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Boho Room Divider

Whether you want to create a feature wall or a private nook in your space, you’ll love our eclectic and charming boho room divider. Versatility is the name of the game with this decorative and functional statement piece - you can make your room unique while creating sections!

Our boho furniture speaks to your free spirit, and we adore the authentic and rustic boho aesthetic - and you can see the love we’ve poured into this collection! We take pride in helping you create a charming, cozy space that emulates your wild heart.

The Free-Spirited Nature Of Boho Design

Boho design is playful bright, and brings a touch of natural decadence to your space. You can incorporate boho elements into a minimalist design to add a pop of intrigue, or you can get creative and create an eccentric space to reflect your funky personality.

The beauty of boho design is that it doesn’t need to match - you can create a beautiful space without adhering to a stringent color scheme. Thoughtful maximalism is the keyword of designing your boho space, so feel free to get carried away and fill your room with mismatched and vibrant designs that bring you joy!

Boho design incorporates artwork, textiles, and decorative objects. The more trinkets, incense burners, and candle lanterns you have, the better. Who said intentional clutter wasn’t on trend? Order online from our boho divider collection to uplift and create intrigue in your space.

How To Style Our Boho Room Dividers

Our boho room dividers make the perfect rattan statement piece to liven up a bare minimalist room, or they can add to the charm of your maximalist space. If you have a corner looking a little sparse, our boho room divider is a great way to utilize and beautify this space. 

You might pair our boho room dividers with similar rattan coffee tables, adorned with gold home accessories to create a warm and inviting space. Or, you might pair them with a variety of orange, pink, or tan-hue boho textiles to create a lively, intricate, and maximal space for your home.

With our rattan lounge chairs, you’ll have the complete set for your living room. From there, you can choose whether to keep things minimal with cream, white, and beige decor or to go wild and have fun with outlandish patterns, textures, and colors.

How We Ensure Our Boho Room Dividers Are 100% Sustainable

In the true boho spirit, we love nature and carefully consider our impact on the environment and planet. For this reason, we support our artisans and their communities while adhering to a strict ethical code, ensuring our products are 100% sustainable.

How we source our materials is sustainable and uses old furniture that would otherwise be discarded. We source our wood from upcycling old teakwood and driftwood furniture, providing beautiful furniture pieces without taking any of Mother Nature’s resources. Why throw something away that has such gorgeous potential?

To prevent overproduction and industry waste, our artisans are commissioned to create furniture pieces on a demand basis when you purchase online. We'll work on it immediately when you order a boho room divider from us. Our workers have a healthy, happy environment without strict regimes or production deadlines.

Our rattan and bamboo materials are grown mindfully and ethically without using harmful pesticides or pollutants that could harm the environment. And, when we harvest these crops, we do so in a way that ensures they can resprout and flourish again in the future.

And, when we send our products to you, we don’t use plastic packaging. We use recycled materials that minimize plastic waste in landfills. Although there’s not much we can do to manage the CO2 emissions of shipping our products, we take every precaution to ensure our practices are as sustainable as possible.

We support River Hydro Power in Indonesia and have a tree-planting scheme for each order we receive. We also support Solar Energy in Thailand and Safe Water Supply in Rwanda. We carefully counterbalance our environmental impact with sustainable contributions, allowing both our company and our customers to enjoy beautiful furniture without a guilty conscience.


What Can I Use A Divider For?

A divider is a genuinely versatile statement piece. You can use it to provide shade in a brightly lit room, or you can use it to create a small private nook within a larger space. You might simply use it as a statement piece to fill an empty corner in your home!

What’s The Difference Between Boho And Rustic Design?

Rustic interior design is centered around using natural materials, sometimes featuring raw and unprocessed pieces of wood. On the other hand, Boho design sometimes features these elements but has a whimsical, maximalist, and romantic feel.

Where Should I Put My Divider?

Divider placement depends on where you need privacy or shade. You can section off a portion of your room, such as a dressing area or bathtub. Or, you can place it in front of a window to provide shade and cool a room down. If you’re using your divider as a statement piece, placing it in a corner or beside your central furniture piece is ideal.


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