How Does Bali Furniture Compare to the Rest of the World

When it comes to furniture, Bali has gained a reputation for its unique and stunning designs. But how does Bali furniture compare to the rest of the world? Is it truly as exceptional as it seems, or is it just another trend?

In this article, we will explore the characteristics of Bali furniture and compare them to other furniture styles from around the world.

From quality and design to craftsmanship and durability, we will examine what sets Bali furniture apart from the rest.

Whether you're considering investing in Bali furniture or simply curious about how it measures up, this article will provide you with a comprehensive comparison to help you make an informed decision. So, let's dive in and discover the distinct qualities that make Bali furniture truly unique.

The Benefits of Bali Furniture

Benefits of Bali Furniture

Indonesian furniture is well renowned globally due to the high-quality designs that are hard to come across in other areas of the world.

The reason for this quality can be attributed to the incredible craftsmanship, culture, and tradition implemented in most furniture made in Bali by hand.

Hand crafted furniture provides customers with a special and unique type of custom furniture, as there is no way to make each handmade item the exact same as the next.

This individualism aspect ensures customers have unique furniture that no one else will have, another substantial part of why Indonesian furniture is so popular.

Additionally, many essential kinds of wood and materials can be sourced in Bali, making it an excellent place for furniture businesses to work.

The brilliant thing about sourcing materials in Bali is that it is incredibly eco-friendly, with local farmers able to fulfill this process in a way that doesn't harm agriculture.

There are benefits regarding high-end furniture Indonesian furniture when considering the environmental, social, and economic impact it has on Bali.

And from a consumer point of view, customers can enjoy bespoke wooden furniture products that are unique and made in a sustainable way that they can champion.

How is Furniture in Bali Made?

How is Furniture in Bali Made

Of course, the exact design process will differ depending on the company you purchase from.

However, Bali's design and manufacturing process is generally eco-friendly and uses sustainable materials and ways of upcycling preloved and antique pieces.

At Mojo Boutique, we work with farmers and local artisans in Indonesia to produce our products ethically and sustainably.

The first step of our process is to select sustainable materials, whether by upcycling materials or working with farmers to harvest new materials in an eco-friendly way.

When we opt for the farming route, we work with farmers to harvest materials such as rattan and woven grass. Working with local farmers ensures our workers know precisely when to harvest these plants, ensuring agriculture is preserved and not damaged during our farming process.

When upcycling materials, we opt for materials such as teak wood to ensure our final pieces will be incredibly durable and age well.

Our teak furniture goes through a lengthy upcycling process, including sanding, polishing, and removing any previous colors and nails to restore its natural condition and make the wood look as good as new.

Once our sustainable materials have been sourced, local Indonesian artisans commence their hand crafted design process to produce exquisite one of a kind furniture.

Working with family-run workshops ensures all of our pieces have culture injected into them, helping our customers to have a slice of Indonesia in their homes whenever they purchase from Mojo Boutique.

Why Does Bali's Manufacturing Process Beat Other Countries?

The main selling point of furniture made in Bali is that it is sustainably sourced and made, partnered with a traditional appearance and design process that can't be paralleled in other countries.

The level of raw materials available in Bali exceeds that in competitor locations, ensuring farmers and businesses have the foundations for producing exceptional furniture products.

While we have focused on handmade bespoke items, Indonesia is also a catalyst for big furniture brands and DIY kits.

Again, the reason large companies opt to produce their furniture in Indonesia is due to easy access to a multitude of materials.

Still, these companies won't use a bespoke method that entails the skills of artisans and will instead opt for factory-made produce.

So, we can see that no matter the type of furniture, Indonesia can get it done!

Whether a large company is seeking a way to mass produce outdoor furniture or small companies are making bespoke products from sustainable solid teak, Bali can deliver on both of these objectives in a way that not many places can.

Let's take a more thorough look into the types of furniture products that can be made in Bali.

Outdoor furniture

As farmers and artisans can get their hands on high-quality rattan, teak wood, and fibers, Bali is a great place to produce outdoor furniture.

