Top 5 Questions to Ask a Bespoke Dining Table Maker

When buying handmade furniture from bespoke designers, there are many different elements you will need to consider to ensure that you are happy with the final product. 

This article will take you through the essential questions you should ask your dining table maker, ensuring you know exactly what should be prioritized when pursuing this purchase. 

Is it Right to Ask Your Dining Table Maker Questions? 

We understand that asking your dining table maker loads of questions may be challenging if you are a more reserved person that prefers to go with the flow. However, we encourage you to be as inquisitive as possible. After all, you are paying for a service, and the maker will want to create your dream dining table, which will be incredibly challenging if you don't tell them precisely what you want! 

Many things will need to be considered and spoken about when choosing a dining table maker, such as the manufacturing process, materials used, specifications, how the design will look in your space, and company ethos. When making a big furniture purchase, such as a dining table, it is essential to check for specific requirements and for the company or bespoke maker to be transparent with you regarding their process. 

Below, we will take you through which questions you should be asking and why it is crucial to know the answer. 

Can I See Examples of Your Previous Work? 

If you're already in the process of speaking with a dining table maker, you will be aware of their level of experience and notable previous designs. However, looking more thoroughly at their previous work will give you a better idea of the quality of their designs and may inspire you when speaking to them about the specifications you are looking for. 

Is Your Wood Sustainability Sourced?

A dining table is one of the most significant pieces of furniture you can buy. Therefore a large quantity of wood will likely be involved in its creation. Understanding where your dining table maker has sourced their wood is crucial to help you know how to look after the finished product and assess the durability and lasting power of your dining table.

Another element of wood sourcing involves sustainability; while it may not be your priority, it is vital to take note of. Finding a designer that upcycles wood and gives preloved materials a new lease of life ensures you have a unique dining table and plays a vital role in the sustainable side of the furniture industry. 

You can ask your designer how they source the wood they use in their designs and how sustainable their manufacturing process is. If your designer creates their furniture by hand, their design process is likely more ethical and personal. At Mojo Boutique, all of our furniture is handcrafted by talented artisans in Indonesia, ensuring each product is unique and special in its own way.

Furthermore, our wood is sustainably sourced, with teak wood playing a massive role in our dining table creations. Teak wood is a great wood that gets better with age, with the knots and veins becoming more apparent while the deep honey shade of the wood becomes richer. 

Asking questions about how your dining table maker sources their wood and design process should result in an honest conversation. They should be able to provide you with information similar to what we have given you above so that you fully understand how your bespoke dining table is being made!

What Varnishing and Polish are Used? 

While it can be a desire for many, varnishing and polishing can be tricky furniture design elements. Unfortunately, some designers still use varnishing that harms the environment and the people around it. 

If you have ever been around freshly made furniture and smelt a robust and distinctive scent, chances are the furniture you were around was coated in varnish that contained formaldehyde.

It is becoming less common for designers to use varnish, which includes harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, but it is still vital you check and make sure you are happy with the coating on your bespoke table.

Many bespoke designers, such as Mojo Boutique, use natural coatings to ensure no harmful chemicals are included in our creations. Instead, we use natural resins such as coconut oil, providing a similar coated effect without causing environmental or bodily harm. 

What is Your Pricing?

A considerable element of working directly with a bespoke dining table maker is that they will likely have specific pricing depending on your required service. Dining tables involve a lot of wood and time to create, so their pricing will probably reflect this. 

However, it is still crucial for you to understand the reasons behind their pricing strategy. For example, if you feel you are paying a significant amount for your dining table, it wouldn't hurt to ask why! Usually, bespoke designers will make their creations by hand and will source better quality wood than a chain shop, which is a huge reason why the pricing is often larger; you get what you pay for, and the perfect piece won't be cheap. 

How Long Will The Design Take? 

Designing furniture isn't easy, and working with a bespoke designer to create the dining table of your dreams will take some time. Therefore, it is important that you gain an understanding of the time frame you are working with, especially if you want your table by a specific date. 

Of course, you may also request chairs to match your table, which will add more time to your design, and your designer will let you know how much longer this process will take!

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