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Nightstands are essential bedroom items that provide you with an abundance of convenience. We have curated a mesmerizing selection of sustainably and ethically handcrafted rattan nightstands, which have been mindfully designed to enliven your sanctuary’s interior and promote the functionality of your bedroom. 

We warmly invite you to explore our full selection of rattan nightstands that are available to pre-order and purchase today!

Why We Use Rattan to Craft our Nightstand Collection

Natural rattan is one of nature’s strongest and most renewable materials, making it perfect for crafting furniture. This versatile plant is a type of woody vine, commonly referred to as a liana. This means rattan is a flexible material that grows hundreds of meters in length at a rapid pace. 

Because rattan is impressively flexible and lightweight, it is perfect for weaving intricate designs, such as wicker. Because of its malleable qualities, our team of expert artisans love crafting our nightstands with rattan, to create mesmerizing designs that will undoubtedly add unique charm to your bedroom. 

When creating our nightstands, we take every measure to ensure we preserve the unique characteristics of rattan to capture the soothing essence of Mother Nature. This means our creations emanate a natural and inviting glow which can create a stunning boho statement in your bedroom. 

How We Ensure Our Rattan Nightstands are 100% Sustainable

Like all our creations at Mojo Boutique, we have implemented every eco-conscious effort to ensure our rattan nightstands are 100% sustainable. 

We effectively offset our carbon footprint by supporting a series of planet positive projects, including River Hydro Power in Indonesia, Solar Energy in Thailand, and Safe Water Supply in Rwanda. This means you get to purchase stunning, guilt-free furniture that makes a positive impact on our earth!

Aside from preserving our planet, we also ensure the livelihood of our beloved craftspeople is preserved. We collaborate closely with our team of expert artisans to ensure their happiness and uphold complete transparency. This means no shady subcontracting, and no unfair treatment. Additionally, to ensure our craftspeople maintain a healthy work/life balance, and to prevent unnecessary waste during production, our rattan nightstands are built-to-order. This also enables our makers to channel all their love and positive energy into your order, so you receive a flawless creation. Find out more about our sustainable and ethical practices here

How to Create the Perfect Boho Bedroom with Our Rattan Nightstand Collection

To gracefully adorn your bedroom and create a harmonious interior, we recommend placing our rattan nightstands on either side of your bed frame. 

To add a personal touch of character to your space, you can decorate your nightstand with various items that reflect your individuality. For instance, you may choose to create a mini gallery of your most cherished memories with our selection of handcrafted rustic photo frames.

If you wish to match your bed to your rattan nightstand, we recommend exploring our selection of rattan headboards, which are specially handwoven to add playful texture to your bedroom. 


What is the Best Material for a Nightstand?

Natural materials make beautiful, long lasting nightstands. At Mojo Boutique we use a combination of rattan, bamboo and upcycled wood to create our furniture, as these are among the most sustainable, robust, and visually stunning materials to craft furniture with. 

Do You Really Need a Nightstand? 

Many people value nightstands as essential furniture pieces. They serve as a surface for resting your bedtime essentials, such as drinks, alarm clocks, and books. Nightstands also provide an effective storage solution where you can store your prized possessions. 

Our selection of rattan nightstands aren’t just functional vessels that can safely store your items, but also serve as beautiful accent pieces that will elevate your bedroom's interior. 

What is the Difference Between a Bedside Table and a Nightstand?

Although bedside tables and nightstands are often seen as interchangeable furniture items, they do share many similarities and serve a similar purpose. The key difference between a nightstand and bedside table is size. Nightstands are typically lower and smaller than bedside tables and often feature drawers. 


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