Rattan Changing Tables: Pros And Cons

Choosing the right essentials for your little one's nursery is important to ensure that your baby is perfectly looked after. There is no doubt that rattan makes exceptional furniture for us adults, but what about you child?

Searching for nursery items can be immensely exciting and rewarding. There are many wonderfully designed change tables on the market.

These days you can expect to see many nursery items, such as our own, that are specially crafted to cater to both parent and baby. For instance, many change tables have storage compartments so that you can declutter your little one's nursery by storing their toys, nappies, creams and so forth!

Opting for a rattan change table can offer you with both practicality and a pleasant edition to your baby's sacred space. If you are thinking of purchasing a rattan changing table for your youngster's room, it is important to determine whether rattan is right for you both.

We have curated this article for parents who are in search of a new changing table. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of rattan changing tables.

Pros Of A Rattan Changing Table


Rattan is a type of vine that is rapidly renewing and requires little care to support its growth, making it incredibly eco-friendly and easy to maintain and harvest. When compared to wood, rattan tends to be favoured because it grows quicker and can be just as strong as many kinds of wood, if not more.

Free From Harmful Toxins

Babies are highly susceptible to illness during their first few months. The last thing you want is to introduce your precious one to harmful toxins. Rattan tends to be organically grown and free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been proven to pollute the purity of our homes and Earth.

At Mojo Boutique, we reject using any dangerous chemicals when finishing off our pieces. The most we do during the final stages of production, is occasionally use pure coconut oil which is completely harm-free, ensuring that all of our items don't disrupt your baby's balanced environment. Our change tables are additionally finished with a soft and unbleached organic cotton mattress, to provide your baby with luxurious support and comfort.

An Important Note: Always check the product descriptions during you search. When looking for a change table be sure acknowledge that some companies may label their items as 'natural' because they are using VOCs which are found throughout nature. This does not mean that it is 100% safe.

Clean, Earthy Aesthetic

Rattan is commonly favoured for its effortlessly organic glow. A rattan change table can uplift your child's nursery with natural warming hues, to ensure their space is filled with tranquility and soothing comfort, so that you can cherish beautiful moments with your baby.

Aside from its pleasant color, rattan can also be crafted into a variety of enchanting designs. Because this natural material is easy to work with, many artisans enjoy fortifying rattan furniture with ancient hand-weaving practices, such as wicker. This can add a playful touch of texture to your child's nursery.

Incredibly Long-Lasting

One of the best things about rattan is that it makes remarkably long-lasting furniture. Many parents search for durable items when furnishing their children's space because these pieces are frequently used.

Because your baby will be resting on their changing table, it is salient that you purchase them an item that you can trust. Rattan can provide the resilience you are looking for.

As highlighted earlier, rattan can be stronger than some types of wood, and is more sustainable to grow and maintain, making it ideal for any parent looking to make a conscious purchase that will last.

Cons Of A Rattan Changing Table

Requires Regular Care

In order to ensure your rattan piece lasts a lifetime, it will require frequent care. We understand that this may not appeal to parents who are already busy with their little one, however, looking after your rattan piece will mean that you are maximizing its longevity, and won't have to make a repeat purchase in the future.

An Important Note: If you decide to settle on a rattan changing table, we recommend using a dry cloth every now and then to keep it fresh and clean.

Can Be Expensive

There is no denying that rattan furniture can be costly. If you have a tight budget, you may not decide upon a rattan change table. However, because this material is so robust, it may save you any future added costs of having to repurpose a new table for your little one. Although rattan furniture can be expensive it is best to think of your purchase as an investment.

We meticulously craft all items at Mojo Boutique to ensure our customers receive a long-lasting piece. Investing in our collection will provide you with a life-long item that you may even use for your next baby!

Can Be Difficult To Repair

Because rattan tends to be intricately crafted, it can be difficult to repair (especially wicker rattan). The main issue with damaged rattan is that it can be time-consuming and fiddly to fix any flawed details, it is not impossible though. There are also many rattan furniture specialists who will know a thing or two about repairs.

On the flip side, rattan is very hard-wearing and does not break easily so this should not be something that you need to worry about during the initial years of having your baby's rattan piece.

Acquired Taste

Some people may not like rattan, and this is mainly down to their interior preference. If you have created a light and airy aesthetic in your baby's nursery, then a rattan change table will make a heavenly edition. However, if you would prefer something richer and bolder in color, then you may like teak wood or mahogany.

If you choose to go for a wooden change table make sure it has an FSC certification so ensure the materials used are in line with current social and environmental standards.

If you are unsure on whether you like rattan or not, feel free to browse our delicately crafted items. We design our pieces to invite timeless, minimal style to your home, so that anyone can enjoy something from our collection.

Discover Our Handmade Rattan Change Table Collection

Now that you are familiar with all the pros and cons of rattan, you are fully equipped with all the necessary knowledge to help you decide whether a rattan change table is what you want.

If you require inspiration for your search, discover our collection of artisanal rattan changing tables, available to shop and pre-order on our website.

If you desire some additional pieces for your baby's room, we warmly welcome you to view our entire range of sensational baby furniture, mindfully tailored to provide serenity and comfort to yourself and your little bundle of joy.

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