How to Order Custom Wood Furniture from Indonesia

Indonesia is responsible for producing furniture that is one of a kind, whether this is custom pieces or handcrafted designs that cannot be replicated here in the States. But sourcing where you can find genuine Indonesian furniture is a challenging task, and looking for exact specifications and requirements takes some time! 

In this article, we will detail where to find high-quality custom furniture, along with unique pieces that will stand out in your home. In addition, we will note why buying from Indonesia can be a preference for those interested in interior design and how these pieces are made. 

What are The Benefits of Buying Indonesian Furniture? 

When it comes to the way furniture is designed and manufactured in Indonesia, there are a huge number of environmental benefits due to the way materials are harvested and sourced. However, sustainability has been an issue in the furniture industry for a long time, with deforestation and exposure to harmful chemicals prevalent. 

But, when furniture is handcrafted in Indonesia, many of these issues are combatted, seeing more natural styles becoming favored, without quality lacking or customers being unsatisfied with their results. 

Companies like Mojo Boutique design and make their furniture in Indonesia by teaming up with local artisans and farmers. These artisans use recycled bamboo, teak wood, and coconut shells to create incredible furniture that not only looks amazing but is eco-friendly. 

Checking that the company you wish to buy from has a genuine interest and appreciation in Indonesia before purchasing is strongly advised, as it is much better to support a business with good ethics dedicated to helping Indonesian communities instead of one that is exploiting the beautiful nature of Indonesia.

At Mojo Boutique, our company started as a result of being inspired by the people and nature of Indonesia. We wanted to help the talented artisans we met sell their products globally, as they are out of this world!

How is Wood Furniture Made in Indonesia? 

Handcrafted Indonesian furniture is often made from sustainable and recycled materials such as bamboo or teak wood. These materials go through an upcycling process to remove any previous markings by sanding and polishing wood until it looks almost brand new. The whole upcycling process is completed in a natural way, with non-chemical polish being used to ensure finished furniture products are chemical-free.

When creating furniture from wood and materials that haven't been recycled, local farmers harvest and farm wood from plantations in a natural way that doesn't harm agriculture. For example, wicker furniture made from rattan requires lianas to be cut. Fortunately, working with local farmers ensures that these stems are cut at the correct length not to affect regrowth, further preventing harmful deforestation. 

Once materials have been sourced, harvested, and upcycled, local artisans work to create different pieces of furniture. From custom pieces to coffee tables, chairs, bedroom interiors, and entire collections of furniture, there are no options out of bounds regarding what local artisans can produce. The best thing about Indonesian furniture is that it has a distinctive style that can transform customers' space into a tranquil, modern, and boho setting.

Where to Find Indonesian Furniture

There are various brands and businesses currently providing Indonesian furniture, whether this be by using materials sourced from Indonesia or by working directly with Indonesian communities and creating furniture with local artisans.

We recommend selecting a brand that works with local artisans, as Indonesian designers capture the contemporary and distinctive appearance of boho furniture in a more traditional and natural way than those who simply source Indonesian materials and make the furniture themselves.

At Mojo Boutique, we are dedicated to presenting Indonesian artisan craft in a special way, with sophisticated and modern designs that show off different types of materials and wood that are hard to come by in a showroom or shop in America.

Our furniture collection includes a variety of pieces and designs, from beds made out of teak wood, to chairs made from rattan, and a table made from woven cane. As all of our furniture is handmade, each piece is different and includes unique features that make them stand out from other furniture on the market. 

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