While some furniture locations struggle to create furniture that has a definitive aesthetic, Bali delivers a style that can transport your guests to a summary beach destination thanks to the boho appearance of rattan used to produce wicker-type furniture.

Rattan is one of the most popular types of outdoor furniture due to its low wholesale prices and durability.

Additionally, rattan chairs are versatile and can be moved from indoors to outdoors depending on the occasion, providing customers with a dependable piece of furniture.

On the other hand, solid teak offers a similar level of durability but at a higher price point.

Teak furniture

Teak furniture

As mentioned in our article, teak furniture is one of the most famous Bali exports.

Solid teak is versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring artisans and companies can produce a range of products from one type of wood once it has been sourced or restored.

Indoor furniture such as dining tables, chairs, and coffee tables can be produced from teak or outdoor furniture that withstands testing weather conditions.

When kept indoors, teak creates a rustic vibe due to its rich honey appearance, whereas the wood becomes a paler contemporary shade when used outdoors for prolonged periods.

If you have ever considered buying furniture from Bali or visited and been blown away by the beautiful furniture you find around every corner; chances are teak wood was involved in these creations!

Custom furniture

Bali has many skilled artisans, meaning that custom furniture isn't hard to find.

Although those seeking new furniture may not opt for custom and bespoke designs due to designers often using sustainable and reclaimed materials, custom furniture from Bali offers a unique aesthetic and vision that can elevate the style of any home.

As with many products, handmade and bespoke furniture delivers an entirely different level of quality than mass-produced types.

Therefore, those searching for genuinely mesmerizing types of furniture will likely love what Bali offers them; an elegant and individual approach consisting of sustainably sourced wood.

Bamboo furniture

Bamboo is another material in Bali that can make durable decor and furniture items.

The great thing about bamboo is that it can be incorporated with numerous styles and is stronger than oak furniture.

Additionally, it is one of the most eco friendly ways of sourcing wood due to how it grows.

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, so harvesting this material is much more sustainable than cutting down whole trees and plants that can't grow back.

Once the bamboo has been sourced, artisans can create sublime furniture that withstands heavy-weight items and weather conditions due to its sturdy structure and durable finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to Bali furniture, many people are curious about how it compares to furniture from other parts of the world. In this section, we will explore some frequently asked questions to shed light on this topic.

How does the craftsmanship of Bali furniture compare to furniture from other countries?

When it comes to craftsmanship, Bali furniture is among some of the best in the world. The artisans who create furniture in Bali take great pride in their work and they often use traditional methods that have been passed down through generations.

Additionally, many of the pieces are made from sustainable materials like rattan and teak wood, which adds to their quality and longevity. Lastly, Bali furniture often has unique designs that make them stand out from other pieces from around the world.

Is Bali furniture more expensive than furniture from other places?

Yes, Bali furniture is often more expensive than furniture from other places. This is due to the fact that the materials used are of a higher quality and the craftsmanship involved is much more intricate.

Additionally, since many pieces are created with sustainable materials, they tend to be more expensive than mass-produced items. As such, those looking for high-end and higher-end quality furniture should consider Bali furniture.

Are there any unique design elements in Bali furniture?

Yes, there are a number of unique design elements in Bali furniture that make it stand out from the rest of the world.

Many pieces are crafted using traditional methods and materials like rattan and teak wood, allowing them to have an interesting textural quality.

Additionally, some of the more modern pieces often feature unique lines and vibrant colors that add a touch of character to any room.


Bali furniture is renowned for its unique and distinct style that sets it apart from furniture in other parts of the world.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in Bali furniture are exceptional, making it highly sought after.

Additionally, Bali furniture often incorporates natural materials such as teak wood and rattan, adding to its appeal.

While the prices of Bali furniture may vary depending on the specific piece and its quality, it is generally considered to be a worthwhile investment due to its durability and timeless design.

Whether you choose to incorporate a statement piece or add subtle touches of Bali furniture to your home, it can bring a touch of exotic beauty and charm to any space.

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