust materials that last for years, ensuring you have sustainable pieces that can be kept for generations. Usually, knock-offs fade and deteriorate within a few years of purchasing, therefore not being cost-effective or eco-friendly. Instead, investing in more expensive, bespoke furniture that withstands wear and tear is wise.

Support Artisans

Investing in authentic, original furniture pieces is one of the best ways to support artisans who dedicate their lives to delivering exceptional craftsmanship. At Mojo Boutique, we work directly with Indonesian artisans who inject character into each piece for unique, eye-catching results. We know the maker behind every furniture product produced, ensuring we have a great relationship with our talented craftspeople.

Every product bought at Mojo Boutique supports the livelihood of the local artisans we work with, enabling them to make a fair living doing what they love while supporting the local economy and bypassing unethical sweatshops and production techniques.

Authentic Furniture Companies Strive For Better Conditions

It's more common for companies that mass produce furniture to use materials that aren't eco-friendly, and working conditions are often worse than smaller companies that work with artisans. Authentic furniture usually consists of recycled and upcycled furniture, providing results that are both aesthetically pleasing and kind to the environment.

Final Thoughts

Although bigger furniture corporations often provide cheap options for consumers, these products aren't cost-effective in the long haul as they're more likely to break due to not being crafted with the same care and quality as authentic pieces.

Instead, investing in long-lasting, authentic pieces crafted from sustainable materials that look and feel great is best. This way, not only are you supporting local artists, but you are also investing in eco-friendly practices.


What is Authentic Furniture?

Authentic furniture is made from high-quality wood that feels and looks wonderful. Often, these pieces will only consist of a few pieces and won't include excessive metal or any unnecessary additions, as the craftsmanship and high-quality materials speak for themself. 

How Can You Tell if Furniture is Quality?

High-quality furniture uses excellent materials to deliver exceptional quality that cheaper plastics and knock-offs can't provide. Additionally, quality furniture feels robust and can withstand wear and tear, often with unique markings that create a bespoke feel.

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