Rattan Desk Chair: Is This a Good Option for your Office?

Often, the interior design of an office is overlooked, with many of us selecting furniture items based on their functionality rather than appearance. While it is essential that your office chair supports your back and is comfortable to sit in, having an office space that you feel happy working in due to its appearance is also important! 

If you work from home, chances are that you spend the majority of your week in your office. It can significantly impact your motivation and productivity if you aren’t happy with how your office looks. As a result, research shows that workers that are happy with their environment are more productive, so it is clear that having a suitable desk, chair, and office space is fundamental. 

In this article, we will debunk if rattan chairs are suitable for office desk chairs while considering why rattan is such a popular type of furniture material and how incorporating this chair could leverage the aesthetic of your office. 

What is Rattan? 

To start our article, it is best to take you through the definition of ratan. Ratan is a type of liana, a plant with long stems rooted in the ground. To harvest ratan, farmers must pursue a simple harvesting process, requiring only a few tools that make it straightforward. 

The great news about ratan is that it is incredibly environmentally friendly and is becoming a fundamental tool in forest maintenance. The ratan is eco-friendly because it is easily renewable; therefore, harvesting ratan doesn’t have the same negative environmental impacts that making furniture from solid and unsustainably sourced wood may have. 

Sustainable brands, such as Mojo Boutique, work with local artisans and harvesters who cut stems at a specific time in their growth to ensure that the rattan stems aren’t too young and can easily re-sprout. 

When ratan has been harvested, it can be used for a range of furniture types. Luckily, it is a durable material, so it is versatile and can be used for either indoor or outdoor furniture. One of the more popular uses for ratan is for chairs, with different pieces woven together to create seamless and durable chairs that provide comfort and style. 

Are Ratan Chairs Comfortable? 

Although rattan chairs don’t look like the comfiest seat, don’t let their appearance fool you! The wonderful thing about ratan is that it is an incredibly versatile material, and skilled artisans weave and intertwine different lianas together to create a shape that is comfortable to sit in, with a seat designed specifically to hold the weight of a person and provide comfort. 

Additionally, it is essential to note that most ratan chair designs include cushions so that you won’t be seated directly on hard materials. Take the Mascha Lounge Chair, for example, a beautifully designed seat that will have you sitting in style due to the beautiful rattan features and cushion. 

Why a Rattan Chair Could be Perfect for Your Office

Now that we have covered the sustainable and comforting perks of ratan chairs, it should become more apparent why a ratan or wicker desk chair could be ideal for a home office. It is proven that productivity is boosted when working in a pleasant office, so choosing furniture that makes you feel happy will make a difference and may have you looking forward to your work day!

Or, if you don’t use the office in your house for your job but as a way to fulfill productive tasks and hobbies, you can create an introspective space that helps you concentrate and focus on your creative tasks. 

Ratan is great for helping to convey this haven of productivity due to its simplistic and endearing features that won’t distract from your workload but instead add to the calming atmosphere everyone strives to be surrounded by when working. Rather than opting for harsh industrial types of office interiors, you could go down the route of a boho-inspired space, a sure way to motivate you. 

How to Find a Rattan Desk Chair

The next step to discovering if rattan chairs are a good option for your office is assessing the options currently on the market. You need your rattan chair to provide comfort and style, and you should aim to find a chair designed to keep your back straight rather than reclined and avoid lounge seating with relaxed arms. 

Many rattan chairs are designed for dining purposes, which would also be great for an office space due to the straight back and height these chairs provide. Usually, a ratan dining chair will also come with a cushion to deliver comfort, further ensuring its use as an office chair would be suitable. 

The Yona Dining Chair is an excellent example and would be a comfortable and stylish alternative to the usual desk chairs you find. Additionally, this chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, should you want to work outside in the sun or add an extra chair to your outdoor dining area for your next social gathering. Versatility is key, especially when investing in furniture! 

Another important step when searching for furniture is to check the design process and how it has been made. The aim of any furniture purchase should be durability, quality, and functionality, which often comes at a higher price than cheaper furniture alternatives that aren’t designed with such thought. 

Any furniture that includes wood in its design runs the risk of harmful polishes being used during manufacturing, so you must check that the company you buy from uses FSC-certified materials. Generally, companies using certified wood and sustainable materials make better quality products, so we recommend checking for this regardless! 

Rattan is found in southeast Asia. Therefore, looking into how the company you buy from sources and harvests the ratan used to make chairs is essential. At Mojo Boutique, all rattan is sustainably harvested by local Indonesian farmers that understand the plantation and how it grows, ensuring no rattan is cut at too young of an age. 

At Mojo Boutique, we also plant a tree in Indonesia with every order placed, ensuring our company continuously gives back to the place where our materials are sourced and harvested, keeping solid bonds with the community through social and environmental support. 

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