6 Tips on Maintaining Wickerwork Furniture

Wicker furniture provides an effortless way of establishing a rustic, boho style in your outdoor space or inside your home. Luckily, it's also easy to care for rattan furniture, with methods used to clean wicker being simple to implement.

In this article, we'll detail the six top tips for maintaining natural materials, such as rattan, that wicker furniture typically consists of. Rattan maintenance will help preserve your furniture, ensuring you can enjoy its aesthetic and comforting benefits for years.

What is Wicker?

Wicker refers to the technique used to bend and weave natural materials, like bamboo and rattan, to deliver the unique pattern the furniture entails. There are also resin versions of wicker furniture, in which manufacturers use synthetic materials to create the effect of rattan and other natural materials. It's essential to identify the material used to ensure you can maintain it best.

The Best Ways To Maintain and Clean Wicker Furniture

No matter which type of material your wicker furniture consists of, a little maintenance goes a long way and will keep your pieces intact and in good condition. Below, we'll take you through the top methods of doing this;

1.  Cover Outdoor Furniture or Pieces in Direct Sunlight

This tip relates to maintenance and will prevent your furniture from fading. Whether you use your wicker furniture indoors or outdoors, direct sunlight can affect the material's appearance. While this won't change the quality of your furniture, it can affect how it performs aesthetically. It takes years of prolonged exposure to notice changes in color, so we recommend placing the furniture in shaded areas during sunny months of the year or completely covering it when not in use if this is unavoidable.

2.  Complete Routine Cleaning

While routine cleaning may not be your favorite task, it's essential to keep the quality high. Let's delve into the steps that you should follow when cleaning wicker furniture for the best results;

  • The first step is to vacuum any dirt and debris off the surface to prevent rubbing dirt across the furniture once you apply furniture cleaner and dampen the surface. This step will take a little time, but it is essential to ensure the surface dirt has been removed.
  • Apply warm water and soap to the furniture with a soft brush and damp cloth to ensure the wicker pattern remains intact when scrubbing.
  • Use a toothbrush for more troublesome, small areas that are challenging to reach, as this can be good for removing tough grime and ensuring no space is missed.
  • It's best to rinse your furniture to remove soap, which you can do with a soft cloth.
  • Once the surface has been wiped down, leave it to dry completely before using it again.

3.  Dusting and Vacuuming 

The above cleaning routine can be used as and when you feel it is necessary. However, it's good to regularly give your furniture a vacuum and dust to prevent build-up in affected areas. Of course, if you notice any markings, using a damp cloth should help remove them without needing a complete furniture cleaning.

4.  Restore Natural Wicker's Glow With Oil 

If you notice your furniture's starting to lose its beautiful glow, rubbing it with boiled linseed oil is a great way to restore its pristine condition with little effort. Once applied, remove the excess and leave your furniture to dry for a few days before using them.

5.  Regular Clean and Care Checks 

Wicker furniture can come into contact with mildew and other variables that affect how the furniture performs and looks. Therefore, routinely checking your furniture to ensure these variables aren't occurring is an excellent way to maintain its quality and prevent further damage. If mildew occurs, it's best to scrub it away with a brush attachment and mild soap and move the piece of furniture into the sun so it can dry.

6.  Use Cushions and Covers

Regarding wicker chairs, it's always best to cover the seat with a cushion or cover to help with weight distribution and alleviate signs of wear and tear. As wicker consists of individual strands of rattan, it's best to consciously think of how to maintain their quality, and cushions make more rigid wicker chairs more comfortable while keeping their woven patterns intact.

Final Thoughts

Wickerwork furniture is a beautiful way of creating a peaceful, tranquil home interior style. As you can use it indoors and outdoors, it's a super versatile addition that can adapt to different seasons and types of decor.

Our above steps will ensure your furniture maintains its original quality for as long as possible, helping your home look aesthetically pleasing with functional furnishings. Luckily, you won't have to clean rattan furniture overly regularly, but conducting seasonal checks to ensure the likes of mildew aren't affecting your furniture will help to prevent it from deteriorating prematurely.


Should wicker furniture be oiled?

It's best to oil your wicker furniture semi-annually to ensure its natural glow and quality remain intact. Wipe linseed oil across your furniture's surface for the best results, leaving the item to dry naturally over a few days to prevent residue from transferring to your clothes or other items.

How do you preserve wicker furniture?

Regular cleaning and checking for signs of mildew will help preserve wicker furniture, dampening the natural materials to prevent cracking being beneficial. Additionally, placing your furniture away from direct sunlight and covering outdoor wicker when not in use will prevent it from fading in color.

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