Top 4 Custom Furniture Woods to Use

When it comes to custom furniture wood, there are many options to go with. But, there are definitive ways to decide which wood is best, with reasons behind why. You need your wood furniture to be durable, long-lasting and of excellent quality, so choosing the correct type of wood is essential. 

In this article, we will run you through the best types of wood for making custom wood furniture. We will detail why certain woods are the best, paying attention to their durability, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. 

What is Custom Wood Furniture? 

Custom furniture refers to pieces of furniture that have been designed with specifications in mind. These specifications could be regarding measurements, type of material, or shape. However, many also consider handmade unique, and contemporary furniture as custom pieces due to their quality finish and ability to stand out from any other furniture you may own.

For custom pieces to deliver their eye-catching effect, they must be made of attractive wood that makes them one of a kind. Here are some of the best types of wood to look for in custom wood furniture; 

Teak Wood

Teak wood is one of the most durable materials for indoor and outdoor furniture. As custom furniture is often a more expensive investment than a classic piece of furniture, it is essential to find a material that will last for decades to come and will make your expenses worthwhile. Teak wood ensures this is the case, as it is resistant to weather conditions and wear and tear. 

Another significant element of teak wood is that you don't need to buy it firsthand to be high-quality. Recycled teak wood provides customers with a more versatile aesthetic as the knots, veins, and color deepen over time, making its appearance incredibly rich and pleasing. Therefore, while teak wood can be expensive, you can find ways to make the process cheaper by using recycled goods. 

Additionally, teak wood is extremely elegant and will have your visitors taking a closer look at your furniture. We recommend using teak wood for any major components of your living space, whether a table for your dining room or coffee tables injected throughout your home. 

Of course, you can also find upcycled quality furniture using this material, such as the Luis Bedside Table, which pairs woven cane and teak wood together to create a boho style that you can't take your eyes off. 


Rattan is one of the most versatile types of wood, as it can be woven in multiple directions to create an exceptionally unique finished product. Similarly to teak wood, rattan is incredibly durable. However, the material is more lightweight than teak wood, so it is the perfect option for garden furniture that may need to change position throughout the year. 

Rattan is best for chairs and can be used indoors and outdoors. The great thing about rattan is its neutral tone, making it easy to adapt to whichever interior style you have.

Sustainably sourced handmade rattan furniture is a great option for those who don't have time to make their own custom wood furniture but still want to find a unique piece that will fit perfectly with their interiors. The Mascha Lounge Chair is a beautiful design that delivers comfort and style. 


You can be confident that any furniture you invest in or make that includes bamboo in its design will stand the test of time; it takes a lot to break bamboo! Additionally, bamboo is great if you are environmentally conscious and strive to make your house more sustainable. 

Bamboo isn't only a wonderful material for making furniture, but it is one of the fasted growing plants in the world, making it a sustainable product. While it is a strong contender for being one of the best materials for outdoor furniture due to its ability to reject moisture, it is also great for indoor furniture due to its appearance, durability, and ability to hold weight. 

Like all of the materials we have detailed, bamboo is long-lasting and can last for decades when treated and looked after properly. 

Upcycled Wood

Similar to teak wood, using upcycled wood is a sure way to inject personality and character into your household furniture. For example, when we think of heirloom quality furniture, this material is old and has a certain feeling that can't be compared to firsthand alternatives.

To capture this special vintage aesthetic, the best thing you can do is find upcycled wood that meets your exact specifications. While we recommend sticking to materials such as teak wood that can provide durability, you can find different types of upcycled wood that will provide you with similar benefits in how it looks and feels. 

The Birdy Wooden Coffee Table is another teak wood example, but it gives you an idea of how incredible upcycled wood can look; secondhand doesn't mean bad quality.

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