6 Key Elements of Modern Bohemian Style

Achieving boho aesthetic decor can be challenging, but as the style grows in popularity, many of us are finding ways to give it a go. Mid-century modern styles such as boho provide the perfect opportunity to show off your personality through exciting furniture design that makes your space feel homely and unique.

With the style originating in 19th century France, boho furniture and decorative house decor grew in popularity throughout the 20th century, with performers being some of the biggest supporters of the design style due to its flamboyance and ability to express their artistic lifestyle. Now, boho decorative design is a huge trend, allowing homeowners to elevate their interior style simply, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere while not lacking character.

To get you started with creating the modern bohemian style in your own home, we've compiled the top elements commonly seen when achieving the aesthetic.

1.  Neutral, Earthy Color Palettes

As bohemian decor centers around creating a cozy feeling, neutral tones are commonly seen throughout various versions of the style. Neutral shades are perfect for creating a relaxing environment, which you can break up by injecting occasional earthy tones such as rustic, deep browns, and foresty greens for added visual interest while not straying away from the boho aesthetic.

You can achieve this color palette by ensuring your walls consist of light neutrals, focusing on clean lines and symmetrical patterns. To create a boho space, focus on filling your room with natural materials, such as wood furniture and house plants, to create an ambient and rustic feeling.

2.  Unusual Textures and Furniture

While the boho aesthetic uses simplistic color palettes, it's best to add visual interest by incorporating unique textures and furniture pieces that enhance the free-spirited nature of your home's aesthetic.

Wooden and rattan furniture are great examples of this, as they have unique textures that create a contrast from the clean lines and neutrally toned wall designs you've made. Storage baskets are furniture ideal for adding functional texture to your home while establishing a great way to store items to declutter your space.

With a storage basket, you'll usually find its material consisting of rattan, providing a neutral, calm addition to your space that fits perfectly with other wooden furniture.

3.  Mirrors

Rooms designed to look boho should incorporate mirrors into their layout, as mirrors are an excellent way of adding natural light into a space. Additionally, mirrors can reflect light to make your room seem more significant, ensuring you create a living area perfect for relaxing. This is particularly great if you have a small living room, as mirrors can help you optimize the space you have at hand.

When selecting mirrors that align with your other bohemian furniture, choosing unique shapes is best, with wooden frames adding a subtle boho style. Depending on the space you have to work with, you could opt for a full-size mirror that stands freely for a modern, relaxed effect. Or, select a small, eye-catching mirror design for practical purposes while encapsulating the heart of boho.

4.  Striving for Sustainability

As bohemian design incorporates natural, nature-centric elements, it seems only fitting for those striving to achieve this aesthetic to consider investing in ethically sourced and crafted furniture. Not only is eco-friendly furniture better for the environment, but it actually fits better with boho styles as it's more likely to be handcrafted with bespoke detailing.

Finding vintage items that incorporate mid-century design can help to add character to your boho-styled home, or you could opt for finding sustainable businesses that work with artisans to deliver environmentally conscious pieces.

At Mojo Boutique, all our furniture pieces are handcrafted by talented Indonesian artisans. Our company supports local craftspeople while ensuring we upcycle and recycle solid wood such as teak to deliver unique, environmentally friendly furniture. Furthermore, as our furniture is designed and created here in Bali, our designs are ideal for boho aesthetics, injecting your home with a touch of Indonesian paradise.

5.  Creative Lighting

While you can elevate the natural light in your room by adding reflective decor such as mirrors, optimizing artificial light sources to fit your decor style is a good idea. Finding lamp shades that follow intricate, asymmetrical designs can add visual interest to your boho living room.

Our intricate rattan lampshade is designed for hanging over dining tables and communal areas, adding a focal design point that looks artistic. Adding natural, delicate textures to your living space is a great way to keep the boho spirit alive while not creating a chaotic, distracting style.

Of course, for boho aesthetic bedrooms, adding decorative, subtle lighting such as string lights can be a great way to elevate the cozy feeling in this area. This effect can also work well around seating areas and coffee tables, acting as one of the more modern pieces of the boho decor puzzle.

6. Keep Natural Elements At Heart

If you're starting your boho decor from scratch, it's best to focus on implementing as many types of natural furniture as possible. Generally, each room of your home will have a focal point, with smaller furniture items and decor surrounding it.

Take a bedroom, for example. Each bedroom will have a bed, nightstand, mirror, storage holder, and other additions to fill the space. Focus on finding a bed frame made from natural wood and selecting pieces that also use natural materials that fit cohesively next to the bed. You can add decor to inject character around each natural item, ensuring a seamless boho result.

Final Thoughts

Using natural materials and focusing on creating a cozy, relaxing home environment, you can easily create a boho home decor style that seamlessly shows off your personality and establishes a cohesive result.

If you're a new homeowner and worried about how expensive decorating your new home will be, boho provides the perfect opportunity to be recycled, vintage, and upcycled items that can be more cost-effective while looking striking. Use the steps we laid out above, and your home will look bohemian in no time!


What Are Some Aesthetic Room Ideas For Small Rooms?

If you have a small amount of space to work with, it's best to add large mirrors to reflect natural light across your room to give the appearance of a more significant area. Selecting neutral colors can further optimize this effect, delivering a relaxing pristine style, which can sometimes be challenging with smaller spaces.

Is Boho Still in Style 2023?

Although boho is a decor style that's been around for years, it's still trendy in 2023. With the rise of interest in house plants, we see more homeowners dipping their toes into boho decor, selecting natural materials full of character instead of plastic and artificial materials that can look industrial.

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