How To Find The Perfect Custom Furniture Online

Although searching for new furniture can be exciting and fun, it can also be pretty draining (especially when you can't find that one thing!).

If you have a specific taste, it may be worth considering custom furniture so that your purchase will definitely match your unique style. Custom furniture will not only guarantee that you receive a piece suited to you, but it will also save you the headache of filtering through searches.

Although purchasing a customized item may seem expensive, it is certainly worth it. Unlike mass-produced furniture, custom items ensure quality and longevity. This is because your order will be slowly crafted with immense effort, using high-quality materials.

Custom made furniture is also significantly more sustainable than commercial furniture. Because customized items are made-to-order, the overall amount of waste and CO2 pollution is minimized. Many independent retailers, such as Mojo Boutique, adhere to eco-conscious production processes due to the current climate crisis, so you won't have much trouble finding a sustainably produced piece.

Whether you are looking for a new accent chair or a family dining table, your options for custom furniture are essentially limitless. We have mindfully composed this article to ensure your search for custom furniture is completely hassle-free.

Get To Know Your Style

Before you dive into a search for custom furniture, we highly recommend that you familiarize with your own distinct taste. This will help you to understand your niche and identify what specifications you want (such as fabric choices) which will help to narrow your search.

Top Tip: Don't buy into short-lived trends or listen to other people's critiques. Choose a style true to you, that is also timeless, so that you never get bored with your custom item. Once you have settled on an aesthetic, make sure you clearly communicate your preferences with the furniture designer.

How To Determine Your Style:

  • Create A Mood-board: To help you discover your style, try compiling together a moodboard of all the things you like. You can put anything on a mood-board, from a particular material to a specific furniture shape.

  • Assess Your Home's Current Interior: Odds are, you have probably formed your own interior aesthetic without actually realizing it. Focus upon the colors within your living space (do you have bold colors or neutral tones?). You should also observe the style of furniture that you navigate towards (are your items modern or traditional?).

  • Create A Color Palette: Selecting shades that complement your favourite color is a brilliant way of creating a harmonious home environment. Creating a color palette will help you to choose combinations that work well together and fit into your interior design.

Take Specific Measurements

Always make sure you have specific measurements of the room you want to fill. This will ensure that your home is equally balanced and will prevent your space from either feeling too empty or too crowded.

An important point to acknowledge is that the silhouette you decide on will massively impact how large or small your space will look. For example, if you have less available space, choose furniture that is more rounded in shape. This is because circular pieces are easier to fit into smaller areas.

Create A Budget

Customized furniture can be pricey because you are making a lifelong investment rather than a short-lived purchase. There are many factors that add to the expenses of a bespoke item: materials, design process, production time, additional features all amount towards the price you pay for your custom-built piece.

Setting a realistic budget will allow you to search for a company that sells items within your price range, as well as prevent you from overspending on unnecessary add on's.

Find A Specialist Business

Looking for an independent brand that specializes in a specific type of furniture will ensure that you are in expert hands. For example, if you are searching for a piece made out of metal, you should seek the services of an accomplished blacksmith.

At Mojo Boutique, we specialize in handcrafted furniture inspired by ancient craftmanship from Indonesia. We sell an assortment of rustic, organic items that have been hand-carved and handwoven by expert artisans, so that you receive a trustworthy item.

If you have a particular item or material in mind, be sure to specify these during your online search, for instance 'oak table specialist'. This will help you to discover talented experts. You can also look within your local area. It may be worth going to a market or showroom to discover independent retailers who are nearby.

Understand The Policies Of Your Chosen Furniture Brand

There are many important things to consider before you invest your money into a custom service. Here are 3 company policies that you should always double check:

  1. Returns: It is always important to check that you can return an item if it arrives damaged, unlike its product description, or if you no longer require it.

  2. Refunds: If your item arrives broken or different from how it appeared online, you should always be entitled to a refund.

    There are scam sites out there that will try to steal your money, so always play it safe and check the establishment's refund policy before giving them your money. If you are feeling uncertain of a store's authenticity, check them on Trustpilot.

  3. Warranty: As part of your purchase, a retailer should offer complimentary services. A warranty is a type of insurance that covers your product for a set amount of time. This means that if your furniture breaks, you are entitled to free repairs within the agreed time-frame provided by the company you purchased from.

At Mojo Boutique, we passionately abide by the saying 'satisfied or money back', as it is salient to us that our customers are completely happy. We offer refunds and returns, subject to the nature of your circumstance.

Discover Our Collection Of Artisanal Furniture

We offer a sensational variety of sustainably handcrafted home furniture and décor, all created with the customized touch of our gifted artisans. We uphold purist design with all of our items so that you have the pleasure of welcoming a practical and beautiful piece into your abode.

From handwoven bedframes to upcycled wood tables, we have everything your home needs to be complete. We gently invite you to explore our entire catalogue, available to shop and pre-order.

P.S. As a way of thanking our customers for their conscious purchase, we offer a pre-order discount and free shipping on all items.

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