Our Top Outdoor Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is the perfect solution to elevating your outdoor space, providing simple ways to establish an aesthetically pleasing, functional garden to spend time in. While you could select many types of outdoor furniture, rattan is one of the best, as it has a stain-resistant surface that can last for years with proper care.

In this article, we'll detail our top rattan patio furniture options so you can take your garden aesthetic to the next level.

What is Rattan Furniture?

Before we get into the best rattan furniture, we need to ensure you know exactly why this material is one of the best options for your outdoor display. The primary reason rattan is excellent for outdoor uses is its durability, with long-lasting characteristics that enable consumers to enjoy their favorite outdoor furniture set for prolonged periods.

Rattan comes from vines woven together to create the durable, endearing surface of rattan furniture. Of course, the type of rattan derived from vines is natural and requires more dedicated care to keep the surface intact. Synthetic types of rattan are made from plastics, still using the woven technique to create a similar effect without as much maintenance needed.

However, synthetic rattan provides a different level of quality, with a less natural appearance that may put consumers off. As synthetic rattan is made from PE, there are negative environmental impacts that come with this type of furniture.

Opting for natural rattan is advised if your priority is to be sustainable, but it's important to follow care advice closely to ensure your furniture stands the test of time. Natural rattan is suitable for outdoor use but should be covered when not in use and stored indoors during harsh weather conditions. If rainwater gets trapped within the woven rattan, mildew can form, significantly impacting the material's quality, so keeping your furniture covered is important.

Additionally, direct sunlight can lead to the material fading, which again means it's advisable to cover up your furniture when you're not using it to prevent the quality from deteriorating. Although these steps may sound extensive, following them and implementing routine maintenance cleaning is pretty much all you'll need to do to prolong your rattan furniture's life and enjoy your outdoor furniture for years.

The Best Rattan Furniture

Now that we've covered the essential information surrounding rattan furniture, it's time to delve into the best pieces to invest in for your garden;

Rattan Coffee Table

There's no better feeling than enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in your garden, and a rattan coffee table is exactly what you need to set the tone and sit comfortably. The Grace Coffee Table is a great way to bring any wicker patio to life, with a sophisticated design combining high-quality rattan and stunning glass.

This design was handcrafted by skilled Indonesian artisans, injecting tradition and bespoke characteristics that ensure this coffee table transforms your garden. Grace provides a warm, summery feel from the natural rattan used in its frame, perfect for when the sun hits your patio during summer.

Rattan Lounge Chair

To fully enjoy your garden seating area and the other rattan furniture you own, you need a comfortable seat. Our Bespoke Rattan Lounge Chair provides a stylish place to sit, crafted from sustainably sourced rattan for a luxurious boho aesthetic that establishes the perfect relaxing setting.

Using high-quality wood and rattan, the rattan lounge chair looks beautiful outdoors, creating a bohemian vibe when positioned closely to greenery and other natural materials. With an arched back and curved arms, you can sit back and relax in this chair, watching the clouds pass by.

Rattan Dining Chairs

If you're lucky enough to have a spacious garden in the warmer summer months, it's a great idea to take advantage of this space and eat outside to enjoy the sun. The Alida Dining Chairs enable you to tuck into an outdoor meal in style, elevating your garden to provide a laid-back, comfortable space perfect for hosting dinners.

The dining chair patio set has two chairs, each designed with a durable rattan frame that compliments its natural surroundings. The design factors comfort by providing an Ivory cushion that fits any garden style, ensuring you can enjoy a cozy seat outside. Of course, the Alidia chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use; just ensure you cover them up during extreme weather conditions to protect the wood.

Wooden Storage Trunk

There's no denying that gardens can accumulate mess during summer, especially if you have a large family, leading to the likes of footballs, toys, and games finding their way across your lawn. Placing a wooden storage trunk on your patio is a great way to prevent your garden from resembling a jumbo sale, and it can also look incredibly stylish.

The Noam Storage Trunk consists of handwoven rattan, delivering a stunning trunk that merges functionality with beauty. Often, storage trunks can be unsightly, using plastics and industrial materials, but Noam proves that you can store items in an aesthetically pleasing way!

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, Noam consists of durable rattan that can withstand the wear and tear of little ones. Whether you fill your trunk with outdoor toys or place gardening tools inside, you can be confident this trunk will add a subtle boho appearance to your garden.

Boho Rattan Coffee Table

If your goal is to make your garden space unique, the Ella Coffee Table provides the perfect opportunity. Consisting of a striking wicker design that blends innovative woven techniques with functionality, you can be confident Ella will add character to your garden.

Designed with sustainable rattan, Ella is water-resistant and ideal for outdoor use as long as you cover it during periods of heavy rainfall to prevent damage. This design provides a versatile style that stands out from more common types of outdoor furniture.

Why is Sustainable Rattan Furniture Best?

Several outdoor rattan furniture options are available on the market, from synthetic to natural versions. While many synthetic furniture pieces require less extensive care routines, they have worse environmental impacts, raising problems for consumers and companies.

At Mojo Boutique, our furniture consists of sustainably sourced materials using upcycled or recycled wood for many of our designs. When it comes to rattan, we use rattan directly from the plantation, joining forces with harvesters that cut stems at specific times to prevent harming their re-sprout abilities.

Our skilled artisans then use decade-old woven techniques to produce long-lasting results that look sophisticated and last years. For best results, keep your rattan furniture covered during rainfall to prevent mildew from occurring, and implement routine cleaning to keep the furniture in top condition.

Final Thoughts

Rattan furniture provides an excellent and straightforward way of transforming an outdoor space, with precious materials that deliver a warm aesthetic that pairs beautifully with natural elements such as greenery.

As the material requires little maintenance, you can enjoy various types of furniture, from tables to chairs, providing you with a cohesive patio. Adding pieces such as storage trunks will take your garden furniture to the next level and ensure you can keep your space tidy during the warm summer months when your garden gets busier.


Is it OK to keep rattan furniture outside?

High-quality, sustainable rattan is suitable for outdoor use. However, it's best to cover your furniture during poor weather conditions to prevent exposing the material to elements that may lead to mildew. Pairing covers with a cleaning routine will ensure your rattan is looked after and will last longer.

What is the best protection for rattan furniture?

During summer, your rattan furniture will likely be used more frequently and stay outdoors for prolonged periods. To protect your natural rattan, oiling the surface is excellent, preventing mildew from forming as dampness creeps in over the colder months and keeping the furniture looking good as new.

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