How to Purchase Custom Sideboards

Sideboards are great for storing items while making your space look tidy and sophisticated with little upkeep or effort. But, finding a custom sideboard or a sideboard that really stands out can be challenging, as we often resort to purchasing from big stores that often lack individuality and character. 

In this article, we will detail how to find custom and unique sideboards that make your living area a versatile space that truly stands out. Your furniture should add character to its surroundings, which is our aim! 

Where To Find Unique Sideboards

If you’re on the hunt for custom sideboards, chances are you’re seeking something special that stands out from other furniture on the market. Whether this is interesting wood, specific measurements, or engravings, there are plenty of options you can choose when selecting customized features for your sideboards. 

We recommend searching for upcycled and sustainable furniture to find truly unique items. The beauty in recycled and preloved products is that they already have had a life and have marks and deep designs that first-hand items can’t match. Additionally, many sustainable brands work with artisans who design and recreate these products by hand, ensuring that no piece of furniture is the same and that they all have unique features. 

Sideboards are designed out of solid wood that is durable and sturdy, making upcycling this material easier than more delicate items. For example, teak wood is an excellent material for upcycling as the knots and veins deepen over time, with the wood’s honey shade becoming richer and more intense. Additionally, teak wood is one of the most durable types of wood, often used for outdoor furniture due to its long-lasting capabilities. 

So, if you’re looking for a unique sideboard that also plays a part in being eco-friendly, we recommend checking out sideboards designed from teak wood. At Mojo Boutique, we have a great range of sideboards that use sustainably sourced teak wood from Indonesia, all with preloved features that make them all the more special. 

Things To Consider When Purchasing Custom Built Furniture 

Similarly to any furniture or big purchase you make, there are things you will need to consider before completing your custom furniture order. Of course, your priority will be receiving a high-quality sideboard that will last a long time, and there are definitive ways to ensure this will be the case. 

First, it would be great to check the durability of the sideboard material. Depending on what you wish the function of your sideboard to be, it may have to be resilient to wear and tear and be durable enough to resist items being placed on top of it. For example, if you will be placing your sideboard in a dining room, it may have to be more resilient! Or, you may be storing heavy items in your sideboard, with the whole family using it for storage; checking the shelves and the weight they can hold will be essential in this instance.

Secondly, finding out how your item was produced is significant and often overlooked. While it may sound irrelevant to how your drawers will perform at home, finding eco-friendly furniture designed sustainably and precisely will ensure your final product is long-lasting. Additionally, checking if your item has been FSC certified will help you to make more conscious decisions regarding sustainability, which often results in a better product due to its thoughtful production process. 

Next, you should consider where to place your furniture before buying it. We suggest doing this because you want your furniture to fit neatly into a space, and planning ahead will ensure you only look at items that fit within your measurements and complement the area you wish to fill. 

Finally, considering the shade of the sideboard is essential. After all, it would be best if your furniture seamlessly fits into your interior without distracting from any centerpieces, details or artwork. In addition, sideboards are usually used to either store or hold items, so their functionality is the most crucial element. Often, finding a sideboard in a traditional wooden or oak shade is the best way to fulfill this, as traditional wood compliments a range of aesthetics and personalities. 

How To Make a Sideboard Look Customized

When purchasing a sideboard, choosing a standard design that has been sustainably made and will stand the test of time is often easier than searching for specifically customized designs. But just because your sideboard isn’t customized doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own by means of your interior design!

We recommend selecting a handmade and sustainable sideboard with its own individual quirks that make it stand out from other sideboards on the market. These features will give your sideboard character, adding to your interior aesthetic. From here, you can decorate your sideboard with essential household items or more delicate decorations that set a specific mood. Below, we will detail our top three ways to decorate a sideboard to ensure your living area stands out to all who visit your home!

Eye-catching Aesthetic 

Lamps are a great way to set an ambient mood and can also be incredibly eye-catching if you select a color palette. You can get creative and make a statement by clashing colors or selecting shades that work in harmony to capture a relaxing style. We recommend selecting a lamp that incorporates colors used throughout your home, ensuring your style is stamped onto your sideboard. 

Personal Touches

Another great way to decorate your space and add a personal touch is by selecting photo frames. While some people prefer to avoid displaying photos, others get involved in this idea and display their favorite memories in a proud position, such as a sideboard. Selecting photo frames that combine with your sideboard cleanly is the best decision and will ensure your photo presentation doesn’t come across as cluttered or messy. 

Boho Spirit

To set a subtle and relaxing mood, we recommend decorating your sideboard with candles that can be lit on an evening to create ambiance without being as harsh as a lamp or light. Finding candle holders is a way to elevate the usual way we would display candles and will help your living space become more sophisticated. 

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