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Nightstands are essential furniture items that have the power to elevate the convenience of your bedroom. From safely storing your bedtime essentials to creating an ornamental display with your favorite trinkets and photos, there are many ways a nightstand can serve and benefit you.

At Mojo Boutique, we value the importance of creating a functional yet stylish bedroom, which is why we have designed a bespoke selection of wooden nightstands that are purposefully handcrafted to accommodate your needs and serve as a beautiful decorative statement in your special sanctuary. 

We graciously welcome you to explore our delightful wooden nightstand collection to find your perfect match.

How We Craft Our Sustainable Wooden Nightstand Collection

At Mojo Boutique, we are devoted to preserving the beauty and purity of our Earth’s natural environment, which is why we strictly abide by ethical and eco-conscious practices throughout every stage of production. 

Each creation sold at our boutique has been meticulously handcrafted by our beloved team of expert artisans using sustainable methods and materials, to ensure our items don’t have a negative impact on the environment. 

We use salvaged wood to build our collection of wooden nightstands. This means we save old wooden items (such as boats and furniture) from being scrapped, providing it with a new life. As part of our upcycling process, our artisans sand down and strip the salvaged wood of any preservative chemicals to reveal the delicate natural textures. 

This refreshes the wood, making it look brand new and ready for crafting. The best element about repurposing old wood is that it reduces waste and keeps perfectly usable materials in rotation. 

Once the wood is prepared for production our gifted craftspeople begin working their magic. To ensure our team is not overloaded with large production batches, and to keep waste to a minimum, each nightstand is made-to-order. 

Our slow production methods enables our craftspeople to channel all their attention and positive energy into your precious order, ensuring you receive a flawless item. 

Once your order is ready it is wrapped in plastic-free packaging and shipped to your front door. We take full accountability for any CO2 emitted during the transportation process of your order, which is why we have implemented several offsetting efforts.

To ensure we effectively compensate our planet, we calculate our carbon footprint and accordingly support various exciting conservation projects, including reforestation, Solar Energy in Thailand, River Hydro Power in Indonesia, and more!

How to Use Your Wooden Nightstand 

Our delectable variety of wooden nightstands can serve your bedroom in a variety of ways. Within our curated collection, you will find a combination of unique designs suited to various interior tastes, including boho-chic, mid-century modern, and purism. Here are some ways you can use our charming wooden nightstands: 

  • As a storage solution: Our wooden nightstands can be used as vessels to safely store your precious possessions. We have designed each silhouette to provide you with discrete and safe storage space, enabling you to declutter your room and protect any important items you may have. 
  • As an accent piece: Each wooden nightstand in our collection is designed to incorporate the artistry of our talented craftspeople, providing you with an eye-catching statement piece that will undoubtedly uplift your bedroom's interior. 
  • As a display: Our wooden nightstands feature spacious surfaces that are perfect for displaying your favorite photo frames, plants, candles, and so forth. This is a wonderful way of personalizing your wooden nightstand! 


Should a Nightstand Be Lower Than My Bed? 

The top surface of your nightstand should be level with your mattress to ensure you can easily reach for your necessities. We recommend taking accurate measurements of your bed’s height to help you refine your search for the perfect nightstand. 

What’s the Best Material for a Nightstand? 

Wood is among the best materials for a nightstand. Wood lasts significantly longer than artificial materials, and presents a multitude of elegantly rich textures and tones, suited to all kinds of interior aesthetics. 

How Many Nightstands Should I Have in My Bedroom?

The general rule of thumb is to have two nightstands, placed either side of your bed frame. This will create a balanced interior, and offers you additional convenience. If your room has restricted space, it may be best to incorporate one nightstand into your bedroom, to avoid feeling cramped and restricted.  


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