4 Designer Chairs For The Living Room That Add Splendour

Investing in a striking designer chair could be the right choice if you are searching for that extra touch of modern luxury for your living room. Elevate your living space with exquisite accent chairs that bring style and comfort together hand-in-hand.

Accent chairs are a popular furniture piece in the world of interior design. With so many options available, they are incredibly versatile and fit a range of decor styles. A stylish lounge chair could bring that distinct flair of character that your living room has been missing.

We have put together this article to bring you 4 designer chairs that add elegant beauty to your interior with gorgeous contemporary aesthetics. Continue reading to discover the incredible benefits of owning an accent chair and ideas on how to style them gracefully in your living room.

What Are Accent Chairs?

Accent chairs traditionally have short legs that sit close to the ground. Originally designed in the 18th century, "slipper chairs" were kept in upper-class women's bedrooms to provide a suitable place to sit when putting on slippers.

Accent chairs are now seen within modern interiors and work to complement your home's layout. While we often use accent chairs for enhanced decorative purposes, they also provide a comfy place to relax and unwind. This standalone piece is a striking way to add that finishing touch to your space or include extra seating in your living room, where you gather with friends and family.

Make a statement with bold colors or velvet textures. Compliment existing furniture or add contrasting impact. Accent chairs are a remarkable tool for enhanced design and can be found in endless sizes and styles to fit any interior.

Accent chairs are a popular addition to mid-century modern designs with an appreciation for a clean, minimalist shape. However, you could elect for a more farmhouse aesthetic with an armchair or bring an industrial feel with a metal frame and leather cushions. Accent chairs are a wonderfully versatile item and make a great addition to any home.

Why Do You Need A Designer Accent Chair For Your Living Room?

Accent chairs bring functional beauty to your interior. They can easily bring interest to your space through bold patterns and interesting textures while also providing a practical seat for guests or family members.

Inject personality into your decor with gorgeous living room chairs that leave a lasting impression on those that view them. Express your free-spirited character with vibrant velvet fabrics, or bring calm to your space with natural wooden textures for enhanced relaxation.

Lounge chairs are luxury items, lulling you into a soothing state of calm with comfortable back support and plush cushioning for flawless leisure. Shop for practical seating additions to your living spaces while also discovering new ways of uplifting your home decor and creating a magnificent focal point.

Give your modern lounge chair purpose with strategic placement in your living room. Place your lounge chair around a coffee table to define a center point in your room where you can socialize comfortably with friends. Accent chairs are quality items that can endure daily wear and tear. Place them somewhere they will get used often for an unmatched, homey atmosphere.

Where Can You Find Bespoke Designer Chairs For The Living Room?

With so many styles and options to choose from, selecting the best lounge chair for your space can be a tricky decision. If you hold high regard for sustainably sourced, handmade furniture, there is no other place to shop than Mojo Boutique.

Explore a diverse range of bespoke wooden lounge chairs to adorn your space on the Mojo Boutique website. Our team of passionate craftspeople in Indonesia lovingly designs and builds each piece to send directly to your home.

We are an environmentally conscious brand that strives for greater sustainability within furniture production. By using all-natural and recycled materials, we can lower our environmental impact and give back to nature by encouraging others to make mindful choices when shopping online.

Support our efforts in preserving the natural world and the livelihood of talented artisans by purchasing bespoke furniture from Mojo Boutique.

Our Top 4 Designer Chairs For Your Lounge Space

Falling into a bespoke lounge chair is the ultimate way to rest your tired mind and body. With deluxe comfort and visually captivating aesthetics, lounge chairs can hold deep value within your home.

Discover our top 4 designer lounge chairs to complement any modern interior! From natural boho whimsy to contemporary retro-inspired designs, the perfect accent chair is waiting for you!

1. Mascha Lounge Chair

The Mascha lounge chair establishes a casual feel to your interior with dreamy rattan textures and a light wooden frame. This bespoke accent chair can be placed in any empty corner of your living room to brighten the space instantly.

Bring balance to your interior with a chair that exudes contemporary elegance and whimsical boho aesthetics. Enjoy resting amongst intricately woven rattan, and feel your body relax as you experience the luxurious comfort of the Mascha lounge chair.

Impress guests with this lively addition to your living room decor. Enhance its natural essence with bold cushions or add texture with patterned throws for an eclectic boho feel. Elevate your seating area with a timeless accent piece.

2. Santai Lounge Chair

This contemporary wooden lounge chair can effortlessly embellish empty spaces in your living room with magnificent rattan textures and soft edges. This piece offers a relaxed contemporary style with boho chic accents, perfect for those electing for a warmer, laid-back aesthetic.

Our wooden Santai accent chair is an excellent choice for both style and comfort. While it may appear less comfortable than leather or fabric alternatives, the woven rattan frame pulls your body into a warm embrace. Sink peacefully into a handcrafted lounge chair surrounded by natural materials for moments of relaxation.

The design of our Santai lounge chair stems from the brilliant minds of talented artisans in Indonesia. With tradition woven into this chair's very existence, you can enjoy an authentic piece that adds natural beauty to your home.

3. Delal Lounge Chair

The Delal lounge chair is a perfect choice for aficionados of the mid-century modern interior style. Staying true to authentic mid-century pieces, the Delal accent chair is versatile and well-designed, built with both function and minimalist charm in mind.

This piece is a must-have for contemporary living rooms, with its simplistic teak wood frame and sustainable rattan features. The vintage-inspired Delal chair brings with it sublime minimalist aesthetics that endure the test of time.

Incorporate sleek, clean lines and natural tones into your living room. Offering a practical seating solution and stunning visual appeal, this chair will bring great value to your space with breathtaking mid-century charm.

4. Frida Lounge Chair

Experience modern comfort with the Frida lounge chair. This elegant accent piece brings warmth to your living space with soft wooden features. Inject a delicate blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics into your decor with a welcoming accent chair.

With soft cushioning and gorgeous handwoven details, this enchanting piece is a delight to spend quiet time with. Settle your body and mind by purchasing a modern lounge chair for your home.

Style the Frida lounge chair in your living room to create a peaceful reading nook. Hang a lamp over your accent chair and pair it together with a bespoke side table to promote a tranquil atmosphere in your living space.

How To Style A Modern Designer Lounge Chair In Your Living Room

How you style your lounge chair ultimately comes down to the person. Your tastes and individuality should shine through your decor, creating a space where you feel at peace. However, if you feel you need help with how to get the most out of your accent chair, follow our short styling guide for fresh inspiration.

Take color into consideration when styling your lounge chair. Vibrant colors should have a central location in your living room to make a bold statement that catches the eye. Upholstery options appear in a range of shades, so get creative!

If you are a fan of more muted neutral tones, there are incredible options available on the Mojo Boutique website. Enhance the appearance of natural furniture with soft blankets or a bold cushion.

Incorporate different materials by laying fabric on top of light wooden features. Pillows can add a layer of comfort while matching colors in your surrounding decor to tie the look together.

Fill a sparse corner in your room by styling your lounge chair in pairs. A small accent chair works particularly well together in pairs, preventing them from looking lost in a large room. Add a striking side table next to your chairs for practical and visual purposes.

Use the space as a cozy place to socialize with guests or create a stylish reading nook to settle down and rest your feet after a long day. Lounge chairs also look charming when placed by your tv or as additional seating around your coffee table.

However you choose to style your lounge chair, you can find a unique joy and comfort in having it in your home. Choose from our recommendations or explore your options online to find the perfect addition to your living room.

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