Top 4 Modern Wood Dining Table Products

A modern, grand dining table is an essential element to many modern homes and can impact the way your kitchen or dining room looks. Whether you have a particular aesthetic in mind or are searching for ways you can improve the way your dining table looks, there are many options you could consider.

In this article, we will take you through the best modern dining tables and how you can add specific details and items to your table to elevate your style and create a contemporary kitchen that will wow your guests and yourself!

Modern Dining Table Must-Haves

You may need clarification on the idea of having a dining table that looks modern, but it is incredibly easy to achieve. Below, we will detail the essential steps that you can take to complete this particular style; 

Find The Perfect Contemporary Dining Table

Of course, to decorate and enhance the modern elements of your dining table, you will need a great starting point; a dining table with a modern and clean aesthetic. We recommend finding a table made from sustainable and robust wood, such as teak wood. While this material is timeless, its deep honey shade provides an excellent surface for modernizing. It looks beautiful when paired with contemporary home decor, such as white walls and boho furniture.

Matching Chairs

Regarding contemporary home decor, minimalistic and clean aesthetics are a must. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense to not create a cohesive home design by selecting chairs that use the same material as your table. Take the delal lounge chair, for example, a beautiful design crafted from recycled teak wood that pairs perfectly with the modern boho aesthetic. 

Homely Details

Whether you love hosting gatherings and dinner parties or simply enjoy creating a comforting environment for your family, modern additions to your dining and kitchen area can completely change the look of your dining table. 

wooden kitchen board makes for the perfect item to serve as a platter for guests or as a gorgeous way to prepare food in your kitchen. Of course, when you lay this kitchen board on top of a wooden dining table, it creates a striking appearance that looks modern and comforting at the same time. 


Considering the lighting that will adorn your dining area to create the perfect atmosphere is essential, and this is precisely why a visually impactful light should be at the top of your list. If you opt for a contemporary and boho aesthetic, the best type of light for your dining area will be a sustainable and handmade wooden design.

Handmade designs from materials such as rattan are perfect for creating a unique and impactful light, with the Mira light being a great example of this. While wood isn't quintessentially modern, the way this material has been manipulated and layered into unique shapes creates a contemporary feeling that you can't help but love. 

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