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4 Luxury Dining Tables for the Modern Dining Room

If you aim for your dining room to have a modern aesthetic, finding a dining table that establishes this distinct appearance can be challenging. Often, dining tables feature solid wood that can look more traditional, but if modern is your goal, this likely won't be what you are going for.

In this article, we will run you through the top luxury dining tables that are perfect for a contemporary dining room and will have your guests feeling modernized. 

What is a Modern Dining Room? 

If you're unsure what constitutes a modern interior, don't worry! It can be tricky to understand how to make a home feel and look contemporary, but it depends on the color scheme and type of furniture you choose. Modern spaces usually consist of clean and coordinated color patterns, with cool tones such as grey and charcoal being popular. On the other hand, modern spaces can also look boho and incorporate light brown and white shades that set a tropical and summery mood. 

While both color palettes are modernized, they offer different vibes and can enhance your dining room feeling differently. If you prefer the clean and minimalist style, you may like cool tones, or if you prefer a homely and spacious feeling, you could opt for the boho aesthetic. 

Once you have chosen your color palette, you can select furniture that coincides with your particular aesthetic. While some may opt for granite and marble surfaces to keep a light contemporary feeling, a wooden table can also do this modern aesthetic justice. Below, we will run through the top luxury modern dining table design types for you to consider, ensuring you have luxury interior design ideas to run with! 

Teak Wood Dining Table

If your main objective is to have a luxury dining room, and the modernized aspect of the dining table is a second priority, teak wood will be the perfect solution to your needs. Aesthetic aside, teak wood is an excellent material for a luxurious dining room table as it is durable and will last decades due to its robust solid design. 

Another element of teak wood being a great option is that it can be sustainably sourced while remaining high-quality. The sublime aesthetic of teak wood can be pinned down to the fact it gets better with age as the knots and veins deepen, adding character and depth to the honey-toned wood. Of course, when the wood has been sustainably sourced and upcycled, the appearance of the teak wood becomes better over time; ensuring second-hand doesn't mean second best. 

A teak wood dining table can be paired with simplistic neutral tones to create a relaxing environment for your dining area, ensuring your guests can feel at home when visiting. You can amp up your neutral aesthetic by adding home decor in golden warm tones, a sure way to add elegance and luxury to your dining room. 

Unique Materials

The best way to create a very contemporary approach in your dining room is to think outside the box and find dining tables that include unique materials in their design. Of course, you still want the functionality of your table to work by holding the weight of items and being durable, so it is crucial to assess how long-lasting the material you are considering is.

For example, a dining table that incorporates bamboo and less traditional forms of wood in its design will be an interesting and modern way to elevate your dining room. And you can implement a luxury environment by selecting minimalist home decor to accompany your tables, such as wicker and woven cane chairs. 

While bamboo and woven cane may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of luxury, they offer a boho aesthetic. This is a special way of incorporating a modernized type of luxury without going overboard with a matte varnish and flashy designs that can sometimes make a dining room look messy. 

Grand Designs

Similar to fashion, many luxury dining tables make their appearance known by being oversized and ensuring that they are the focal point of a room. While this obviously won't work for everyone, especially if your dining room is small, it can look incredibly effective in open-plan dining rooms/kitchens. 

Open-plan dining rooms are a popular type of interior design in the modern era, which sees designers incorporate their dining room space with their kitchen. Of course, this creates a large, spacious room, perfect for powerful tables and large designs. 

The best way to make your large dining table look luxurious is by selecting a shape that can be decorated in a sophisticated way. Long rectangular tables made from wood are often perfect for this and look great at dinner parties. From here, you can pair your long table with a bench for a super open and modern feeling that will transform your dining area into a luxury dining room. 

Matching Sets

When you think of the world's most famous hotels, it is unlikely that their dining rooms have tables and chairs that don't match. To convey a feeling of luxury, the best thing you can do is opt for sleek styles that coincide with one another. Therefore, selecting sets of tables and chairs designed to go together is one of the best things you can do!

We recommend selecting handmade wooden sets that have character and will last a long time. Neutral tones are the easiest to incorporate with many different interior styles, and there is nothing more prestigious than a large wooden table with all your favorite guests situated. 

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