Is Custom Home Furniture More Expensive To Buy?

Many people tend to be put off by custom home furniture due to the daunting price-tag that is often attached to a custom item. However, it may be financially beneficial, in the long run, to purchase quality home furnishings that are built to last. After all, your home is a sacred place for you and your family, and should be enhanced with high-quality pieces.

This article has been thoughtfully written to help you understand the benefits of custom home furniture, as well as how you can source your own unique items.

Why Is Custom Home Furniture Expensive?

Custom-made furniture is often more pricey than mass-produced furniture because you are paying for:

  • The solid and strong quality of the materials and resources.

  • The tireless efforts and time spent designing and handcrafting your item.

  • The added personalization to ensure it suits you.

The price you pay for custom furniture includes the guarantee that you are buying a superior piece of furniture that has been meticulously crafted to suit your unique interior style. It also assures you that your money is being ethically distributed between employer and employee.

Why Is Custom-Made Furniture Better Than Store Bought Furniture?

Most store bought furniture tends to be fast-furniture. This means that you are buying items made at a rapid-pace, in sweatshops which poses many ethical and sustainable concerns, for obvious reasons (such as health and safety risks). Custom home furniture is often created with great time and effort to ensure you are pleased with your special order.

Here are 5 reasons why custom-built furniture is significantly better than mass-manufactured items:

  1. Kinder On Our Planet

    Custom furniture is often built in line with your measurements, which helps to ensure minimal waste. Because this furniture is handcrafted-to-order, it is likely that the manufacturing process will emit little to no carbon emissions, which helps to save our Earth's atmosphere from pollution.

    Many independent furniture stores will employ various efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. At Mojo Boutique, we have partnered with South Pole to efficiently offset our carbon footprint, and help make the world a better place. Find out more about our various climate-positive projects here.

  2. Safer To Use

    Cheap furniture often uses harmful chemicals and toxins during the manufacturing process. One of the most common components found in furniture are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These can contain carcinogenic toxins which pollute our planet and our homes. Some compounds are even believed to facilitate hormonal imbalances.

    Because VOCs are present throughout nature, many brands will market their items as 'natural'. Always check the product description for VOCs so that you can effectively avoid welcoming them into your home.

  3. Higher Quality

    Custom home furniture is often made slowly, meaning that a greater amount of attention was upheld during the crafting process. The materials used for custom furniture is often of the highest quality, as reflected in the price.

    Using materials of a high calibre combined with slow and skilled artisanship will undoubtably equal to an exceptionally finished. Artisan furniture is almost always created with longevity in mind, which means that you will be investing in a life-long item.

    Quality is one of the greatest features of bespoke furniture as it means that you won't have deal with repeat purchases, whereas if you buy from a fast-furniture company, it is very likely that your item will eventually break due to the cheap materials used and little time spent building it.

    The ultimate point of this is that investing in custom items will actually save you money in the future, as your purchase will stand the test of time.

  4. Unique And Personalized

    Purchasing bespoke furniture will help you welcome the perfect piece that harmoniously fits into your home space. Many custom-made furniture brands allow you to choose your own details, such as the material, color, finish, and so forth.

    If you are in search of something extra, you can also discover designers who offer a truly personalized service by crafting a completely unique item from scratch, just for you.

  5. Better Customer Service

    Because custom built furniture tends to be from independent retailers and boutique stores, such as Mojo Boutique, you are more likely to receive satisfactory, down-to-earth customer service, unlike large companies who use automated replies to help their customers.

    Many bespoke furniture establishments will provide their customers with design help ensure that clients receive the help they need when purchasing customized furniture.

How To Source Custom Furniture

Now that you are onboard with the necessary expenses of custom furniture, here are some suggestions to help you source bespoke retailers, and have a great shopping experience:

  • Search Online: Browsing the internet is a fantastic way of discovering new and independent businesses. Try optimizing your search using these key words: Bespoke; Custom; Customized; Artisanal; Slowly Made; Made-To-Order.

  • Visit The Custom Home Furniture Galleries: This establishment showcases a variety of custom furniture which is available to purchase.

  • Reach Out To Independent Designers: Websites such as Freelancer can help you get in touch with independent furniture designers.

  • Go To A Custom Home Furniture Outlet Store: This is a wonderful way of finding custom furniture that never got sold. You will also find that these items tend to be discounted.

Discover Our Collection of Custom Home Furniture

At Mojo Boutique, we have a full complement of incredibly gifted artisans who work tirelessly to provide customers with flawless furniture.

Whether you are in search of office furniture, outdoor furniture, or maybe you need to furbish your entire home, we can assure you that our stunning selection of custom home furnishings will exceed your expectations and adorn your habitat for a lifetime.

Every piece we sell is handcrafted in limited batches. Many of our items incorporate upcycled materials (such as teak wood), meaning that your will have a unique touch. We believe in rewarding our customers for their purchase, and so a generous discount is applied to selected pieces when you pre-order. Discover our breathtaking collection today!

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