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Dining Room Lamps

Gathering with loved ones to enjoy a nourishing meal is an incredibly sacred time. The lighting you choose to enjoy these precious moments can alter the ambience of your dining room. 

We acknowledge how important lighting can be when enjoying a meal or relaxing in your dining space, which is why we have thoughtfully designed and handcrafted our entire selection of dining room lamps, to magnify the warmth and contentment that is evoked by enjoying a meal with friends and family. 

Whether you are enjoying a romantic meal, catching up with friends, getting messy with the little ones or hosting a dinner party, our lamps are crafted to compliment all kinds of moments, ensuring your dining space is perfectly suited to any occasion. 

How To Style Your Sustainable Dining Room Lamp

At Mojo Boutique, we reject short lived trends to ensure our bespoke pieces never go out of style. Our entire collection of dining room lamps embody the simplicity of purist design and the earthy artistry of bohemia, to ensure you welcome a stylistically versatile, yet stunning, lamp into your dining room. 

Because our lamps are crafted using natural materials provided by our Earth, they radiate neutral, warm tones which are reminiscent of mother nature's organic beauty. This not only ensures our designs are aesthetically pleasing, but also provides you with a piece which will harmoniously fit into any dining room space, regardless of your existing interior décor.

You may style your dining room lamp with some finer details to subtly uplift your space. Inviting nature into your home is a fantastic way of elevating any interior space. Our talented artisans have specially created our handwoven plant stands to support your verdure and compliment your furniture. 

If you have space on your walls, you can adorn them with our variety of vibrant wall decor, which is purposefully made to add character and charm to your abode. 

Alternatively, if you are seeking a larger item to style with your lamp, you can discover our full collection of dining room furniture. Our rustic dining tables are sustainably crafted with upcycled wood which emanates a rich glow that gracefully coordinates with our artisanal lamps.

You can accompany our dining tables with our contemporary dining chairs, which are available in an assortment of unique silhouettes, and feature organic cotton cushioning for a truly cozy dining experience. 

What Is the Best Material for Dining Room Lamps?

The strength and elegance of nature's offerings inspire all our design ideas, here at Mojo Boutique, which is why we produce our dining lamps using the most robust materials found throughout our Earth. 

Our favorite material for crafting dining room lamps is rattan. Rattan is part of the palm family and is native to our planet’s tropical regions, including Indonesia, where our gifted craftspeople reside. 

This material is capable of growing hundreds of meters in length, at a significantly faster pace than most tropical wood, making it an efficient resource. To ensure we sustainably harvest our rattan, we refrain from cutting stems prematurely, so they are able to re-sprout. 

Rattan is exceptionally malleable, making it perfect for handweaving alluring patterns and textures. Our Intricate Rattan Lampshade is a wonderful example of how our passionate artisans can transform this material into a breathtaking work of art. 

To ensure you receive a holistically bohemian and non-toxic item, we never use any artificial curing agents or coloring during the final stages of production. Because our dining room lamps are unrefined, they project the naturally soft glow of rattan, which can flawlessly marry with your wooden furniture.


What Lighting Is Best for a Bohemian Dining Room Lamp? 

We recommend accompanying your dining room lamp with a soft, warm-toned light bulb. The golden hues of a warm bulb will complement your bohemian lamp, ensuring a homely, cozy dining experience. To enhance the versatility of your lamp, you can install a dimmable light bulb. 

Where Should I Place My Dining Room Lamp? 

To optimize the functionality of your dining area, you can place your lamp above your dining table. This will project a warm downward glow, enabling all members enjoying a meal to see their food and each other. 


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