Indonesian Furniture: What Is It, and Is It Good?

Indonesian furniture products have been tried and tested for centuries, offering a refreshing, bohemian interior aesthetic that can transform your home into a sensational sanctuary.

If you haven't heard of this furniture before, don't worry. We are experts of Indonesian furniture, here at Mojo Boutique, and have written this article to enlighten you of all the wonders that these traditional pieces craft can offer your abode.

A Brief History Of Indonesian Furniture

In order to understand what Indonesian furniture is, we must take a look back in time and understand the rich heritage that has supplemented today's wonderful crafts.

The typical characteristics and practices that we see during the production of Indonesian furniture is believed to have originated within the island of Java and Madura. It is here where the art of hand-carving teak wood became common practice.

During the colonial era, the indigenous craft of Indonesian furniture began to migrate to the west, becoming particularly favoured by wealthy europeans. During the 19th century, many hybrid styles began to arise, combining ancient Indonesian methods (such as hand-weaving) with new practices.

It is believed that western society took a particular interest in the craftsmanship of Indonesia due to the impressive resistance it provided. Because these items have been historically designed for tropical climates, they make exceptional outdoor furniture pieces, capable of withstanding damp weather.

Today, most bohemian furniture products are crafted using the historical designs of Indonesia. Many manufacturers will incorporate materials such as rattan, bamboo and teak wood into their production to achieve a rustic, organic appearance, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Exploitation Of Indonesian Crafters

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for manufacturing companies these days to exploit the hard work of Indonesian artisans. Large companies will utilise sweatshop labour to keep manufacturing expenses low so that they can enter the furniture market with competitive prices.

This often means that furniture is mass-produced which poses an environmental threat to our planet, the livelihood of workers, and means that the quality of these fast-produced pieces are low.

At Mojo Boutique, we cherish all that our craftspeople do for us. We work closely with all of our employees to ensure that our team of makers are producing furniture pieces in safe factory conditions, and so that they receive the fair treatment they deserve.

Why Is Indonesian Furniture Good?

There are many reasons that Indonesian furniture has become increasingly popular over the years. Here are some of our favourite aspects:

  1. Built To Last

    Indonesian furniture makes outstanding indoor furniture and outdoor furniture, due to the intelligent designs that have remained unchanged for centuries. Many pieces at Mojo Boutique can be used as both indoor and outdoor furniture, such as our beloved Ella, a rattan side table that has been thoughtfully made to withstand rainfall.

  2. Natural Materials

    Genuine Indonesian artisans will exclusively use natural materials to manufacture their furniture. When purchasing Indonesian furniture always make sure it is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and artificial/man-made materials.

    We use only the most robust materials found throughout nature, to ensure all our customers receive a high quality piece that will serve their home for a lifetime.

  3. Sustainable

    Indonesian furniture has historically been resourcefully slow-crafted without machinery, meaning that CO2 emissions are virtually non-existent. When browsing for Indonesian pieces, expect to see lots of intricate hand-weavings and smooth, elegant hand-carvings.

  4. Offers A Unique Interior Aesthetic

    Because of the unique details and characteristics found throughout original Indonesian furniture, you can invite a magical, earthy aesthetic into your home. Materials such as rattan and teak wood offer warming hues that can help you to fortify a tropical, yet homely interior.

Discover Breathtaking Boho Furniture At Mojo Boutique

If you are looking to achieve the ultimate Bali vibe we highly recommend that you discover our beautiful collection of handcrafted boutique furniture, made ethically and sustainably by our gifted team of Indonesian makers.

We stock a stunning variety of authentic Indonesian pieces that are slowly handcrafted using Mother Nature's strongest offerings, such as rattan, bamboo, upcycled teak wood and so much more! If you are seeking inspiration for your home, we kindly invite you to shop our most wanted range of home furniture and interior décor, available to shop and pre-order today.

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Our boutique is fiercely devoted to giving back to our planet, and so we adhere to conscious practices throughout our manufacturing processes. Here are some of the methods we have adopted to ensure our items are genuinely eco-friendly:

  • Responsibly Sourced Materials: We ensure that our craftspeople produce all of our home accessories and furniture items using completely organic materials, such as unbleached cotton and natural driftwood.

    We recycle and up-cycle where we can, and ensure that any farmed materials are ethically and naturally grown, without cutting premature stems or introducing any pollutants into the Earth's soil.

  • Slowly Crafted: Our product are handmade-to-order so that we don't contribute to any unnecessary waste and pollution. We additionally reject plastic packaging, and only embrace sustainable alternatives, such as cardboard, so that you may join us in embracing zero-waste.

  • Carbon Offsetting: We take full responsibility for any CO2 that is emitted during the transportation process of our products. In order to effectively give back to Mother Nature, we calculate our emissions, so that we know how much we need to offset.

    We have partnered with South Pole to implement various types of exciting projects that help to heal our atmosphere. Discover more about our sustainability here.

Satisfied Or Money Back Guarantee

At Mojo Boutique, we value your happiness and want to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. That's why we passionately abide by a strict 'satisfied or money back' ethos. If you happen to order one of our bespoke items please ensure that you take accurate measurements of your available space before making a purchase.

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