Best Selling Boho Living Room Furniture of 2023

Bohemian decor is as popular today as it has been for years. This timeless aesthetic represents a blend of cultures existing harmoniously, creating appealing and eclectic interiors. If you're a boho enthusiast, you'll enjoy our roundup of the best-selling boho living room pieces this year.

If you love decorating with a boho theme, you'll see many pieces you love on this list. However, for those who don't know about Bohemian decor, we'll cover what you can expect from this aesthetic. Join us to explore the depths of 2023 boho furniture.

What is Boho Home Decor?

Bohemianism originates in the 1800s, taking the French word bohème to describe someone who lives a carefree, anti-establishment lifestyle. Bohemians value simple living and turn away from excessive consumerism and lavish spending. For interior decoration, boho living incorporates a mix of cultures and styles together in each room.

Bohemian interiors rely heavily on natural elements like light pouring through large windows and greenery from potted plants. It's common for boho decor to use many patterns and colors in small accents, while neutral tones serve as a base palette. Furniture made in the Bohemian style uses natural materials like rattan, jute, wicker, and other woven fabrics.

A boho living room feels grounded, inviting, and warm. Bohemian living always focuses on creativity and community; its interior decor style reflects this ethos. Furthermore, Bohemian home decor represents artistic expression and individuality. Curating a living room that reflects your tastes and personality is a crucial part of the Bohemian experience.

Popular Boho Furniture in 2023

There are numerous archetypes of Bohemian furniture that are completely timeless. Popular year on year, they exemplify everything that people love about the aesthetic. This year, it's no surprise that the mainstays are consistently popular. Aside from them, what else is striking a chord with Bohemian fanatics this year? Read on to review the most popular furniture items for creating a boho living room in your home this year.


Rattan furniture is fundamental to creating a boho living room. Living room furniture made from rattan is hard-wearing and sturdy enough to be used inside or outside. Blurring the indoor/outdoor divide is typical of the boho decor style. A Bohemian living room space should feel like a contained jungle, with plants and natural materials forming a fantasy world.


Whether it's a rattan coffee table, sofa, or unique furniture items like trunks and room dividers, rattan is essential to capturing all things Bohemian. A boho coffee table establishes the theme for your living room furniture. Combining materials like rattan and glass in furniture like coffee tables or consoles effortlessly shows your Bohemian living room style.


Plants are an unendingly popular choice for boho room furniture. Green, representing the natural world, is at the core of most boho living room ideas. However, rather than using green furniture, many boho lovers prefer to use potted plants as decor. Get creative with your plants by choosing different sizes and displaying them differently. Small plants, like succulents and ferns, are perfect for a boho coffee table.

You can also hang planters from the ceiling or mount them on the wall. Bringing nature into your home is essential for a boho living room, and any blank space can easily become the new home for a houseplant. Monstera, cacti, bird of paradise, and palm plants are perfect for capturing the aesthetic.

Floor Pillows and Lounge Chairs

Inspired partially by the Japanese zabuton and many Muslim countries, floor pillows are thick and sturdy enough to be comfortable even on hardwood floors. A Bohemian living room needs lots of seating to emphasize community and togetherness. Rather than having one huge sofa, alternative lounge chairs are better for capturing the cultural mix of boho living.

Floor pillows create a more intimate setting for your living room, allowing guests to sit casually and unwind. Like most aspects of Bohemian furniture, various cultures have used floor pillows for centuries, and they're not going anywhere. Floor pillows are a versatile seating option because they're easy to arrange however you need them. They're perfect for hosting intimate wine parties in a boho haven.

How Can I Make My Living Room More Bohemian?

You know which products are popular for Bohemian living room furniture this year, but what changes can you make to capture the style in your home? Discover how to make the Bohemian living room of your dreams by embracing the core tenets of this decor style.

Layer Textiles and Patterns

One of the easiest ways to make your living room more Bohemian is to mix and match the textiles and patterns in your decor. Bohemian furniture is rarely ever plain, even if it's white or light-colored. Instead, the design of a rug, a chair, and a throw should all be different. Choose different patterns and textures to enhance visual depth in your pillows and poufs.

Bohemian living room furniture made from natural materials can also have intricate patterns. For example, a rattan room divider adds a warm accent with its color while elevating the aesthetics of the space with its overall design and shapes.

Discover Macramé

Macramé is a versatile craft that's perfect for curating a Bohemian living room. Bohemian wall hangings add art and texture to your space, generating a warm sense of cozy homeliness. You can find macramé decor in just about any color and design, making it easy to customize to your specific palette.

Adding some crafty touches to your Bohemian living room helps cement the style and make your home inviting. Art crafts like these have multicultural, global roots, making them perfect for Bohemian aesthetics. If you don't have space on the walls, consider macramé for coasters and other small table accessories.

Use Gentle Lighting

Finally, your Bohemian living room needs soft lighting to encapsulate the much-loved aesthetic perfectly. Avoid glaring overhead lighting or fluorescents; choose wooden lampshades with organic forms or wall sconces instead. Another way to bring light into your living space is to use candles or table lamps.


Soft lighting makes your room atmospheric and inviting for many uses. Whether you have a quiet night of reading under a cozy blanket in mind or you want to invite your nearest and dearest over to unwind together with some drinks, set the scene with Bohemian-approved lighting styles.

Thanks to increased interest in environmental awareness and sustainability, Bohemian decor is more relevant than ever. We believe in manufacturing sustainable Bohemian furniture that complements a living room without damaging the planet. Embrace your inner Bohemian and invest in stunning rattan furniture to complete your lounge.


When Did Bohemian Interior Design Start?

Bohemian decor first emerged in the 19th century in France. Influenced by Romani people and inspired to live free from privilege and aristocracy, Bohemians often engage in communal living. The interior design aesthetic grew from the desire to embrace nature and dismiss lavish consumerism.

Is Boho Still in Style in 2023?

It's safe to say that Bohemian decor never goes completely out of style. The design style began over 150 years ago and is still beloved worldwide today. Bohemian decor is especially popular this year with mid-century modern influences like organic-shaped furniture.

What Makes a Room Bohemian?

Certain features define a room as Bohemian. For example, mixed textures, colors, and designs on textiles like throws, rugs, and pillowcases underpin Bohemian aesthetics. Having a cultural mix of decoration also highlights a room as having Bohemian influences.

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