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Dining with your dearest friends and family is an intimate and sacred time where new memories are born and love is shared. At Mojo Boutique, we understand the importance of dining which is why we created our stunning rustic collection of rattan dining chairs. 

Rattan is an organic material which perfectly encapsulates the warmth and solace of Mother Nature. This beautifully versatile material can fit into any home aesthetic, adding a playful touch of texture and bohemian style. Our rattan dining chairs don’t just make beautiful accents, but are exceptionally comfortable too!

Each rattan dining chair in our collection has been mindfully designed and meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care, ensuring longevity and comfort. If you are seeking new, sustainable dining room furniture, we warmly invite you to discover our entire range today.

How We Make Our Rattan Dining Chairs

Sustainability and ethical practice is ingrained into the heart and soul of Mojo Boutique. Like all our furniture and decor, every piece in our rattan dining chair collection has been responsibly crafted to ensure we treat our beloved craftspeople with the love and respect they deserve and don’t disrupt our Earth’s natural environment. 

During the initial harvesting stage of production, we ensure our rattan is grown and cut responsibly. We work closely with harvesters to ensure we don’t prematurely chop rattan stems, so they can re-sprout and be used again. 

During the crafting stage of production, we ensure we maintain an open line of communication with our gifted hand-weavers to maintain transparency and ensure their happiness. 

Unlike mass-produced furniture which is made in unethical factories, we empower our artisans to work at a steady pace that suits them. This means our rattan dining chairs are made-to-order, enabling our team to channel all their positive energy into your precious order, so you receive a flawless, everlasting item. 

Our slow production methods additionally help us keep waste to a minimum, which helps us make a positive impact on our planet.

To ensure you can welcome a slice of nature into your home, we preserve the natural state of our materials during the final stages of production. This means we don’t use any artificial or harmful colorants or curing agents that would otherwise disrupt the rustic essence of our rattan pieces. 

Why We Craft With Rattan

Rattan is part of the palm family and is found growing in the tropical regions of South-east Asia, Africa and Australia. Because rattan climbs up tree trunks and branches, it’s considered a liana, or a ‘woody vine’.

We love using rattan to craft our items as it’s an exceptionally renewable material that can be fully grown and harvested in the space of two years. It’s not just easy to grow, but also easy to transport because of its impressively lightweight and fibrous structure. These qualities combine to make rattan one of nature’s most sustainable materials. 

Because rattan is lightweight and flexible, it can be easily hand-woven into a work of art. The sacred practice of handweaving rattan has been around for centuries, making it a timeless method of crafting. 

Our talented handweaving experts produce breathtaking patterns with rattan, as reflected throughout our rattan dining chair collection, which create charming textures that will gracefully uplift your home’s interior. 

Although it’s undeniable beauty, rattan doesn’t just serve an aesthetic purpose. This material is extremely robust, especially when tightly woven, and can serve your home for many lifetimes!

How To Create a Stunning Boho Dining Experience With Our Rattan Dining Chairs

Because our rattan dining chairs are not artificially colored, they emanate purity and neutral tones. This makes our chairs the perfect accompaniment to your dining room, as their organic aura will subtly uplift your existing interior. 

For the ultimate boho dining experience, you may choose to style our rattan dining chairs with some organic cotton cushions and throws. To create a harmonious environment, you can add a selection of our rattan decor pieces, such as our handwoven candle holders, earthy plant stands, and warming lampshades


Do Rattan Dining Chairs Last?

Rattan is amongst the strongest of Mother Nature’s offerings. Because our artisans craft each rattan dining chair slowly, we can confidently assure longevity with every purchase. To ensure your item lasts, we recommend you avoid using any abrasive chemicals to clean your items as they can weaken the rattan’s strength, and instead, use a damp cloth to wipe your chairs. 

Is There a Difference Between Wicker and Rattan?

Although often confused as the same thing, rattan and wicker actually have two different meanings. Rattan is the natural material we use to craft our furniture, while wicker is an ancient handweaving practice which our artisans still use today. 

Are Rattan Chairs Comfy?

Our rattan dining chairs are remarkably comfortable. We have consciously designed each model to provide ergonomic support that cocoons you with warmth and easement. To further ensure our pieces are supportive, we have additionally included organic cotton cushioning. 


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