4 Custom Storage Bench Ideas

Storage benches may initially seem boring, but there is so much you can do with a storage bench to elevate your interior design! While reaping the aesthetic benefits, you are simultaneously decluttering your living space and offering an easy way for your family to get involved in tidying the house!

This article will take you through the best ideas for decorating your storage benches to provide a seamless design that serves a functional purpose while adding a sophisticated aesthetic to your home.

Choose Your Storage Bench Aesthetic

Of course, the first step of this process is to find a storage bench that fits in with the style of your house. For example, you could opt for deeper color schemes to add intensity and variation to your space or choose lighter boho styles to keep a relaxed and simple style in your house.

Once you have selected a storage bench that suits your style, you can start getting creative and considering ways to make your storage bench feel more special than a means of storing items. Here are some of our top recommendations for this;

Bedroom Bench

Often, when we think of storage benches, our minds immediately jump to keeping them in a hallway or veranda, but bedrooms can be a great area to put a storage bench. After all, many of us have wardrobes and drawers overflowing with items!

Storage benches can be used as a bay, most of which are built to hold human weight. Therefore, adding a storage bench that is comfy enough to sit on is an excellent way of incorporating a seat in your bedroom as well as a means of storing items; versatility is key.

Take the Sylvana Storage Trunk, an aesthetically pleasing storage bench that can transform into a cozy place to sit by adding blankets and cushions.

Storage Side Table

If you select a square bench that doesn't take up too much room, it could make for a perfect side table. While it is a less conventional way of using a storage bench, it can add a modern and chic feeling to a living area and deliver a customized style. Additionally, it will surprise your visitors when they find out that the sweet side table holding the family portrait is a storage bench too!

Traditional Storage Bench

You could always go down the more obvious choice of displaying your storage bench in the hallway and making it apparent that it is a way of storing items. However, this doesn't mean your storage bench needs to look dull. Filling up your hall with a storage bench is an excellent way of filling space and making even the barest areas of your house have personality and depth. 

We recommend still embellishing the comforting and homely feeling of the bench function by draping a blanket over the storage unit; the perfect way to ensure your guests have a seat when an impromptu hallway chat sparks!

Footstool Storage Bench

Another way you can add a touch of versatility to your living area with a storage bench is by selecting a smaller box that can be used as a footrest. Like the bedroom bench, you can adorn your stool with blankets and cushions to inject relaxing and comfortable energy into your lounge, ensuring you and your guests have the perfect piece of furniture to kick back and relax in style. 

Where to Find Good Quality Storage Benches

The beauty of a storage bench is that it can last you a lifetime if you select a good-quality design of durable material. At Mojo Boutique, our storage benches are made from rattan sourced in Indonesia. Skilled artisans have weaved together to provide a long-lasting and elegant result that will elevate your interior design by adding dimension and sophistication. 

As rattan is a light brown shade, it is easy to incorporate with most interiors, adding a vintage or bohemian feel depending on its surroundings. For example, suppose your home is mainly decorated with neutral shades. In that case, a rattan bench will help to convey a tranquil mood, whereas, with brighter and more rustic home designs, rattan can provide variety and space between loud shades. 

Additionally, Mojo Boutique benches are of great quality, made from sustainably sourced rattan that will stand the test of time and suit its functional purpose. So, whether you use your bench as a footrest, bedroom bench, or a side table, you can be certain Mojo Boutique will help you. 

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