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Boho Chic Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the most communal, welcoming features you can place in a room. You can get creative with your design, adding different elements to truly get your aesthetic choice across, or select a table that does all the talking on its own. 

Our coffee table collection provides multiple excellent options that perfectly encapsulate the boho chic aesthetic, using natural materials that establish a calming atmosphere ideal for kicking back and enjoying your morning coffee or welcoming guests to sit around. How to Achieve a Boho Chic Coffee Table Aesthetic

Whether you place your coffee table in your sitting room or another area of your home, chances are you want to create an inviting and pleasant place to sit. The boho chic aesthetic is the perfect solution, providing a playful table that adds warmth and calming energy to your home.

The best way to achieve the boho chic aesthetic is by selecting a table that uses natural materials, such as our Boho Rattan Coffee Table. Handcrafted in Indonesia, our design uses sustainable rattan to deliver a product bursting with boho charm. This model is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, enabling you to create a serene atmosphere in your garden or a focal point of your home

Despite being a harmonious, neutral table, the intriguing pattern of the table’s sides adds a visually striking element to your space with minimal effort required to deliver this exciting aesthetic. 

You can add decorations, such as house plants, paired with minimalist color schemes to elevate the boho style of your home. Another popular trend seen with boho interiors is to have various textures, which can be achieved with our rattan coffee table, as the unique pattern and woven rattan add visual interest to even the most neutral of spaces.


Where to Find a Wooden Boho Chic Coffee Table

If you aim to create a calming boho chic aesthetic in your home, finding a wooden table will be a great way to achieve this. At Mojo Boutique, we use sustainably sourced wood full of character, perfect for adding an endearing boho aesthetic to your home.

Take our Artisanal Rattan Coffee Table, for example. This design features natural woven rattan that blends warm tones with striking woven textures for visual intrigue while being extremely durable, thanks to the robust weaving techniques used by our artisans. 

Boho chic is also apparent in our Unique Natural Coffee Table, which captures the elegance of the aesthetic while also looking incredibly individual due to the interesting woven rattan pattern which follows a circular shape. Coming in large and small sizes, you can choose whether to add a small feature to your boho living room or go all out with a bigger size.

The main material used for our coffee tables is rattan, which isn’t only excellent when aiming to achieve a boho aesthetic due to its lightweight, natural appearance, but also provides a durable design. We source our rattan from plantations, working with harvesters who cut the lianas at a specific time to ensure the stems can re-sprout, and we follow eco-friendly practices.


What is the primary purpose of a coffee table?

Coffee tables provide a communal place to sit around that differs from a large dining table. With a coffee table, you can place items on it to achieve a practical yet homely look or be more selective with the items you put on it to prevent clutter.

What is boho chic? 

Boho chic is influenced by relaxed, Bohemian styles that often feature free-spirited designs that mix textures and materials to provide a calming and exotic appearance. Natural materials such as rattan are popular with this interior style due to their unique woven appearance that looks great with various colors.


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