Custom Bedroom Furniture Ideas

The furniture you choose to adorn your bedroom with should serve you with comfort and grace. Selecting custom furniture to suit your individuality will ensure that your space is harmonious and soothing, so that you may completely enjoy sacred moments of restoration.

If you are in search of custom bedroom furniture for your haven, then look no further. The team here at Mojo Boutique have curated this article to help you discover a new unique item for your bedroom.

8 Wonderful Ideas For Custom Bedroom Furniture

To spark your search for custom bedroom furniture, we have shortlisted some of our favourite items that we believe make your bedroom space complete. Here are 8 ideas for you to explore for your bedroom:

  1. Bohemian Headboard

    If you are looking to elevate your bed frame in style, you should definitely start with a headboard. Aside from providing your bedroom with completeness, a head board can also offer ergonomic support, making it ideal for a cozy night in bed with a warm beverage and your favourite book.

    We proudly stock a spectacular variety of artisan headboards, all designed to elegantly compliment your bed frame and uplift your bedroom. If you are seeking an extravagant centrepiece for your room, check out Elina. Flamboyant and romantic, this wow-factor headboard is heavily inspired by the artistry of dancing peacocks.

  2. Bedside Tables

    Nightstand's are a bedroom necessity. Having a table either side of your bed will promote comfortability and convenience within your space. A nightstand may be used in a multitude of ways. You may decide to decorate it with photos and ornaments, place your night lamp on it, and store your bedtime essentials (such as your alarm and a glass of water).

    Discover our modern and rustic collection of bespoke bedside tables, such as Fiby, a timeless piece handcrafted using woven cane and upcycled teak wood. Fiby consists of a seamless drawer and a spacious lower compartment so you may perfectly store all your necessities.

  3. Drawers & Wardrobes

    Most of us start our day by choosing an outfit to wear. Investing in a handmade drawer or wardrobe for your bedroom will help you to arrange all of your favourite garments, accessories and shoes so that you may start everyday day positively.

    If you are in search of an authentically designed piece to store your clothing items, view our delightful chest of drawers range. Designed using sustainable rattan, to add a gentle touch of texture to you home interior, and upcycled wood, our drawers are bound to enrich your bedroom with elegance.

  4. Minimalist Mirror

    Mirrors are a splendid way of encouraging light and openness into your bedroom. Mirrors can also serve spiritual a purpose, allowing you to reflect upon yourself and affirm positivity.

    If your space feels a little too enclosed, we highly recommend that you browse our delectable assortment of handcrafted mirrors. If you prefer simplistic beauty, you will simply adore our Ocean Mirror.

    Designed with purism in mind, this natural rattan piece provides a vast surface of reflection, just like the sea, to promote radiance throughout your resting environment.

  5. Accent Chair

    An accent chair can offer both decoration and comfortability. If your space feels empty and you believe it needs to be spruced up, place an accent chair in the corner of your bedroom to create a complete and sophisticated interior.

    We have an abundance of chairs suited to all sorts of occasions and uses. Mascha is a curvaceous and contemporary chair with handwoven details making it an opulent accent piece. Simply embellish Mascha with your favourite cushion for a dazzling finish.

  6. Statement Lamp Shade

    It is often that our ceilings are neglected when decorating and furnishing our homes. Transform your bedroom light into the main attraction with a statement lamp shade.

    Our lampshades are uniquely designed to illuminate your room and pour warmth into your sanctuary. Our handwoven rattan lampshade, Sania, offers a hint of beach-house design, providing your bedroom with a refreshed and attractive look.

  7. Storage Trunk

    Storage trunks are immensely useful furniture items. They allow you to efficiently declutter your bedroom, offering clarity and spaciousness.

    Many custom storage trunks are specifically catered to your needs. Take our remarkable Sylvana Trunk and Bench, for instance. The Sylvana is by far one of our most multifunctional items available on our site.

    This intelligently designed trunk allows you to safely store your precious possessions, and enjoy a comfortable, sturdy seat for you to relax upon.

  8. Organic Cotton Cushions & Bedding

    Organic cotton is an eco-friendly and higher quality alternative to regular cotton. It is softer, fresher and safer to use as it does not contain any nasty chemicals.

    We have a dreamy collection of cushions and bedding, all made with 100% organic cotton, and gently dyed using natures most vibrant offerings, so that you can enjoy a blissful rest.

Discover More At Mojo Boutique

At Mojo Boutique, we stock a sensational collection of bedroom furniture and décor that has been customized to encapsulate the tranquil essence of Mother Nature. All of our pieces are delicately hand-crafted with precision and care to ensure that you receive an immaculate, life-long piece.

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